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American airline lifts off now for Santa 🎁
Gifts at $15.30
Everyone buy this stock now
Only BofA Securities target below 10
9.3 pandemic lows most probably
This will go under 10 naxt month
Bad, bad bad. Worst worst worst 😭😅🛫🛫🛫🛫🤑🤑🤑
Guys don't buy, this stock is not for you.😭🤑🛫🛫🛫
I will buy today before this move upward. Maybe if it drops little more till 12.03 I will be very happy, but 12.20 is also cheap for me.
Soft landing? Hard landing? Airline stocks see all know all tell all. watch and be enlightened
Wait, wait, wait till end of september thans buy, next piek halloween and thankgivving and Xmas.
this should be a good buy as the economy continues to deteriorate, right? people will have lots of money for flying?
Yes you are right. The economic condition could not prevent people to live, to travel, to make business, to create families, to go on vacations and on and on... Nobody will stop flying except all the world is isolated in their homes. Have you heard something new about possible covet restrictions next year, years. If the answer is NO, than you now the direction of the stock price. And it's upward from here.
Buy this.
Lift up Aal, go to moon
Time to buy!
forget about it, it's the worst company
Correction, wait until end
Better to avoid. Huge short target. Chances are you will over leverage by way of calls and sell in loss.
what huge short target? the fundamentals are pretty good and the strongest support is at 13$ level, so 10% short target is nothing, 13$ is profit taking level for shorts
@black Gold, not yet, wat u til Ens september for buying.
Hello,now up we go......selling is over:)
How long does this correction go on ? Any idea?
I gave up on Airlines. Big short seller target and seemingly 0% growth. Not worth going long. I believe you may get a pump every 3-6 months, but then it is followed by major selling. Stagnant sector. Not worth the capital. I cut losses a year back and never went long airlines again. Buffet sold for a reason.
Thanks brrother for your reply!
i sell options and they make good money
Atlantic Coast Money: "Little squeeze on earnings up to 19.50. Then $17 by end of August." What a perfect forecast....
Thanks. Wish all my calls were good. I traded Airline stocks for a few years. I realized they are huge short targets. Not a fan of shorting. I avoid them. I recently bought some quantum computing stocks as well as miners in graphite and lithium. Small cap speculative stocks that seem to be headed in the right direction can be very profitable, but also come with great volatility. Not for paper hands. Recent buys were DFLI, ASTS,SMR, LAC, GPHOF, WWR, QUBT, and RGTI. Plan on holding for next several years. Best wishes.
Trash stock. Wish i sold it before earnings
what happened?
as good as UAL, but maybe not enough.....
Little squeeze on earnings up to 19.50. Then $17 by end of August.
Downward momentum from mid July-Nov would not surprise me. Shorts’ favorite pump and dump.