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Dragonfly Capital's Opinion & Analysis.
Featured here: a complete archive of all posts and research produced by Dragonfly Capital, including current material.
4 Trade Ideas For Visa: Bonus Idea By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 26, 2018

Here is your Bonus Idea with links to the full Top Ten: Visa (NYSE:V), $V, started moving higher out of the 2016 election. It paused at the beginning of this year, bouncing off of the 100 day SMA a...

4 Trade Ideas For Eli Lilly: Bonus Idea By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 19, 2018

Here is your Bonus Idea with links to the full Top Ten: Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY), $LLY, rose up out of a long flat consolidation in July. It continued higher until the middle of August when it paused to...

Is The Oil Sell Off Over? By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 16, 2018 1

Crude Oil capped a long run higher with a top at the end of September. The last 3 months of that run had already transitioned to a sideways channel, but the September high literally put a cap on the...

4 Trade Ideas For Sealed Air $SEE By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 12, 2018

It is about to be that time of year again. UPS is at your door every day delivering packages from Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) of stuff you bought from Instagram using your PayPal account while you were binge...

Bond Market Slide By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 06, 2018

Mid term elections - there may be a purge, but one place where I know a purge is happening is in the bond market. Prices of Bonds have been falling, raising yields, for almost 2½ years. But it...

Bear Market? By Gregory W. Harmon - Oct 31, 2018

Are we in the midst of a new bear market? Everything I read says we are. Many of my colleagues are only looking for reasons to sell or enter short trades. I was telling someone yesterday that half of...

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