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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BlackRock Global Global Allocation E2 EUR0P0000.57.800+0.19%1.27B04/12 
 Deutsche Concept Kaldemorgen NC0P0000.150.280+0.16%14.02B04/12 
 Deutsche Concept Kaldemorgen LC0P0000.163.280+0.17%14.02B04/12 
 Quality Inversion Moderada FI172242.12.78+0.14%8.42B29/11 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds - Global Opportuni0P0000.77.880+1.54%12.25B04/12 
 Santander Select Decidido S FI113605.141.24+0.30%6.86B29/11 
 Santander Select Decidido A FI113605.139.04+0.30%6.86B29/11 
 Quality Inversion Conservadora FI172273.10.57+0.17%6.31B29/11 
 Nordea 1 - Stable Return Fund E EUR0P0000.15.184+0.62%4.93B04/12 
 Pictet - Robotics HP EUR0P0001.222.180-0.04%8.25B04/12 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0000.8.011+0.02%9.38B30/11 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Esto¡ndar FI0P0000.7.776+0.02%9.38B30/11 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Institucional FI0P0000.8.107+0.02%9.38B30/11 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Platinum FI0P0000.8.038+0.02%9.38B30/11 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Plus FI0P0000.7.867+0.02%9.38B30/11 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Premium FI0P0000.7.948+0.02%9.38B30/11 
 Bankia Soy Asi Cauto FI158976.127.46+0.34%3.1B29/11 
 Santander 100 Valor Creciente 2 FI0P0001.97.615+0.23%3.58B29/11 
 CABK Equilibrio PP0P0000.8.212+0.17%3.49B30/11 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Index MSCI Emergin0P0001.147.450+1.13%5.05B01/12 
 Santander Select Patrimonio A FI175835.102.08+0.28%3.17B29/11 
 Santander Select Patrimonio S FI175835.103.82+0.28%3.17B29/11 
 BlackRock Strategic Funds - Fixed Income Strategie0P0000.123.860+0.25%2.27B04/12 
 CABK Destino 2030 PP0P0001.13.806+0.54%3.52B30/11 
 Vanguard Japan Stock Index Fund Investor EUR Accum0P0000.245.783-0.38%3.51B04/12 
 Sabadell Prudente Base FI111187.10.57+0.05%2.22B30/11 
 Sabadell Prudente Empresa FI0P0001.10.799+0.05%2.22B30/11 
 Sabadell Prudente Plus FI0P0001.10.753+0.05%2.22B30/11 
 Sabadell Prudente Premier FI0P0001.11.003+0.05%2.22B30/11 
 Sabadell Prudente Pyme FI0P0001.10.708+0.05%2.22B30/11 
 Caixabank Seleccion Tendencias Estandar FI164853.13.69+1.02%2.48B29/11 
 Caixabank Seleccion Tendencias Plus FI164853.14.78+1.02%2.48B29/11 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds - US Growth Fund A0P0000.142.050+3.57%3.18B04/12 
 CS Invm Fds 2 - Credit Suisse Lux Global Security 0P0000.31.430+1.32%2.58B01/12 
 Santander Renta Fija Corto Plazo I FI105931.6.970%1.82B07/07 
 Santander Renta Fija Corto Plazo A FI0P0001.7.009+0.02%1.82B07/07 
 Santander Renta Fija Ahorro Cartera FI0P0001.7.214+0.02%1.82B07/07 
 Mi Plan Santander Moderado PP0P0000.1.306+0.60%2.38B01/12 
 BBVA Multiactivo Conservador PP0P0000.11.034+0.32%2.24B01/12 
 Ibercaja Seleccion Renta Internacional FI147149.9.40+0.31%1.88B30/11 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Index J.P. Morgan 0P0000.121.390+0.45%2.62B01/12 
 BBVA Plan Multiactivo Moderado PP0P0000.1.167+0.39%2.33B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Canalizador FI0P0001.9.5330%2.35B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0001.9.5090%2.35B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Empresa FI0P0001.9.4040%2.35B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Plus FI0P0001.9.4040%2.35B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Premier FI0P0001.9.4830%2.35B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Pyme FI0P0001.9.3700%2.35B01/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Base FI173829.9.330%2.35B01/12 
 Ibercaja Crecimiento Dino¡mico A FI0P0000.6.830+0.15%1.58B30/11 
 Ibercaja Crecimiento Dino¡mico B FI0P0000.7.301+0.16%1.58B30/11 
 Dynamic Power American Growth0P0000.12.466-0.37%1.91B04/12 
 CABK Destino 2022 PP0P0001.12.536+0.38%1.71B30/11 
 Fidelity India Focus A DIST EUR0P0000.79.940+1.91%312.75M04/12 
 Quality Mejores Ideas FI110119.12.57+0.62%1.93B29/11 
 Santander Rendimiento A FI138534.83.54+0.02%1.9B30/11 
 Santander Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0001.96.105+0.02%1.9B30/11 
 Santander Rendimiento B FI138534.88.95+0.02%1.9B30/11 
 Santander Rendimiento C FI138534.88.80+0.02%1.9B30/11 
 Santander Rendimiento S FI138534.95.33+0.02%1.9B30/11 
 Plancaixa Ambición Global PPLP7700.24.418+0.31%1.83B30/11 
 SPB RF Corto Plazo A FI0P0001.9.592+0.01%3.46B30/11 
 SPB RF Corto Plazo I FI112793.9.820%3.46B30/11 
 JPMorgan Funds - Europe Equity Plus Fund D Perf Ac0P0000.19.850+0.10%1.64B04/12 
 Cambridge Canadian Dividend Fund Class P0P0001.11.757-0.21%1.73B04/12 
 Templeton Asian Growth A acc USD0P0000.32.220-1.07%541.51M04/12 
 Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund A(acc)USD0P0000.33.810+3.33%1.27B04/12 
 Candriam Equities L Biotechnology Class C USD Cap0P0000.739.140+1.51%1.39B01/12 
 Estrategia Capital FI0P0001.9.827+0.17%951.56M29/11 
 Eurovalor Renta Fija Corto FI138986.91.78+0.02%2.04B30/11 
 Plancaixa Tendencias PPLP6808.25.790+0.55%1.57B30/11 
 Caixabank Ahorro Institucional FI0P0001.5.931-0.01%877.96M30/11 
 Caixabank Ahorro Estandar FI105002.29.53-0.01%877.96M30/11 
 Caixabank Ahorro Plus FI105002.29.82-0.01%877.96M30/11 
 Caixabank Ahorro Premium FI105002.30.18-0.01%877.96M30/11 
 Mi Plan Santander Prudente PP0P0000.1.033+0.40%1.55B01/12 
 Bankia Cauto PP0P0000.110.300+0.16%1.17B30/11 
 azValor Internacional FI0P0001.229.004+1.32%1.86B01/12 
 Ibercaja Gestion Garantizado 5 FI0P0000.7.034+0.16%1.58B01/12 
 Santander Sostenible 1 C FI0P0001.98.372+0.01%1.25B30/11 
 Santander Sostenible 1 A FI0P0001.97.405+0.01%1.25B30/11 
 Ibercaja Gestion Garantizado 6 FI0P0000.5.755+0.30%1.67B01/12 
 Mutuafondo D FI165237.33.130%1.77B03/12 
 Mutuafondo A FI165237.35.650%1.77B03/12 
 Old Mutual Global Equity Absolute Return A EUR Hed0P0001.1.477-0.03%1.9B04/12 
 Edmond de Rothschild Fund - Big Data A USD0P0001.252.780+0.64%1.87B01/12 
 Kutxabank RF Carteras FI125627.6.39+0.08%1.05B01/12 
 Unicorp Seleccion Prudente FI0P0001.5.773-0.16%973.05M30/11 
 Julius Baer Multibond Local Emerging Bond Fund U0P0000.242.190+0.54%733.79M01/12 
 Bankia Soy Asi Flexible FI159084.124.31+0.30%1.09B29/11 
 Santander PB Cartera 20 FI113444.99.19+0.28%993.02M29/11 
 Estrategia Acumulacion FI0P0001.9.281+0.43%1.75B29/11 
 Mutuafondo Corto Plazo D FI165142.132.90+0.01%1.36B03/12 
 Mutuafondo Corto Plazo A FI165142.139.83+0.01%1.36B03/12 
 Ibercaja Plus C FI147102.8.71+0.11%740.35M01/12 
 Ibercaja Plus D FI147102.8.46+0.10%740.35M01/12 
 Ibercaja Plus A FI147102.9.03+0.11%740.35M01/12 
 Bestinfond FI114673.237.67+0.78%1.4B01/12 
 IBERCAJA GESTIÓN EQUILIBRADA, FI0P0001.6.054+0.25%1.01B30/11 
 CABK RV International PP0P0000.10.223+0.70%1.54B30/11 
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