Siemens AG Class N (SIEGn)

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just don't give you turb to gazprom
Shut up
158 target
And then short?
Short, $127
lol how did that go..blew up your account dummy
SL hit 131.1, you think we go all in on a single stock short position?
buying, energy regulation plan in EU in two weeks
go siemens
any news about the stock
buy 100 now, 138
and at what price yu you plan to sell ? at @ 144e ?
now 148 Congrats with youDiviend 4,5$ 11/2/22
great was my mistake i didn't bought i am so stupid sometimes.!-(((
Attendo per entrare!! Temo un lieve calo.
Going short
142 above soon these weeks bullish sentiments stimulus package plans infrastructure economics realising again
Marketcap/Revenue = 1,8💪Potential for 🚀
buying for sure
shorts closed. now calls to OTH :-)
where will it go
I want to buy
Target price between 145 to 160
check chart first, it is possible that you will buy on the top :-)
Yeah buy now
ready to buy 10.000 stock
vốn ngta lớn
ngày mai mua có dc nhận cổ tức ko bạn
ngày mai mua có dc nhận cổ tức ko bạn
are there any germans here?
Na klar
Siemens hitting all time high!!!
buy the dip +120 coming