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US 1st qtr GDP 3.2% . Massively higher than 2.5% expected.  No rate cuts coming.  Yields going to rise.  This is wrongly priced.
just reading this..lol
rates are at zero going negative, just a half year after your prediction.
5yr close to rising above 3mnth and good riddance when that occurs.  5 yr heading much higher yield.  Trump Xi deal coming.  All markets will rally especially commodities and precious metals. Bond will fall and interest rates will start to revert to a healthy level once more.  Inflation will tick higher as M2 Velocity of Money moving higher each and every quarter since 2017.  Inflation will improve the debt/gdp ratio and the debts will seem less imposing over time.  Some defaults would be good as we are in a free market after all.  Time for a few to lose !
This inversion is garbage and a psyop.  Its not going to last and means didly !@#$.  This 5yr is heading up.  Trade deal closing in.  Commodities bull of the Century is at the door and interest rates going a lot higher.  Bonds going down !  Equities going up a lot and crypto's too.  The best outcome is the price of money will revert to a proper rate of interest not pathetic garbage near zero.
2.50% coming sooner than later.  People are reading this totally wrong right now.
Heading way higher.  Trade deal going to rocket business and commodities.  Inflation will mover higher and already 6 qtrs of M2 velocity of money increasing...  2.37% is nothing.  Will be a lot higher in 2 years !
This is heading way higher.  This inversion is garbage.  Trump has called the Fed out for especially setting up booms and busts.  The MSM is refusing to really discuss the reality of what is behind his words and boxing the Fed in.  Fed will keep rates flat or they will move up at some point.   Trump appointing 2 new Fed governors and at some point will audit the Fed.  Watch out for big changes.
how can i find the us 5 years t-note at 31/1/2019
1 year 2.72% 2 years 2.76% 3 years 2.83% 5 years 2.76% 10 years 2.894% 30 years 3.156%
For years interest rates followed the oil price ( blue line). Not anymore as interests slumped when oil soared over the last two weeks.
If the high yield market cannot recover, we will be seeing crashing interest rates.
With US aggressive rate hike path this should sky rocket
High yield market - blue line - is crashing. Looks like we will get the next time an emergency   interest cut.
hello any one here ?
short for 20% down
Now I know what an orchestrated market correction looks like. All US bond yields and Dollar positioned well down enough,before the open, to absorb the shock of the markets hitting their desired support levels without crashing thru. Then Oil being used to guide movement through out the day. Next day, markets, bond yields and dollar up again up again like nothing happened. Worked like a charm.
Next resistance 1.386
When do rising yields tank the markets?
1.50 is just around the corner
buy at 1.449
Short from 1.46