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From Struggle to Success: The Inspirational Journey of Tomas Gorny

Gorny leveraged talent and sheer determination to change obstacles into entrepreneurial innovation.


Deeply inspired by past experiences, industry observations, and a never-ending drive to solve problems, Tomas Gorny has become a name synonymous with entrepreneurial success. As the co-founder and CEO of Nextiva — a leading provider of enterprise customer experience software — Gorny has demonstrated a dogged devotion to reformulating the way businesses connect with their customers.

However, his path to success has been marked by immense challenges and several failures. Through sheer determination, he has managed to overcome these obstacles. Here’s a closer look at Gorny’s journey, from his early life and entrance into the world of entrepreneurship to his current success.

Following the American Dream

Gorny's long road to business success started in Poland. At a very young age, he developed a robust work ethic accompanied by a profound drive to succeed. His drive led him to come to the United States, where he knew he could find opportunities to fulfill his entrepreneurial ambitions.

His early years in the U.S. were full of financial struggles, forcing him to work several minimum-wage jobs and, at times, live on a mere $3 a day. Gorny persisted and soon co-founded his first tech venture in the 1990s, Internet Communications, a web hosting company that swiftly grew into one of the largest of its kind. Two years later, it was acquired, making Gorney a millionaire at 22.

From Business Success to Failure and Back Again

Following this initial success, Gorny started making mistakes - namely setting his goals around his net worth, and making investments in different companies to increase it.

Instead of consolidating his wealth, this strategy ended up proving disastrous. When the dot-com crash hit, Gorny’s investments evaporated and he was left with only his car and very little money in the bank.

Instead of conceding defeat, though, Gorny started all over again. While his wife took hourly jobs to help the family get by, he strategized, evaluated his competencies, and founded another web-hosting startup, IPOWER in 2001.

Once again, Gorny’s dedication to his business paid off and IPOWER quickly became one of the key players in the web hosting market. It merged with a smaller competitor and was acquired by Warburg Pincus in 2007 for nearly $1 billion.

Setting Out to Transform Business Communication With Nextiva

Following his passion for entrepreneurship, Gorny launched his next venture - Nextiva, a business communications company. The future of business communication, Gorny already knew in the mid-2000s, lay in the cloud.

Under Gorny’s leadership, Nextiva has grown exponentially, serving thousands of businesses all across the United States and beyond. The company's success can be attributed to Gorny’s commitment to originality, customer-centricity, and building the most solid company culture possible.

One of the key aspects of Nextiva's success is its unified customer experience platform, which incorporates voice, video, chat, contact center software, and other essential functionalities into an all-in-one experience for businesses. This holistic approach sets Nextiva far apart from competitors, positioning it as an undeniable leader in the industry.

As Gorny looks to the future, he sees Nextiva continuing to innovate and deliver supreme value to customers. He envisions Nextiva expanding its already substantial global footprint, providing advanced AI and analytics solutions, and maintaining its commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

Gorny's journey from a struggling immigrant to the peaks and valleys of success is evidence of his resilience, capacity for innovation, and entrepreneurial talents. His story is a genuine inspiration to aspiring leaders as it shines a spotlight on the importance of perseverance and learning from our failures. While he continues to lead Nextiva into the future, Gorny’s impact on the business world is set to be felt for many years.

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