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Buy uranium
oh right war starts so expect a dump? Sure!
elliott wave and fibonacci don't care about your feelings or what you think should happen.
your charts will surprise you one if the markets aren't manipulated in low volume conditions.
b52 loading weapons tonight? Saw that on boob-tube. Is the bible true about the fate of the oldest city in the world? What will happen to oil price then?
more tricks and manipulation on going...stand by
ww3 and no one thinks oil will go up...? Good luck with that
Isreal is a limited & Saudi's are not interested. Ukraine is burning out. Recession is at hand. All governments are broke.
just like I said...stupid people whistling past the graveyard, the the person who commented above
Exactly lol
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soon to 65.
during a recession... which is very present... prices drop about 30% peak to trough. Rate of build with decreased rigs says we are in recession.
Where oil goes from here is greatly impacted on whether China reopens. Some predict oil will go up to 100-150 a barrel.
not with liquidity thin at these high rates. whatever is pumped will be dumped just as quick. be careful
China is buying pil from Russia. China will be all electric before you know it. Building oal fored power plans for electric cars..Not much of a choice in. Commy land
XLE historically follows oil prices, either oil prices must surge or XLE falls back to historical norm. Something has to give!
yeah, this thing is completely disconnected from oil prices by a huge factor.  XLE is too good to be true right now.
Good Dividend anyway
XLE and the whole commodities space will probably be sold into year end tracking crude and the rotation out of inflation hedge assets
selling today, another quarter of the XLE stocks
Gal, today or tomorrow??, l see Nov drops off. XOM CVX report in the morning, appreciate you
I guess I'll take your advice
you were right gal
melting up, everyone is looking for profit
slowly moving away from fossil fuels. read the department of energy, track their investments and improvements away from the fossil fuels. in 3-5 years, we will be better off without fossils.
XLE has reached its peak at 90$, it will not go back absent some geopolitical shock.
Possibly, but… This is the big game. Our admin is the Old insustrial revolution gang. You know build here, destory there…. steel steal steel. Dont thinknin this admin we will see Fossil fuels going anywhere. Heck the Prezzy is a fossil 🤣🤣🤣 These guess want money and dont care about how they rig the game. Whos interest do you think they are for? Banks! Oil! Industry!
they said the same about coal in 2000
Huge pop monday
XLE have huge pressure to come back 60 level to reduce inflation, I'm will take new position starting from 49.30 to 39.30 , 30.70.
that's crazy it's not going that low, even Yellen said a barrel will be over a $100 this year
when i buy XOM @33 level and XLE @38 , @33 , @27 All the analysts was against my trades. The oil price it's the main factor to reduce the inflation for all pf the sectors.
Hmmm strange why is the sector going down?
be patience to the swing of energy crisis
be ready to see XLE less than 60
overbought and overcrowded...stay away for the next 6-12 months. better opportunities and value/quality elsewhere
neutral on the sector
XLE overbought and leave a gap below so loading puts. It should close the gap tomorrow or day after.
fed is dovish, markets go back up to their (or closer) previous highs, still -6 funds rate which is still super stimulative
hey buddy I'm back in till end of October
Sold all my puts for 3.5X gain. We could still go down a bit but I had enough.
new bullmarlet begins except in oil stocks
thanks Gal
I was out, even for the year
equity clock show's end of August to get back in, I can't believe I was up 30% and I messed it up. well maybe the back half will help stay in touch buddy
need a little bump tomorrow and I'll be out