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Cryptocurrency Opinion & Analysis

Naeem Aslam
What Is Going On With Gold and Bitcoin? By Naeem Aslam - May 23, 2023 5

Bitcoin On Track To Record Monthly Losses In the markets for cryptocurrencies, traders' enthusiasm is continuing to wane as Bitcoin and Ether both lose further ground. Bitcoin is headed in the...

Tim Knight
Catching Up with Crypto By Tim Knight - May 09, 2023 1

As we all await the oh-so-important CPI on Wednesday morning, let’s end the day with a couple of crypto charts. The crypto market peaked about four weeks ago (unlike tech stocks, which keep...

Naeem Aslam
Bitcoin and Gold Set to Suffer? By Naeem Aslam - Apr 24, 2023

Gold In the commodity market, gold has started to lose its mojo, and the main reason behind it is its strength is the dollar index. The commodity report by CompareBroker indicates that demand has...

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