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Austria - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.14.006-0.02%717.94M18/07 

Denmark - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Danske Invest Nye Markeder Obligasjon NOK h0P0000.135.600-0.18%687.79M19/07 
 Danske Invest Tillväxtmarknadsobligationer KL SEK 0P0000.120.560-0.18%939.35M19/07 
 Danske Invest Engros US High Yield Bonds Akk DKK W0P0000.116.000-0.09%1.5B19/07 
 Danske Invest Euro High Yield Obligasjoner KL NOK 0P0000.144.210+0.05%162.65M19/07 
 Danske Invest Globala Realräntor SEK h0P0000.124.240-0.18%558.16M19/07 
 SEBinvest AKL US High Yield Bonds (Columbia) P0P0000.92.270-0.03%14.23M19/07 
 Danske Invest Global Realrente Obligasjon NOK h0P0000.123.880-0.19%148.97M19/07 
 Danske Invest Engros US High Yield Bonds0P0000.10,022.270-0.08%395.32M19/07 
 Gudme Raaschou US High Yield Inc0P0000.101.060-0.09%339.36M19/07 
 LI Obligationer USA KL0P0001.80.190-0.48%210.64M19/07 
 SEBinvest AKL US HY Bonds Short Duration (SKY Harb0P0001.95.900-0.15%29.58M19/07 
 Danske Invest Indeksobligationer KL0P0000.80.710-0.28%83.36M19/07 
 Danske Invest Globala High Yield Obligationer SEK 0P0000.133.410-0.03%45.07M19/07 
 Danske Invest Global High Yield Obligasjon h0P0000.139.450-0.03%341.62M19/07 
 Danske Invest Nordisk Kredittobligasjon KL NOK h0P0000.133.960+0.09%867.15M19/07 
 PFA Afd. 4 Indeksobligationer0P0000.136.260+0.41%23/02 
 PFA Selection Europæisk High Yield0P0000.193.210+0.15%09/07 
 PFA+ Indeksobligationer0P0000.144.180-0.60%09/07 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Evli Euro Liquidity B SEK0P0000.1,142.001+0.02%24.28B18/07 
 Evli Short Corporate Bond B SEK0P0000.1,229.601+0.04%17.08B18/07 
 Nordea Hållbarhetsfond Obligationer Global A SEK0P0001.98.518-0.10%3.82B19/07 
 Ålandsbanken Euro Bond SEK0P0001.323.600+0.06%3.37B18/07 
 Nordea Corporate Bond IDH K EUR0P0001.11.135-0.00%2.67B19/07 
 Evli Corporate Bond B NOK0P0001.1,217.519+0.03%2.65B18/07 
 Evli Emerging Markets Credit B SEK0P0000.1,140.250-0.05%1.57B18/07 
 eQ Euro Floating Rate 1 K0P0000.122.895+0.01%43.85M18/07 
 eQ Euro Floating Rate 1 T0P0000.68.684+0.01%43.85M18/07 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Acatis IfK Value Renten UI C0P0001.38.670+0.03%835.01M18/07 
 ACATIS IfK Value Renten UI B0P0000.94.340+0.02%835.01M18/07 
 Deka-Multimanager Renten0P0001.72.000-0.12%349.29M19/07 
 IIV Mikrofinanzfonds AI0P0001.101.240+0.24%763.87M28/06 
 IIV Mikrofinanzfonds R0P0000.101.270+0.24%763.87M28/06 
 IIV Mikrofinanzfonds I0P0000.1,013.830+0.28%763.87M28/06 
 DWS Covered Bond Fund LD0P0000.49.160+0.08%128.77M19/07 
 DWS Covered Bond Fund ID0P0001.51.380+0.08%128.77M19/07 
 DWS Covered Bond Fund LC0P0000.52.110+0.08%128.77M19/07 
 DWS Covered Bond Fund IC0P0000.54.090+0.07%128.77M19/07 
 DWS Covered Bond Fund FD0P0000.50.420+0.08%128.77M19/07 
 Infinigon Investmentgrade Collateralized Loan Fund0P0001.102.090+0.01%107.73M18/07 
 Lupus alpha CLO High Quality Invest A0P0001.106.900+0.02%125.7M18/07 
 FBG Ertragsorientiert RenditePlus IA0P0000.49.040+0.04%60.82M18/07 
 FBG Ertragsorientiert RenditePlus PA0P0000.48.620+0.04%51.16M18/07 
 TBF US CORPORATE BONDS EUR I0P0001.81.400+0.07%10.84M18/07 

Hong Kong - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) (mth) - RMB Income9680518.4400%12.75B18/07 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) - RMB Accumulation96805010.650-0.09%12.75B18/07 
 JPMorgan Asian Total Return Bond (PRC) (acc) - RMB96800012.030-0.17%10.79B18/07 

Indonesia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BNP Paribas Prima USD0P0000.1.275-0.12%124.16M19/07 
 TRAM Pendapatan Tetap USDLP6812.1.2920%744.13K19/07 
 Danamas Dollar0P0000.1.9270%28/06 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund M1 JPY Hedged0P0001.11,581.900-0.10%1.35B18/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 1 M-5 JPY H0P0001.10,347.840-0.07%1.37B18/07 
 Mercer Global Buy & Maintain Credit Fund M-5 JPY H0P0001.9,492.620+0.03%1.78B18/07 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund E Class AUD (Hedged) Income0P0001.8.170-0.24%118.04B19/07 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund E Class SGD (Hedged) Income0P0000.8.500-0.23%106.84B19/07 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund Administrative SGD (Hedged) 0P0000.9.670-0.10%106.84B19/07 
 Mercer QIF Fund plc - KKR Multi-Asset Credit A7-H-0P0001.13,064.890+0.30%81.25B28/06 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 2 M-5 JPY H0P0001.9,819.050-0.02%676.5M18/07 
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund M1 SEK Hedged0P0001.1,160.020-0.07%1.35B18/07 
 PIMCO GIS Global Bond Fund Institutional SGD (Hedg0P0000.18.430-0.11%20.79B19/07 
 Algebris UCITS Funds plc - Algebris Financial Cred0P0001.182.010+0.26%13.3B18/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 1 M-2 SEK H0P0001.1,100.290-0.04%1.37B18/07 
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund A8-H-0.1700 NOK0P0001.1,149.770-0.06%1.35B18/07 
 PIMCO GIS Diversified Income Fund Administrative S0P0001.8.580-0.23%10.5B19/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 1 Z-2 SEK H0P0001.109,834-0.04%1.37B18/07 
 Vanguard U.S. Government Bond Index Fund Instituti0P0001.90.168-0.22%8.49B19/07 
 Vanguard U.S. Government Bond Index Fund EUR Hedge0P0000.87.252-0.22%8.49B19/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 2 Z-2 SEK H0P0001.105,302+0.01%676.5M18/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 2 M-2 SEK H0P0001.1,034.110+0.01%676.5M18/07 
 Vanguard U.S. Government Bond Index Fund GBP Hedge0P0001.103.198-0.21%8.49B19/07 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale ILP6834.9.362-0.05%1.5B18/07 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale L0P0000.7.039-0.06%1.5B18/07 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale LA0P0001.8.424-0.05%1.5B18/07 
 Azimut Trend Tassi0P0000.10.921-0.05%37.38M18/07 

Liechtenstein - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 MAP Debt Fund USD0P0000.145.190+0.12%6.22M12/07 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio IT JPY H Inc0P0000.6,641.000-0.23%25.24B19/07 
 Fidelity Funds US High Yield Fund A Acc HUF (hed0P0001.4,920.000-0.12%4.28B19/07 
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio AA ZAR H Inc0P0001.62.730-0.21%25.24B19/07 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Corporate Bond Fund A Acc HU0P0001.4,214.000-0.17%1.27B19/07 
 JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond Fund I (per0P0000.10,785.000-0.19%1.37B19/07 
 AXA World Funds Euro Credit Plus I Distribution 0P0001.9,314.610-0.10%1.14B19/07 
 Capital Group Global Bond Fund (LUX) Ch JPY0P0001.2,618.000-0.27%1.02B19/07 
 Franklin U.S. Government Fund I(Mdis)JPY H10P0000.604.310-0.25%61.36K19/07 
 BlueBay Funds BlueBay Investment Grade Global Ag0P0001.10,573.000-0.24%1.19B18/07 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio AA CNH H In0P0001.52.360-0.11%15.52B19/07 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio AT CNH H In0P0000.68.920-0.12%15.52B19/07 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio IT CNH H In0P0001.65.680-0.11%15.52B19/07 
 Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate AHK C0P0001.2,808.540-0.12%3.85B19/07 
 Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Debt Fund Instituti0P0001.8,264.010-0.26%73.82B06/10 
 Fidelity Funds European High Yield Fund Y Acc CZ0P0001.1,500.0000%49.17M19/07 
 Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Sovereign Investmen0P0001.7,939.430-0.04%429.97M07/12 
 Fidelity Funds European High Yield Fund A Acc CZ0P0000.1,510.0000%191.2M19/07 
 JPMorgan Funds - Global Bond Opportunities Fund A 0P0000.775.980-0.23%4.08B19/07 
 Nordea 1 - Low Duration European Covered Bond Fund0P0001.1,096.887+0.01%2.29B19/07 
 Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Short Duration Fund0P0001.4,477.840+0.08%300.17M18/07 

Netherlands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Triodos Groenfonds Inc0P0000.54.600+0.44%779.79M18/07 
 Hof Hoorneman Income Fund0P0000.18.7600.00%55.9M25/10 
 Hof Hoorneman Phoenix Fund0P0000.0.9930%964.9K19/07 

Norway - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Storebrand Global Kreditt IG0P0000.967.296+0.02%23.33B18/07 
 Nordea Global High Yield NOK0P0000.860.671-0.12%2.54B19/07 

Philippines - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Metrofund Starter Fund0P0000.1.8630%77.1B17/07 
 BPI Short Term Fund0P0000.169.280+0.02%61.59B19/07 
 BPI Institutional Fund0P0000.286.830+0.04%40.3B19/07 
 ALFM Peso Bond Fund0P0000.397.630-0.01%35.64B19/07 
 ALFM Money Market Fund0P0000.139.790+0.01%23.68B19/07 
 ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund0P0000.268.370+0.01%17.28B18/07 
 BPI Premium Bond Fund0P0000.207.760-0.01%4.14B19/07 
 UnionBank Philippine Peso Fixed Income Portfolio0P0000.329.276-0.05%1.8B17/07 
 Metrofund Peak Earner Fund0P0000.2.212-0.02%1.49B17/07 
 Metrofund Elite Fund0P0000.2.246-0.04%673.87M17/07 
 BPI Global Philippine Fund0P0000.336.080+0.02%645.35M19/07 
 ALFM Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.503.740+0.00%222.04M19/07 
 Metro Dollar Short Term Fund0P0000.1.4470%54.02M17/07 
 BPI Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund0P0000.239.640-0.10%30.42M19/07 
 Metrodollar Philippine Bond Fund0P0000.2.163+0.06%21.53M17/07 
 BPI lnternational Fund Plus0P0000.179.940-0.12%18.71M18/07 
 ALFM Euro Bond Fund0P0000.216.230-0.01%15.39M19/07 
 UnionBank Dollar Bond Portfolio0P0000.2.451-0.17%6.21M17/07 
 UnionBank Tax Exempt Portfolio0P0000.280.612-0.07%2.61B17/07 
 Metrodollar Philippine Liquid Fund0P0000.1.8550%1.88M17/07 

Poland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Allianz Polskich Obligacji Skarbowych0P0000.149.870+0.26%227.41M01/12 

Singapore - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Eastspring Investments Funds - Monthly Income Plan0P0000.0.5770.00%190.82M18/07 
 UBS Lux Bond Fund - Euro High Yield EUR (SGD hedge0P0000.83.150+0.04%1.91B18/07 
 Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund A-MDIST-SGD0P0000.0.4830.00%142.09M19/07 
 Fidelity Enhanced Reserve Fund A-Mincome(G) AUD He0P0001.8.824-0.07%741.41M19/07 
 Fullerton USD Income Fund - Class E GBP Hedged0P0001.0.775-0.09%333.34M18/07 
 PruLink Dynamic Income Fund0P0000.0.5580%163.4M15/07 
 DBS CIO LIQUID+ Fund Class A SGD Hedged Distributi0P0001.9.899+0.04%14.78M15/07 
 DBS CIO LIQUID+ Fund Class A SGD Hedged Accumulati0P0001.10.587+0.04%14.78M15/07 

South Africa - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Saffron Sanlam Collective Investments Active Bond 0P0001.1.461-0.18%991M19/07 
 Sanlam Multi Managed Inflation Linked Bond Fund B20P0000.13.2690%1.12B19/07 
 Sanlam Multi Managed Inflation Linked Bond Fund B30P0000.13.2720%1.12B19/07 
 SIS International Fixed Interest Fund Of Funds0P0001.1.765-0.15%966.09M20/05 
 Saffron Sanlam Col Inv Active BondA0P0000.1.460-0.18%991M19/07 
 Saffron Sanlam Collective Investments Active Bond 0P0000.1.462-0.18%991M19/07 
 STANLIB Inflation Linked Bond Index Tracker Fund B0P0001.1.061+0.10%1.04B18/07 
 STANLIB Inflation Linked Bond Index Tracker Fund B0P0001.1.057+0.11%1.04B18/07 
 STANLIB Inflation Linked Bond Index Tracker Fund A0P0001.1.063+0.10%1.04B18/07 
 Alexander Forbes Investments Inflation Linked Bond0P0000.1.473+0.11%901.23M18/07 
 Alexander Forbes Investments Inflation Linked Bond0P0000.1.493-0.25%892.56M09/02 
 STANLIB Inflation Linked Bond Fund B10P0001.1.2890%1.14B19/07 
 Momentum Inflation Linked Bond Fund A0P0000.1.8440%196.83M19/07 
 Momentum Inflation Linked Bond Fund B20P0000.1.8450%196.83M19/07 
 Momentum Inflation Linked Bond Fund B10P0000.1.8470%196.83M19/07 
 Marriott Global Income FundLP6508.6.037+0.66%98.41M19/07 
 Alexander Forbes Investments Global Fixed Income F0P0000.3.5210%44.61M09/12 
 Colourfield BCI Income Fund 2 A0P0001.1.0400%35.85M19/07 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Arcano European Income Fund D1 FIL0P0000.16.991+0.01%7.5M17/07 
 Arcano European Income Fund A1 FIL0P0000.16.986+0.01%95.13M17/07 
 Arcano European Income Fund A2 FIL0P0000.16.238+0.01%44.1M17/07 
 Iberian Private Debt Fund I FIL0P0001.121.498+2.87%13.89M31/03 
 Iberian Private Debt Fund BP FIL0P0001.121.466+2.75%13.89M31/03 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Carnegie Corporate Bond B H NOK0P0000.145.249+0.03%11.62B19/07 
 Handelsbanken Hֳ¥llbar Global Obligation A1 SEK0P0001.97.280-0.13%6.52B19/07 
 Alfred Berg Income NOK0P0001.139.197+0.02%6.11B18/07 
 SPP Global Företagsobligationsfond A0P0001.102.445+0.01%5.89B18/07 
 AMF Räntefond Mix0P0000.113.210-0.28%4.23B19/07 
 Handelsbanken Kreditt (A1 SEK)0P0001.124.860-0.02%3.22B19/07 
 Handelsbanken Flexibel Ränta (A1 SEK)0P0001.121.130-0.04%2.6B19/07 
 Handelsbanken Flexibel Ränta (A8 SEK0P0001.123.050-0.04%2.6B19/07 
 Handelsbanken Flexibel Ränta (B8 SEK)0P0001.95.620-0.04%2.6B19/07 
 Swedbank Robur Bas Ränta0P0001.104.860-0.10%1.26B19/07 
 Fastighetsräntefonden Tessin AB (publ)0P0001.103.210+0.65%30/06 

Switzerland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BlueBay Funds - BlueBay Investment Grade Bond Fund0P0001.107.410+0.05%2.42B18/07 
 SEB Fund 5 - SEB Danish Mortgage Bond Fund C CHF0P0000.88.883+0.03%1.43B18/07 
 Swisscanto CH Index Bond Fund Australia Govt. NT A0P0001.116.378+0.07%596.79M18/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.10.458+0.02%532.57M18/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.13.531+0.02%532.57M18/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.16.428+0.02%532.57M18/07 
 Swisscanto CH Index Bond Fund Canada Govt. NT CAD0P0001.108.965-0.14%109.09M18/07 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AXA US Short Duration High Yield Fund Z Gross Acc0P0000.1.573+0.13%940.69M19/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.21.502+0.06%376.35M18/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.18.805+0.06%376.35M18/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.11.982+0.06%376.35M18/07 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0001.10.501+0.06%376.35M18/07 
 JPM Global High Yield Bond Fund I Gross Accumulati0P0000.2.490%133.52M19/07 
 JPM Global High Yield Bond Fund I Gross Income0P0000.0.810%133.52M19/07 
 JPM Global High Yield Bond Fund X Net Accumulation0P0000.1.900%133.52M19/07 
 JPM Global High Yield Bond Fund C - Gross Accumula0P0000.1.5400%133.52M19/07 
 NGAM Investment Funds UK ICVC - Loomis Sayles Stra0P0000.1.19-1.15%914.47K24/10 
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