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Dan Flynn
Grains Quiet Before The Storm By Dan Flynn - Aug 10, 2016

Good Morning! With early yield-counts showing reductions from the last 3 growing seasons and we are seeing an early jumpstart in demand on global concerns with South America and Western Europe’s...

Juan Atienza
OPEC Cannot Freeze Production By Juan Atienza - Aug 10, 2016

There has been much discussion over the last few days on the meeting OPEC plans to hold in Algeria on 28th September. Will the more oil-price-fragile OPEC members achieve their goal and manage to ...

Trader Moe
Oil Could Stall On Sideways Move By Trader Moe - Aug 10, 2016

Crude oil seems to think it has put in a bottom for the right shoulder of an inverse head-and-shoulders pattern, which is highly unlikely at this time of year. Plus, oil has drawn a rising megaphone ...

Chris Kimble
Silver And Gold Eye 5-Year Test By Chris Kimble - Aug 10, 2016 2

When silver shows relative strength over gold, it often means that the metals complex is doing well. The chart below pits Silver ETF SLV vs. Gold ETF GLD, which reveals that a big test is taking place...

Phil Flynn
Oil: Saudi’s Long, Hot Summer By Phil Flynn - Aug 10, 2016

It has been a hot, challenging summer for Saudi Arabia. Not only are they fighting battles in Yemen, Libya and Iraq, they are also fighting a struggling domestic economy at home. A rise in Saudi ...

Meda Hoxha
Gold: Bullish Scenario Confirmed By Meda Hoxha - Aug 10, 2016 4

The general view on gold remains the same with the uptrend coming to its end and with a deeper correction on the table. Recent developments suggest that this 5th wave up is an ED and it is probable ...

Orlando Gutierrez
Bulls Taking A Breather On Crude By Orlando Gutierrez - Aug 10, 2016

Yesterday crude broker with an important level breaking also with a mid term down structure Talks of an oil freeze output have speculators pushing price up On Monday crude oil broker with a very ...

Natalia Milchakova
Downtrend On The Crude Mark By Natalia Milchakova - Aug 10, 2016

Last week the downtrend on the crude oil market was broken, and crude prices went up. The prices of WTI rose 4% and reached $42.7/bbl. On August, 8, the price of WTI reached its weekly high of ...

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