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Jeremy Cook
Market Fears Unlikely To Drive A Recession By Jeremy Cook - Feb 12, 2016

Lessons from history One of the strangest market weeks in a fair few years is finally drawing to a close, but we must ask ourselves, if the sell-off in risky assets is over, just what damage has it ...

Janet Yellen Fails To Calm Markets; Dollar Weakens By ACFX - Feb 12, 2016

Global equity markets are crashing all around us and with major European Banks suffering a crisis of investor confidence which is due to the increasing concerns over what many see as toxic bonds that ...

Danske Markets
Reading The Markets Sweden   By Danske Markets - Feb 12, 2016

More of the same from Riksbank. Riksbank inflation nightmare to continue. After the Riksbank announcement, we close some of our trading positions that would be exposed in an international ...

Asia Closing The Week On A Sour Note By IG - Feb 12, 2016

The tone in Asia has generally been downbeat, with Japanese equities taking an absolute bath on volumes 120% above the 100-day average. The focus from APAC clients has been on gold, oil, USD/JPY, ...

Elliott Morss
Greece And The Eurozone: An Update By Elliott Morss - Feb 12, 2016

Introduction From reading the media, one gets the impression that bailing out its banks is the most serious economic problem the Eurozone faces. This problem could easily be avoided. As I have ...

The National Bank of Canada
FX Daily Update By The National Bank of Canada - Feb 11, 2016

Yellen opens the door to a break in rate hikesThe loonie lost ground Wednesday and the reason why is certainly no mystery. Oil continues to plunge, having now lost 11.5% since the start of the week to...

Danske Markets
Riksbank Goes NIRP For Longer   By Danske Markets - Feb 11, 2016

The Riksbank cut 15bp to -0.50% and flattened the repo rate path out to Q2 17 but there is more to come in our view. Stands ready to intervene in the FX market. Says it will reinvest maturities and ...

James Picerno
U.S. Retail Sales: What To Expect By James Picerno - Feb 11, 2016

No change is expected for U.S. retail sales in Friday’s January report vs. the previous month, according to The Capital Spectator’s average point forecast for several econometric ...

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