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Tine to take off !
natgas is taking off, this will go down
Gas go down from begining 2023!
Thanks for hunting my stop loss at 16:25 today. Well done. Note to myself: place SL one ATR below previously tested support level.
I see floating castle formation between 09/05/2022 and 22/06/2022. Meaning, there is more place to go short on this. I'm not buying for long until another 15% down.
you might as well miss the train
Still haven't missed a thing
Market cap here on the platform today is 1.97bn! How can i trust the data here?
use the Dax version
nevermind, now i have the bug too...
BASF markey cap on yoday is 1.97bn!!! How can i trust the data here?!
to buy today at what price and what price to sell for day trading or swing trade ?
Buy !
Think will be buying on the 2nd quarter of the Session
note that BASF's Wintershall DEA (big subsidiary of BASF) is heavily invested in Russia and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
so to buy to purchase today or not what do you suggest Mr. Gerry Baurich ?
Can even go lower, as long as the war wages.
not today but tomorrow i can purchase do you recommend me to entry for day trading in BASF ? because i am a Day Trader . what is your opinion please ?
Don't rely on technicals, share buyback in progress, can hit any day with buying power.
eventually buy the pullback 65,5
Growth to value rotation they say, but i lost on both. It's down in the last 12 months. Trash.
time to buy, maybe 😀
it was😁
buy and hold. that's how to lose money
For months It fell because of high energy costs. Now oil falls and basf falls too.
last 8 months: dax +11%, basf -6%
hold till may
somebody comment on this ? an expert!?
it goes up and down. 0.5% up and 4% down.
what's happening here ? I hate this stock going down
Trade/invest without emotions. Last week there was some hurricane losses in the US. The whole world is a bit directionless because of tapering fears and an overall correction. I own the stock for the dividends, long term and do not expect any large moves.
Stay positive, unless you are making a covid test.
earnings-revenue very good, Time to dip
There's always an explication after but never before. Don't know, maybe markets crazy, maybe traders dropping this for Deutsche Bank. Verdammte Scheisse. :)
maybe americans save it at us opening hours
We should quit trading and start working as analysts. Creating explanations for price movements for a fixed income is a good thing.
people, time to buy or will it drop to below 60 ?
its definetly a buy, look at EPS and CPS insanely undervalued stock
great long-term stock aus Deutschland!
great, i'm holding since february and it's in loss
how much time to recover the dividend ?
It depends!Days, weeks, years...
BASF is a well managed, stable company, good for long run
take also a look at OMV, undervalued but bought Borealis: a top petrochemical company with a major stake of Borouge (Adnoc)
They also have nice dividends of 1.85 EUR/share which they will increase to 2 EUR next year.