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The portuguese state has approved today an investment around 900 millions € for new 117 electric train carriages for the national train system Comboios de Portugal.
CP confirma compra de 117 comboios aos grupos Alstom e DST
Not good for everyone
Quelle est celle manipulation ?
Analysts still recommend a buy. Would you agree ?See
No idea, I just double down and pray for a bounce :)))
Considering France is pumping an extra 100bn into the railyway system, its definately a buy (ofc not all of it goes into new trains, but quite a lot still does). So on a long scale this is definately a buy (1-3yrs)
I completely agree. Upcoming elections, dubious results in negotiations with Russia, huge debt, probability of strikes, danger of dilution of capital ... What else do I need to keep me away from Alstom?
Maybe the fact that: ALSTOM doesn't have huge debts, Net Debt/Equity ratio =27.9% which is considered satisfactory (as below 40%). Debt has been reduced from 66% to 40% in the past 5 years. This account an acquisition of a company as big as ALSTOM (Bombardier transpotation). And interest payments are well covered by EBIT (by a factor of 9.6). Then the recent aquisition will double the profits in the medium term. So, Yes, you are very uninformed and just speculating, not backing with effective data.
No buyers at these levels, no accumulation. Potential areas of interest 20 and 15-16. Lets see if Alstom will find buyers at that levels. Potential upside scenario is positve Full year results reported in May 2022.
yeah, was a good call!
on Marketmairacle advisor has been published a new purchase signal with target 35.520
Debt 32 times its equity
Sep 30 2021:Debt: €3.703bEquity: €9.194 b40.3% debts/equity ratioCash and Equivalents: 1.139b
Yeah, clearly equity is 3 times debt. Folks that can't understand basic numbers should stay away from markets like a plague.
buying more.
buy now and keep at least till the end of the month
Alstom: An Unknown Value Company With A Growth Future (Seeking Alpha-May 29, 2021) ... It sounds funny!!!
Buying l'action du futur!!
I sold all my Alston shares
why ? is it because of the dividends cut ?
 On the resistance - the highest of the last 10 years - I don't see a so much potential forward. I took my earnings and will invest them on something else
Did they cancel dividends?
Considerable buy at 41.5~. Good perspective middle/longterm. Restock in case it falls under 40.
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Dividends will be cut soon.
While the chinese struggle (crrc included) Alstom’s strategy to takeover bombardier’s rail business is a great idea, later to befriend siemens and move together, battling the chinese financialy.A great idea.
yes very good company very good move huge dividend good financials very nice cash flow. 312 @ 44.73
Great company, Very stable towards positive direction, and not to mention a huge dividend
This enterprise is amazing, I like it. Its price movements and its signals are great. Also, Alstom is a great industry for future investments.
Why isn't alstom going down, it looks like the recent events haven't changed anything to its stock price, any answer?