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Austria - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ERSTE Responsible Reserve T0P0000.116.470+0.02%351.7M07:00:00 
 ERSTE Responsible ReserveVT0P0000.116.930+0.02%351.7M07:00:00 
 ERSTE Responsible Reserve A0P0000.93.560+0.02%351.7M07:00:00 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Evli Short Corporate Bond A0P0000.14.831+0.14%1.45B05/12 
 Evli Short Corporate Bond B0P0000.30.016+0.14%1.45B05/12 
 OP-Korkotuotto II B0P0000.87.710+0.05%1.04B05/12 
 OP-Korkotuotto II A0P0000.134.140+0.04%1.04B05/12 
 OP-Korkotuotto B0P0000.88.940+0.04%1.04B05/12 
 OP-Korkotuotto A0P0000.129.890+0.04%1.04B05/12 
 Danske Invest Yhteisökorko Plus Inc0P0000.0.9760%6.46M05/12 
 Danske Invest Yhteisökorko Plus Acc0P0000.1.458+0.07%116.95M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto B K EUR0P0000.15.516-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto S Tuotto0P0000.14.975-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto A T EUR0P0000.13.168-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto B Tuotto0P0000.13.764-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto A K EUR0P0000.14.850-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto I Kasvu0P0000.15.629-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto I Tuotto0P0000.14.191-0.15%115.05M05/12 
 Nordea Korkotuotto S Kasvu0P0000.15.874-0.15%115.05M05/12 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 CNP Court Terme0P0000.14,381.520+0.06%263.44M06/12 
 Regard Crédit Court Terme0P0000.114.830+0.03%258.07M06/12 
 Groupama Crédit Euro CT M0P0000.129.260+0.05%185.53M06/12 
 La Française Index Variable C0P0000.1,571.430+0.04%154.08M06/12 
 Aviva Investors Euro Credit Bonds 1-30P0000.98.180+0.08%210.51M05/12 
 Hugau Obli 1-3 R0P0000.1,188.000+0.05%112.7M06/12 
 Hugau Obli 1-3 ILP6512.1,454.550+0.05%112.7M06/12 
 SG Oblig Corporate 1-3 I0P0000.2,779.210+0.13%51.69M05/12 
 Natixis Crédit Euro 1-3 IC0P0000.158.270+0.06%34.34M06/12 
 Amundi Crédit 1-3 Euro IC0P0000.30,680.860+0.12%22.03M05/12 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 LBBW-Rentenfonds Euro0P0000.38.930-1.02%540.9M05/12 
 HI-Corporate Bonds 2-Fonds0P0000.42.370+0.09%573.82M05/12 
 Ampega Reserve Rentenfonds0P0000.49.440+0.08%125.5M06/12 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 R-co Crédit Horizon 1-3 C EUR0P0000.160.310-0.01%351.11M06/12 
 Eurizon Obbligazioni Euro Corporate Breve Termine0P0000.8.124+0.12%92.13M05/12 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nordea 1 - Low Duration European Covered Bond Fund0P0001.101.840+0.08%2.37B06/12 
 Nordea 1 - Low Duration European Covered Bond Fund0P0001.104.174+0.08%2.37B06/12 
 AXA World Funds - Euro Credit Short Duration A Cap0P0000.127.110+0.04%2.53B06/12 
 AXA World Funds Euro Credit Short Duration I Cap0P0000.137.020+0.04%2.53B06/12 
 AXA World Funds - Euro Credit Short Duration M Cap0P0000.143.090+0.04%2.53B06/12 
 UniEuroKapital Corporates A0P0000.34.590+0.12%1.07B05/12 
 UniEuroKapital Corporates -net- A0P0000.35.050+0.11%1.07B05/12 
 Pictet EUR Short Term Corporate Bonds R0P0001.98.290+0.06%934.58M06/12 
 Pictet-EUR Short Term Corporate Bonds I0P0001.103.130+0.07%934.58M06/12 
 Pictet EUR Short Term Corporate Bonds R dm0P0001.76.800+0.07%934.58M06/12 
 Pictet-EUR Short Term Corporate Bonds Z0P0001.107.350+0.07%934.58M06/12 
 Pictet EUR Short Term Corporate Bonds P dy0P0001.82.390+0.06%934.58M06/12 
 Pictet EUR Short Term Corporate Bonds P EUR0P0001.100.790+0.07%934.58M06/12 
 Eurizon Fund - Bond Corporate EUR Short Term Class0P0000.65.010+0.15%851.18M05/12 
 Eurizon Fund - Bond Corporate EUR Short Term Class0P0000.75.000+0.16%851.18M05/12 
 Eurizon Fund - Bond Corporate EUR Short Term Class0P0001.94.790+0.16%851.18M05/12 
 Deutsche Invest I Short Duration Credit LC0P0000.130.080+0.07%514.96M06/12 
 Deutsche Invest I Short Duration Credit LD0P0001.89.050+0.07%514.96M06/12 
 Deutsche Invest I Short Duration Credit FC0P0000.136.860+0.07%514.96M06/12 
 UBS Lux Bond SICAV - Short Term EUR Corporates EUR0P0000.119.350+0.15%405.32M06/12 

Portugal - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 NB Tesouraria Ativa - Fundo de Investimento MobiliLP6004.7.7510%47.34M06/12 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Santander Eurocrodito FI0P0001.96.516+0.04%201.5M04/12 
 BBVA Bonos Corporativos Duracion Cubierta FI113278.10.670%129.15M01/12 
 Rural Bonos Corporativos Estandar Fi158603.496.33+0.17%37.17M05/12 
 Caixabank Fondtesoro Largo Plazo Estandar FI137979.8.790%8.32M04/12 
 Caixabank Fondtesoro Largo Plazo Premium FI137979.9.380%11.12M04/12 
 Caixabank Fondtesoro Largo Plazo Plus FI0P0001.6.108+0.03%17.36M04/12 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nordea Korkotuotto A K SEK0P0000.168.137+0.02%1.36B05/12 
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