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Austria - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ERSTE FUTURE INVEST EUR R01 VTIA0P0001.149.950-1.04%499.85M07:00:00 

Belgium - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 KBC Equity Fund - Trends Classic Cap0P0000.240.170-1.17%264.85M03/12 
 KBC Equity Fund - Trends Classic Dis0P0000.185.800-1.17%288.12M03/12 

Denmark - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BLS Invest Globale Aktier Akk0P0001.2,575.020+1.00%5.84B06/12 
 BLS Invest Globale Aktier KLBLKGA2,411.000+1.86%4.78B06/12 
 MMI Globale Aktier Akk. – Harding Loevner0P0000.336.080-0.79%4.23B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Globale Fokusaktier Akk0P0000.360.640+1.73%3.48B07:00:00 
 Nykredit Invest Bæredygtige Aktier0P0000.199.010+1.46%3.37B07:00:00 
 C WorldWide Globale Aktier KL0P0000.987.220+0.53%5.37B06/12 
 Nordea Invest Global Stars0P0000.156.790+1.47%3.08B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Global Opportunities0P0000.181.550+1.89%2.24B07:00:00 
 Handelsinvest Verden0P0000.337.050+0.35%322.49M06/12 
 LI Aktier GlobaleLP6801.122.450-1.10%2.04B06/12 
 MMI Globale Aktier – Harding Loevner0P0000.208.910-0.79%1.72B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Globale Aktier – Harding Lo0P0001.1,834.580+0.54%1.27B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Globale Fokusaktier0P0000.124.040+1.74%1.25B07:00:00 
 Maj Invest Vækstaktier0P0000.183.070+1.05%1.12B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Globale Fokusaktier Akk0P0001.2,193.650+0.79%967.76M06/12 
 LI Aktier Globale Akk KL0P0001.213.770-1.11%895.06M06/12 
 StockRate Invest Globale Aktier0P0000.277.140+0.27%725.63M06/12 
 C WorldWide Globale Aktier Akkumulerende KLCWIGAA.194.900-0.13%765.11M06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Globale Fokusaktier0P0001.1,644.020+0.79%708.12M06/12 
 Independent Global0P0000.78,910.000-0.71%360.98M06/12 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Danske Invest Kestävä Arvo Osake T0P0000.0.407+1.13%422.25M02/12 
 Danske Invest Kestävä Arvo Osake K0P0000.1.000+1.13%422.25M02/12 
 Aktia Global B0P0000.0.761-0.98%104.03M03/12 
 Aktia Global A0P0000.0.376-0.97%104.03M03/12 
 Finlandia Laatuyhtiöt0P0001.180.017-1.20%56.86M03/12 
 POP Maailma0P0000.2.450-0.08%17.31M03/12 
 HCP Focus0P0001.580.310+0.76%15.78M30/11 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Carmignac Investissement A EUR Acc0P0000.1,793.940+0.88%4.23B06/12 
 Carmignac Investissement E EUR Acc0P0000.254.590+0.88%4.23B06/12 
 Comgest Monde C0P0000.2,899.140+0.33%2.5B06/12 
 Comgest Monde I0P0000.3,209.090+0.34%2.5B06/12 
 Echiquier Global I0P0000.3,871.450+1.02%1.03B06/12 
 Echiquier Global0P0000.365.480+1.01%1.03B06/12 
 Echiquier Global G0P0000.412.220+1.02%1.03B06/12 
 Covéa Actions Monde IC0P0000.338.890+0.85%783.17M06/12 
 Covéa Actions Investissement C0P0000.12,194.920+0.50%585.78M06/12 
 Vega Disruption N-C0P0001.156.220+0.01%150.9M06/12 
 Constance Be World A0P0000.656.860+0.12%132.33M02/12 
 Constance Be World I0P0000.72,976.790+0.13%132.33M02/12 
 Vega Millennials IC EUR0P0001.148,347+0.37%117.14M06/12 
 Trusteam ROC B0P0000.582.850-0.48%104.97M03/12 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 UniFavorit: Aktien0P0000.210.270+1.32%8.5B06/12 
 Allianz Interglobal A EUR0P0000.497.380+1.97%1.84B07:00:00 
 Allianz Interglobal AT EUR0P0001.199.840-0.63%1.84B06/12 
 Allianz Interglobal P EUR0P0001.2,653.080-0.62%1.84B06/12 
 UniNachhaltig Aktien Global0P0000.151.910-0.18%1.53B03/12 
 Comgest Growth World EUR R Acc0P0001.37.100-0.22%1.31B03/12 
 Metzler Wachstum International0P0000.315.530+0.90%623.32M06/12 
 DWS Global Growth LD0P0000.193.820-1.13%603.5M06/12 
 Deka-MegaTrends CF0P0000.127.910-0.71%388.28M06/12 
 Flossbach von Storch Fundament I0P0000.304.740-0.09%163.51M06/12 
 Flossbach von Storch Fundament RT0P0000.255.600-0.09%145.88M06/12 
 Flossbach von Storch Fundament FT0P0000.352.430-0.09%144.83M06/12 
 Wagner & Florack Unternehmerfonds AMI I a0P0000.2,286.570-0.21%107.49M06/12 
 AL Trust Global Invest0P0000.124.720-0.87%67.91M06/12 
 CT Welt Portfolio AMI PT (t)0P0000.184.260-0.24%47.26M06/12 
 GF Global Select HILP6513.246.630-1.10%44.19M11/05 
 CT Welt Portfolio AMI CT (t)0P0000.69.200-0.23%41.75M06/12 
 CT Welt Portfolio AMI GG (a)0P0001.159.570+0.09%41.75M07:00:00 

Hungary - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 NN L Information Technology - X Cap HUF0P0000.279,403+0.88%806.92M06/12 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Sands Capital Global Growth Fund A US Dollar Accum0P0000.57.700+0.24%6.24B06/12 
 Sands Capital Global Growth Fund A Euro Accumulati0P0000.26.890+0.49%3.83B06/12 
 MFG Global Fund Class 1 USD AccumulatingLP6823.233.770+1.81%1.47B06/12 
 Seilern Stryx World Growth Fund USD I Shares0P0000.583.970+0.81%2.16B06/12 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Long Term Global Growth 0P0001.24.166+1.13%2.54B07:00:00 
 Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund A 0P0001.272.341+0.70%2.47B06/12 
 Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund B 0P0001.283.711+0.70%2.47B06/12 
 Seilern Stryx World Growth EUR U0P0000.543.690+0.89%2.16B06/12 
 MFG Global Fund Class 2 GBP AccumulatingLP6823.279.980+1.69%735.12M06/12 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Long Term Global Growth 0P0001.40.420+1.13%2.1B07:00:00 
 Artisan Global Opportunities Fund Class I US Dolla0P0000.32.440+0.43%1.99B06/12 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Global Alpha Fund Class 0P0000.29.651+2.29%1.59B07:00:00 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Global Alpha Fund Class 0P0000.28.093+2.29%1.59B07:00:00 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Global Alpha Fund Class 0P0000.28.141+2.29%1.59B07:00:00 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Global Alpha Fund Class 0P0000.30.296+2.29%1.59B07:00:00 
 BNY Mellon Global Funds PLC - BNY Mellon Long-Term0P0000.2.680-0.80%96.46M03/12 
 BNY Mellon Global Funds PLC - BNY Mellon Long-Term0P0000.2.535-0.80%32.54M03/12 
 Artisan Global Opportunities Fund Class I Euro Acc0P0000.43.220+0.68%1.72B06/12 
 GuardCap Global Equity Fund S EUR Acc0P0001.20.718+1.72%1.65B06/12 
 GuardCap Global Equity Fund I EUR Acc0P0001.23.049+1.72%1.65B06/12 

Israel - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Excellence World Exposure0P0000.174.6+1.68%80.47M02/12 
 Excellence Europe Equity0P0001.151.6+1.00%11.07M02/12 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Funds Global Demographics Fund D Acc EU0P0001.20.310-1.22%5.66M03/12 
 Vontobel Global Equity FAM Fund Class L EUR Accumu0P0001.148.534+1.13%505.57M06/12 
 Top Funds Selection - iCARE A0P0001.6.802+0.19%121.87M03/12 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Lombard Odier Funds Generation Global (JPY) ND0P0001.0.0220.00%2.63B04/02 
 Fidelity Funds - Global Demographics Fund A-Acc-HU0P0001.7,146.000-0.90%256.95B03/12 
 Wellington Global Opportunities Equity Fund JPY T 0P0000.36,146.000+0.73%53.55B16/01 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) Cad AUD0P0001.0.0220.00%22.56B04/02 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.103.020-0.89%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.116.320-0.87%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.112.510-0.88%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.116.000-0.86%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.127.040-0.86%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.124.320-0.87%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.130.970-0.86%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.100.780-0.89%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportuni0P0001.81.190-0.85%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.140.370-0.85%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0000.113.790-0.87%18.92B06/12 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportuni0P0001.91.670-0.84%18.92B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Z0P0001.23.500+0.56%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) C0P0001.2,791.000+1.16%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) ZLgd0P0001.0.0220.00%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX A40P0001.23.730+0.51%16.74B06/12 

Malta - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Dominion Global Trends - Ecommerce Fund B USD0P0001.1.750+1.17%123.15M06/12 
 Dominion Global Trends - Managed Fund USD B0P0000.1.847+0.35%18.24M06/12 

Mauritius - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fundsmith Global Equity Fund Feeder A USD Acc0P0001.229.815-2.25%283.3M03/12 

Netherlands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 NN Duurzaam Aandelen Fonds - P0P0000.67.370+0.76%4.36B07:00:00 
 BNP Paribas Obam N.V. Classic Inc0P0000.125.450+1.24%1.21B07:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Investment Fund0P0000.19.280+0.78%719.46M07:00:00 

Norway - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Holberg Global A0P0000.485.652-0.46%4.59B06/12 
 Holberg Global D0P0001.503.712-0.45%4.59B06/12 
 Holberg Global C0P0001.503.714-0.45%4.59B06/12 
 Delphi Global A0P0001.5,437.431-0.82%3.32B06/12 
 Delphi Global A0P0000.5,445.776-0.76%3.32B06/12 
 C WorldWide Globale Aksjer Etisk0P0000.4,525.320-0.51%1.14B06/12 
 C WorldWide Globale Aksjer0P0000.25,016.320-0.55%504.48M06/12 

Singapore - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Zgd0P0001.16.550-0.36%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX B0P0001.16.720-0.36%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Bd0P0001.16.720-0.36%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Z0P0001.32.170+0.41%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Zd0P0001.31.390+0.42%16.74B06/12 
 AB SICAV I - Thematic Research Portfolio S SGD Acc0P0000.72.900+0.14%5.68B28/05 
 AB SICAV I - Thematic Research Portfolio S1X Acc0P0000.248.900+0.63%4.45B06/12 
 AB SICAV I - Thematic Research Portfolio SX Acc0P0000.241.810+0.14%4.45B28/05 
 AB SICAV I - Thematic Research Portfolio I Acc0P0000.443.780+0.80%4.45B06/12 
 AB SICAV I - Thematic Research Portfolio I AccLP6507.40.1400.00%4.21B04/02 
 Nikko AM Shenton Global Opportunities FundLP6000.2.403+0.80%258.29M06/12 
 Stewart Investors Worldwide Leaders Fund Class A (0P0000.1.800-1.06%32.24M06/12 
 Stewart Investors Worldwide Leaders Fund Class A (0P0000.2.465-1.23%32.24M06/12 

South Africa - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Investec Global Franchise Feeder Fund A0P0000.14.933-0.62%29.73B06/12 
 Investec Global Franchise Feeder Fund B0P0000.15.182-0.62%29.73B06/12 
 Investec Global Franchise Feeder Fund C0P0000.12.502-0.64%29.73B06/12 
 Investec Global Franchise Feeder Fund H0P0000.16.537-0.62%29.73B06/12 
 Investec Global Franchise Feeder Fund I0P0001.17.044-0.62%18.78B06/12 
 STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund R0P0000.5.468-0.57%6B06/12 
 STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund B10P0000.5.176-0.60%6B06/12 
 STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund A0P0000.4.433-0.53%5.71B05/02 
 STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund B20P0001.5.628-0.55%5.44B06/12 
 STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund B30P0001.5.619-0.55%5.44B06/12 
 BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund D0P0001.3.435+1.01%1.12B07:00:00 
 BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund B0P0001.3.448+1.01%1.12B07:00:00 
 BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund C0P0001.3.390+1.01%1.12B07:00:00 
 BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity Fund A0P0001.3.319+1.01%1.12B07:00:00 
 STANLIB Funds Limited - STANLIB High Alpha Global 0P0000.2,402.220+1.03%92.57M06/12 
 Anchor BCI Global Equity Feeder Fund A0P0001.2.676-2.18%432.67M06/12 
 ABAX Global Equity Prescient Feeder Fund B30P0001.2.047-2.24%400.35M06/12 
 ABAX Global Equity Prescient Feeder Fund B10P0001.2.039-2.25%400.35M06/12 
 ABAX Global Equity Prescient Feeder Fund A10P0001.2.035-2.25%400.35M06/12 
 Autus Prime Global Equity Feeder Fund A0P0001.2.439-0.61%284.73M06/12 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Caixabank Seleccion Tendencias Estandar FI164853.15.83-1.07%3.74B30/11 
 Caixabank Seleccion Tendencias Plus FI164853.16.87-1.07%3.74B30/11 
 Ibercaja Global Brands A FI0P0001.9.742-1.17%641.23M03/12 
 Ibercaja Global Brands B FI0P0001.10.162-1.17%641.23M03/12 
 Ibercaja BP Seleccion Global A FI146758.9.960%484.99M02/12 
 Ibercaja BP Seleccion Global B FI146758.10.320%484.99M02/12 
 Laboral Kutxa Futur FI0P0001.8.840-0.45%185.93M03/12 
 Bankia Megatendencias Universal FI0P0001.147.483+0.02%99.98M01/12 
 Mutuafondo Nueva Economֳ­a A FI0P0001.128.059-0.86%68.88M03/12 
 Welzia Crecimiento 15 FI184676.16.710%65.44M01/12 
 EDM Renta Variable Internacional FI128271.21.92-0.62%24.48M02/12 
 Marango Equity Fund FI0P0001.15.075+1.08%16.27M06/12 
 B&H Acciones A FI0P0001.12.711+0.67%16.06M02/12 
 Arquiuno Bolsa FI0P0001.11.855-0.56%6.5M02/12 
 Liberbank Megatendencias A FI0P0000.9.733-1.02%47M03/12 
 Andbank Megatrends A FI0P0001.14.872-0.95%4.83M03/12 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Handelsbanken Global Tema (A1 SEK)0P0000.841.980-0.95%368.69B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Global Tema (B1 SEK)0P0001.673.310-0.95%368.69B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Global Tema (A1 NOK)0P0001.844.240-0.64%363.14B06/12 
 Vontobel Fund - Global Equity B SEK Acc0P0000.329.250+0.32%4.19B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Global Tema (A1 EUR)0P0001.82.090-0.23%37.09B06/12 
 Swedbank Robur IP Aktiefond0P0000.138.830-1.41%36.16B06/12 
 Swedbank Robur Globalfond Mega0P0000.22.060-0.94%22.45B08/10 
 Swedbank Robur Ethica Global MEGA0P0000.431.750-0.89%17.02B06/12 
 Skandia Världen0P0000.726.590-0.40%5.1B06/12 
 Swedbank Robur Ethica Global0P0000.583.950-0.88%4.64B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Global Selektiv (A1 SEK)0P0001.327.860-0.83%3.42B06/12 
 Navigera Global Change0P0001.201.235-1.28%1.1B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Global Momentum A1 SEK0P0001.116.710-2.05%899.13M06/12 
 Indecap Guide Global A0P0000.383.900+0.69%607.32M06/12 
 Tellus Fonder Investmentbolag0P0000.324.570+0.75%575.58M06/12 
 Indecap Guide Global C0P0001.283.550+0.68%575.26M06/12 
 Quesada Global0P0001.201.983+0.25%257.9M06/12 
 IKC Opportunities A0P0000.186.070+0.12%34.05M28/06 

Switzerland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Zd0P0001.21.220+1.34%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Zgd0P0001.12.040+1.18%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX B0P0001.20.710+1.32%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX A40P0001.21.960+1.34%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Bgd0P0001.11.820+1.20%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Bd0P0001.12.170+1.25%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Z0P0001.21.750+1.35%16.74B06/12 
 Lombard Odier Funds - Generation Global CHF S A0P0000.41.016-1.01%2.63B03/12 
 Lombard Odier Funds - Generation Global CHF I0P0000.33.555-1.02%2.63B03/12 
 Lombard Odier Funds - Generation Global CHF M A0P0000.32.163-1.02%2.63B03/12 
 Lombard Odier Funds - Generation Global CHF M D0P0000.32.143-1.02%2.63B03/12 
 Lombard Odier Funds - Generation Global CHF P A0P0000.31.568-1.02%2.63B03/12 
 Lombard Odier Funds - Generation Global CHF P D0P0000.31.619-1.02%2.63B03/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund LUX C0P0000.50.890+1.98%883.02M06/12 
 UBS CH Equity Fund - Global Opportunity USD P0P0000.494.450+0.58%137.47M06/12 
 UBS CH Equity Fund - Global Opportunity USD I-B0P0000.302.020+0.50%137.47M06/12 
 UBS CH Equity Fund - Global Opportunity USD Q0P0001.199.640+0.58%137.47M06/12 

Taiwan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nomura Global Equity Fund TWD0P0000.25.490+0.43%13.27B06/12 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fundsmith Equity R Inc0P0000.5.91+1.93%23.47M07:00:00 
 Fundsmith Equity T Acc0P0000.6.5478+1.93%4.49B07:00:00 
 Fundsmith Equity T Inc0P0000.5.98+1.93%319.7M07:00:00 
 Fundsmith Equity I Acc0P0000.6.62+1.93%16.37B07:00:00 
 Fundsmith Equity I Inc0P0000.5.98+1.93%5.98B07:00:00 
 Fundsmith Equity R Acc0P0000.6.19+1.93%539.7M07:00:00 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity0P0001.105.970-0.84%18.92B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Bd0P0001.16.880+0.36%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Z0P0001.17.720+0.40%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Zd0P0001.17.290+0.41%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Zgd0P0001.16.420+0.43%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX B0P0001.16.880+0.42%16.74B06/12 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX A40P0001.9.450-1.15%16.94B04/02 
 Capital Group New Perspective Fund LUX Bgd0P0001.15.620+0.45%16.74B06/12 
 Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund B Class0P0000.4.153+0.22%7.93B06/12 
 Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund D Class0P0001.2.838+0.22%7.93B06/12 
 Lindsell Train Global Equity Fund A Class0P0000.3.695+0.21%7.93B06/12 
 Baillie Gifford Global Alpha Growth Fund B Accumul0P0000.4.77-1.65%4.57B06/12 
 Baillie Gifford Global Alpha Growth Fund B Income0P0000.4.48+2.03%4.57B07:00:00 
 Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth Investment0P0001.13.450-2.96%4.32B06/12 
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