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Ivaylo Ivanhoff

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Ivaylo Ivanov has been successfully trading equities and options for twelve years.  He is a founder of, where we provide swing trades ideas, market education and mentoring. 

Mr. Ivanov is the Author of Amazon Kindle Bestsellers: The Next Apple –How To Own The Best Performing Stocks In Any Given Year (2015),   The 5 Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading (2014), Crash – How to Protect and Grow Your Capital during Corrections (2015), “The StockTwits Edge – 40 Actionable Setups from Real Market Pros” (Wiley, 2011).
Ivanov’s work has been featured in WSJ, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, CNN Money, UT San Diego, Traders Magazine, Business Insider, Abnormal Returns, Real Clear Markets.

He earned his MBA and MS Finance from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

He tweets from the handle @ivanhoff.

Trader Type:    Trader
Preferred Approach:    Not Specific