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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Jesse Felder
Druck Loads Up On Gold By Jesse Felder - Aug 16, 2015

Back in April I wrote a post titled, “How to trade like Stan Druckenmiller, George Soros and Jim Rogers.” It centered on a quote from Druck that really gets at the key to his incredible ...

Sean Lusk
Weekly Gold Report For August 14, 2015 By Sean Lusk - Aug 16, 2015

December gold settles 1112.7, up $18.60 for the week ended August 10th through August 14th. Gold futures ended lower for a second straight session on Friday, as the dollar strengthened against a ...

Adam Hamilton
Gold Miners’ $1200 Cost Fallacy By Adam Hamilton - Aug 16, 2015

The entire gold-mining sector was crushed last month, suffering a full-blown panic. This was triggered by an extreme shorting attack on gold by American futures speculators. As fear-blinded traders ...

Ashraf Laidi
Fed To Cut "Transitory" In September By Ashraf Laidi - Aug 16, 2015

A Russian saying goes “nothing is more permanent than temporary”. At the Federal Reserve, “transitory” may mean “permanently”, or could also mean “we have no ...

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Precious Metals Get A Reprieve By Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - Aug 14, 2015 1

The precious-metals sector has held recent lows and a rebound is underway. Gold held $1080/oz for three straight weeks and has pushed as high as $1126/oz this week. The gold miners ((ARCA:GDX) and ...

Gold Steadies As China’s Yuan Stabilizes By ICN.com - Aug 14, 2015

Precious-Gold stood on Friday, set for a weekly advance, as the stabilization of China’s yuan after three straight days of devaluation lowered demand on gold as a safe haven. The yellow metal ...

Gold : August 14, 2015 By ICN.com - Aug 14, 2015

Gold has been trading around 1113.00 and it seems that, the bullish momentum is being lost gradually, but stability above 1097.00 is positive factor. RSI is presently showing signs of bearishness ...

Crude Oil : August 14, 2015 By ICN.com - Aug 14, 2015

By examining the four-hour chart, we notice that, oil has touched the suggested target zones of 41.60, which is close to the support of the downside channel. RSI started to move sideways near the ...

Dean Popplewell
Crude At 6-Year Low By Dean Popplewell - Aug 14, 2015

U.S. crude oil fell to its lowest in almost six-and-a-half years on Friday as huge stockpiles and refinery shutdowns added to concerns about global oversupply and slowing economies in Asia. Oil had ...

ICM Brokers
Oil Tanks, Gold Meanders By ICM Brokers - Aug 14, 2015

CLU.S. crude futures fell to fresh six-year lows on Thursday amid a stronger dollar, as energy traders continued to unload long positions upon concerns of a glut of oversupply on global markets. While...