Almaden Minerals Ltd (AAU)

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is it good or bad?
Si llega a $10.50 compro
Creo que 11.20 es un excelenete momento para entrar :)
Buy big
Today is the day to buy
going for 1$ soon
when miners go up, this will slingshot higher
Or maybe when they go down. We are in Bizzaro World, after all.
govt of Mexico is making them jump through hoops, but it seems like the company has done all of its due diligence.
TUSK will double the price very soon..Very low volume.. Don't miss it.. Good luck guys..
Actual mining companies are gonna want in on their Mexico find. AAU is headed much higher in the mid term.
Whats the news? why fall?
I am buying now at $0.7, there isn't much downside from here.
explosion upwards after court decision
Hi, I can't find any news about. Can you link your source below?
very underrated. Its 4-5 times underrated compared to others with the same resource.
another $2 set up long term but the right type of action with a lot of and silver stocks are gonna explode soon