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This is a company with fundamental supremacy
AVGO $922.26 +2.06% at close! (Earnings)
The heart of the Google's Gemini is the TPU supplied by Broadcom, not the GPU from AMD or NVidia or anybody else. Simply the market is ignorant.
If you were surprised by the guidance in the NVDA's a-quarter-ago earnings call, be ready for another in the AVGO's call today.
gap closed now sell
lol how's the doom-and-gloom prophecy working for you?
$833.89 at 9/25/23 Close!
Sooooooo overvalued. OMG
overvaued based on what? This comp has A+ fundamnetals. Almost no one in tech has this type of profit margin.
yeap, going toward 500 in no time. all tech is overvalued, cannot sustain 2024 without rate cuts
Dude ure funny af
1100 once Vmware deal close next week.
overvalued like crazy
1000+ after earnings today
Probably just insane
If the market is red tomorrow, it will dip by more than -5%. Long term, no worries.
So underrated company trading literally with oil company valuation
This beautiful 🚀 to the mooooon on this one
AVGO is a great player in the stock market and technology. I'll hold long-term, as usual!
1000$ in one month.This is not traders speculation, this time is strategic move
What is happening? 100$?
Archer Aviation 🚀
61B? Looks like a huge number... fingers crossed
I work for a Brooker and this is a money maker...
AVGO $789.95 -2.23% @ Close! (Earnings)
you are effed up
Downward ER trend.
results time ?
1000 post market
Did this pos really trade at 920 yesterday ?? Lol
30% rip would be awesome! Still would have miles to go to catch up with NVDA valuation
Great prediction dude. How heavy is the bag you’re holding?
it probably wont be valuated like nvidia but broadcom seems absurdly cheap in my opinion, quality business
Crazy rally
850 today
Its already the 30th😂