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HKD/SGD - Hong Kong Dollar Singapore Dollar

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  • Second:Singapore Dollar

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  • You know what? now more and more money is being out of Hong Kong real estate sector and it is going into Singapore property market:) ...That is why, the H.K$ is getting weaker and weaker against not only US$, but also than Singapore$. Time to buy Singapore property.
    • H.K and Singapore have no more economic growth engines:)
      • Sell Aussie$, Singapore$, NZ$, HK$, and Euro against Korean Won, the reason is that: . . In fact, the S.Korean domestic economy may be suffering from the holding interest rate by BOK due to increasing more and more goods from overseas esp oil and gas from US, Middle East and so on:) . . However, S.Korean companies such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, S.K Hynix etc already became multi-national corps, means that they are free from the tension between China and USA as a great supplying channel unless China and USA both ban all of importing activities, means that US and China impose tariffs on both products not S.Korean goods esp intermediate products, which must be imported to manufacture complete products:). . As a matter of fact, the multi-national corps, mentioned above from S.Korea, will be the biggest winner as a great supplying channel as they have been in the world market since 2011yr:) . . However what about Aussie, NZ, H.K, Singapore etc? No Growth Engine for them:)
        • Sell Singapore$, H.K$, Aussie$, NZ$, buy Chinese Yuan, S.Korean Won, Japanese Yen:) . . Esp Won has become a safe haven currency than Singapore, H.K$. Also, according to IMF, Won will be one of SDR(s) of IMF in 2020yr.
          • In fact, trans-shipment ports economies like Singapore and H.K are getting doomed, due to South Eastern countries growth esp Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and etc. . . Also, more and more shale gas and oils are coming directly from China through the Pacific Ocean. Indeed the numbers of oil tankers through Malacca Straits are drastically being down and down, and will be further down and down.
            • Singapore and H.K have no more economic growth engine. Its economy has been down and down:)
              • Singapore$ H.K$ Aussie$ NZ$ are getting weaker and weaker not only against esp S.Korean Won, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, also against US$
                • As a matter of fact, more and more shale gas and oils from the US into the top oil consumption countries like China, S.Korea, Japan through Pacific Ocean are coming. As a result, the oils from Middle East to those countries have been drastically down since 2015. That means Singapore and H.K no longer become oil hubs and financial hubs from now on and in coming future.
                  • Singapore economy is getting weaker and weaker. Singapore$ should be in the range of 1.5-1.55 against US$ The current level is so much bubbled. Singapore economy is indeed getting down, and it will be going on for the next decade.