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overbought on all time frames lol
this drop ********
I hate to say it BUT I told you so :)
some new lock down are expected to come,many types of industry are closed in the event of a pandemic. Transport and many types of infrastructure are blocked. The number of deaths is increasing, the unemployment rate is the same since August 2020 and is increasing due to the winter and pandemic situation, in Europe and the USA the population is divided in 2 in terms of vaccination ... and all governments are fighting to keep peace
Waited 20 days for an online order just for pickup at a store. not a good experience. Ended up just returning the item.
Wife orders all the time, super fast shipping TYD every time. Happy wife happy life :)
Im not a genius. Im not even a trader. But i work in retail. Stay away
Find better retail opportunity ...
Jan/Feb 37-45
If you guys jumpt in the short today. Congrats. I boight 20 contracts 12/18 strike price 25. I expect it to fall between these dates
up 300% since sept good run why would retail company continue a parabolic move with out retracement? even before pandemic retail was struggling. time for pullback
30 up. All way to 40 next week
Short squeeze coming or already started!
What do you think?
Time to sell? Please help guys
Time to sell?
You have to decide yourself. At some point it will go up again, but who knows when )
Time to sell?
when will we see 30?
all the way to 40, so easy money since it was 13, two weeks ago
Yh man ... I wish I had more stocks  now  up by 101%.... learning everyday
so nordstrom is still a buy right now?
Its too Hot right now. Waite for correction. Or you can try to buy some stocks.
Ill admit when im wrong. And i was. Congrats to everyine who invested versus short.
Good post market rise...i might be wrong on my prediction. Hope all the investors make money! Ive got to say im suprised since i shorted.
Still possible you are right and it will go down from today, Im still in but i will sell soon
all the way to 40 mate
Christmas period coming, good reason for the trend to continue
They missed on revenue FYI. Guys, be careful on waiting this out to grow higher. Id sell while youre ahead.
Past performance only partially determines the stock price. It is future expectation that determines stock price. I understand that you shorted on this one, so you want the price down. Your bet is against the market sentiment. Good luck.
LOL, new in stock market?  Yeah, thanks for your warning.
Best of luck.
OH my god. I knew it will go up after earnings, but I didn't expect so much.
The rise in stock value was accounted for already. It didnt beat as much as expected.
Up at expected .. why sell .. heading to 30
Think spring, more to be had
This shoild go down tomorrow
I dont think so .. You can sell though ....
u should go to sleep mate