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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Metrofund Starter Fund0P0000.1.7090%82.2B26/11 
 BPI Short Term Fund0P0000.156.3500.00%81.29B26/11 
 BPI Institutional Fund0P0000.263.080+0.00%62.66B26/11 
 ALFM Money Market Fund0P0000.131.020+0.01%50.15B26/11 
 ALFM Peso Bond Fund0P0000.373.410+0.01%44.91B26/11 
 ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund0P0000.255.380+0.02%13.77B25/11 
 Philippine Stock Index Fund0P0000.822.310-1.18%10.39B26/11 
 BPI Premium Bond Fund0P0000.199.630+0.05%7.12B26/11 
 ALFM Growth Fund0P0000.232.240-1.21%5.66B26/11 
 Metro Equity Fund0P0000.2.499-1.08%5.15B26/11 
 BPI Balanced Fund0P0000.172.870-0.60%4.95B26/11 
 BPI Equity Fund0P0000.157.810-1.11%4.58B26/11 
 UnionBank Philippine Peso Fixed Income Portfolio0P0000.309.119-0.01%3.23B26/11 
 UnionBank Large Cap Philippine Equity Portfolio0P0000.602.633-1.00%3.09B26/11 
 Metrofund Peak Earner Fund0P0000.2.1090%2.61B26/11 
 Metro Capital Growth Fund0P0000.3.479-0.64%1.39B26/11 
 Metrofund Elite Fund0P0000.2.1240%1.08B26/11 
 BPI Global Philippine Fund0P0000.312.650+0.02%882.31M26/11 
 UnionBank Peso Balanced Portfolio0P0001.150.327-0.62%727.38M26/11 
 Filipino Fund Inc0P0000.6.5200%07:00:00 
 ALFM Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.488.540-0.00%310.34M26/11 
 BPI Global Equity Fund0P0000.544.080+0.06%219.69M25/11 
 Metro Dollar Short Term Fund0P0000.1.3610%199.84M26/11 
 BPI Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund0P0000.254.200-0.23%48.14M26/11 
 Metrodollar Philippine Bond Fund0P0000.2.1530%30.94M26/11 
 ALFM Euro Bond Fund0P0000.219.640+0.01%17.22M26/11 
 BPI lnternational Fund Plus0P0000.186.330-0.01%16.75M25/11 
 UnionBank Dollar Bond Portfolio0P0000.2.406+0.10%10.34M26/11 
 UnionBank Tax Exempt Portfolio0P0000.254.190-0.01%9.15M26/11 
 Metrodollar Philippine Liquid Fund0P0000.1.8030%2.75M26/11 
 UnionBank Peso Short Term Fixed Income Portfolio0P0000.151.110+0.03%1.51M26/11 
 PNB Enhanced Phil-Index Reference Fund0P0000.1.680-1.23%26/11 
 BDO Peso Money Market Fund0P0000.1,648.573+0.00%26/11 
 Odyssey Diversified Capital Fund0P0000.191.950-0.41%26/11 
 BDO $ Money Market Fund0P0000.144.6250%26/11 
 BDO Balanced Fund0P0000.3,498.527-0.70%26/11 
 EPCIB US Dollar Fund0P0000.2.0120%26/11 
 BDO Peso Bond Fund0P0000.2,337.491+0.02%26/11 
 Odyssey Peso Income Fund0P0000.144.990+0.03%26/11 
 Rizal Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.1.792-0.02%26/11 
 BDO Equity Fund0P0000.411.434-1.15%26/11 
 Odyssey Diversified Balanced Fund0P0000.204.340-0.68%26/11 
 Odyssey Peso Bond Fund0P0000.314.350-0.01%26/11 
 PNB Prime Dollar Money Market Fund0P0001.1.1090.00%26/11 
 PNB High Dividend Fund0P0001.1.434-1.26%26/11 
 Odyssey Philippine Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.32.040-0.09%26/11 
 Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund0P0000.420.030-1.23%26/11 
 Rizal Balanced Fund0P0000.2.120-0.68%26/11 
 PNB Mabuhay Prime0P0000.1.2360%26/11 
 Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund0P0000.126.530-1.22%26/11 
 Odyssey Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Fund0P0000.12.690-1.78%26/11 
 PNB Mabuhay Prestige0P0000.1.412-0.71%26/11 
 Rizal Equity Fund0P0000.3.735-1.14%26/11 
 BDO Institutional Equity Fund0P0000.4,764.895-1.15%26/11 
 PNB Dollar Profit0P0000.1.500-0.01%26/11 
 Rizal Peso Bond Fund0P0000.2.1350%26/11 
 Rizal Peso Money Market0P0000.1.6730%26/11 
 Rizal Dollar Money Market Fund0P0000.1.431-0.00%26/11 
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