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Government Bonds

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10 year Bond Yield Chart

US Treasury Yield Curve

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Delivery Method


 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 U.S. 30Y4.6894.6564.6934.655+0.033+0.72%08:49:43 
 U.S. 10Y4.5674.5414.5794.541+0.026+0.57%08:56:00 
 U.S. 5Y4.5854.5744.6044.576+0.011+0.24%08:48:48 
 U.S. 2Y4.9524.9574.9794.948-0.005-0.10%08:48:30 

Major World Government Bonds

Americas Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 U.S. 10Y4.5674.5414.5794.541+0.026+0.57%08:56:00 
 Canada 10Y3.7633.7023.7563.717+0.060+1.63%08:56:42 
 Brazil 10Y11.65211.70011.65211.652-0.048-0.41%28/05 

European Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 Germany 10Y2.64252.58902.65002.6005+0.0535+2.07%08:56:36 
 France 10Y3.1333.0793.1373.087+0.054+1.75%08:56:38 
 U.K. 10Y4.39254.28604.40504.3555+0.1065+2.48%08:56:18 
 Spain 10Y3.3913.3443.3973.350+0.046+1.39%08:56:37 
 Italy 10Y3.9523.8983.9563.882+0.054+1.39%08:56:37 

Asian Pacific Government Bonds

 NameYieldPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 Japan 10Y1.0641.0801.0701.018-0.016-1.48%06:43:55 
 Australia 10Y4.4544.4114.4714.329+0.043+0.97%08:56:47 
 Hong Kong 10Y3.8503.9103.9103.816+-0.060+-1.53%04:45:35 

Bond Indices

 IndexLastHighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 DB Long US Treasury Bond Futures215.8800215.8800215.88000.00000.00%21/09 
 TR Canadian All Bond All230.589230.589230.589-0.361-0.16%27/05 
 FTSE Eurozone Government Bond >10Y146.677147.413146.6770.0000.00%28/02 
 TR UK 10 Years Government Benchmark818.411818.411818.4110.0000.00%28/05 

Financial Futures

 NameLastPrev.HighLowChg.Chg. %Time
 US 10Y T-Note108.19108.30108.27108.05-0.11-0.10%08:46:35 
 US 30Y T-Bond115.41115.78115.78115.25-0.38-0.32%08:46:40 
 Euro Bund129.37129.67129.81129.28-0.30-0.23%08:56:41 
 UK Gilt96.0096.7796.3895.86-0.77-0.80%08:56:48 
 Japan Govt. Bond143.12143.50143.36143.06-0.38-0.26%08:55:35 

This Week's Auctions

Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
06:00   EUR Italian 6-Month BOT Auction 3.648%   3.737%
13:00   USD 7-Year Note Auction     4.716%
23:35   JPY 2-Year JGB Auction     0.303%
Thursday, May 30, 2024
05:10   EUR Italian 10-Year BTP Auction     3.86%
05:10   EUR Italian 5-Year BTP Auction     3.28%
11:30   USD 4-Week Bill Auction     5.270%
11:30   USD 8-Week Bill Auction     5.275%