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Why Invest in Digital Tokens: The Case of BTMT

Not only crypto enthusiasts but also investors in the broader financial market have been following the latest trends in the crypto scene. In addition to new blockchain technologies, they are increasingly eager to know where, when and how new tokens are being created. Investing in tokens makes sense – provided they are backed by a transparent project bringing material benefits to token holders.


  • How is a token’s value determined?
  • What is behind the success of the BTMT token?
  • How can traders benefit from the growth of BITmarkets?

A token is a digital asset with a value determined by its purpose. Utility tokens are a form of tradable benefits of participants in a certain project. The case of BTMT (BITmarkets Token) presents the benefits of holding the token while also bearing a value that is expected to increase over time.

BTMT Arrives on the Market with the Aim to Grow in Value

The BITmarkets crypto exchange introduced its platform-native token BTMT in the spring of 2023. “By mid-June, we had made over a million dollars’ worth of private sales of BTMT. We have just recently finished the presale phase, where BITmarkets traders had the opportunity to buy the token at the most attractive price before the public sale,” summarized Peter Sumer, CEO of BITmarkets, on the first stages of the token’s introduction to the global scene.

In the presale phase, the price of BTMT was set at 1 BTMT = 0.083 MATIC.* The initial price for the public sale, which was launched on November 1, 2023, had been set at 0.166 MATIC. The token has since then aimed to increase in value towards up to 0.200 MATIC, which represents an increase of more than 20% from the initial public sale price.

Due to the optimistic sentiment in the crypto market in November 2023, the price of MATIC has surged, and the USD value of BTMT has seen an increase of nearly 410% for clients who acquired it at the most favorable price during the private sale phase this spring. In summary, the value of BTMT has grown by over 200% for 22% of its holders, and 67% of them have experienced a value increase of more than 100% on their investments.

The total minted supply of BTMT on deployment is 300 million tokens, while the allocation for public sale accounts for 60 million tokens (20%). 

“With the built-in deflationary mechanism, the final supply of the token shall be reduced to 200 million. The burning process will make the price increasingly attractive. From the presale, the value of the tokens will rise until the eventual listing, which we expect to occur next year,” explains Peter Sumer, who adds: “We plan to use most of the funds raised from token sales for further growth, platform optimization, marketing and acquisitions.”

Benefits Backing BTMT

BTMT is a native exchange utility token that provides its holders with cryptocurrency trading benefits, including significantly lower trading fees of up to 80%. BTMT holders can also benefit from personalized support and advice from a dedicated team of BITmarkets experts, enjoy access to premium content and have voting rights on platform features. In addition, purchasing BTMT supports ESG projects (social responsibility and sustainability projects) and token holders can participate in their selection.

The BITmarkets Story

BITmarkets was launched in early 2022 under the motto ‘Crypto made simple’ as a result of an endeavor by a team of dedicated professionals, which has been formed by two seemingly disparate groups. Experienced investment managers from the financial and capital markets, along with a few enthusiastic experts in blockchain and other cryptocurrency technologies, agreed that there was room in the market for a cryptocurrency exchange of a different cut.

“By pledging to make crypto accessible to all, we have set ambitious goals for ourselves. Not only do we strive for utmost transparency and simplicity in our often technically complicated processes, but we also aim to establish a stronger connection with customers through our language and communication style,” explained Peter Sumer.

Adhering to the promise, BITmarkets upgraded its platform to offer personalized on-call customer support in the native languages of all the countries where the exchange operates.

This “humanizing” strategy, which distinguishes BITmarkets from other crypto exchanges, has resulted in its dynamic growth. The exchange currently offers online crypto trading services for more than 150 cryptocurrencies.

BITmarkets continued to develop its strategy and began to place even more emphasis on security, which is regarded as the alpha and omega of successful mass adoption of cryptocurrencies into the lives of the world’s population. The exchange implemented multiple layers of security, drawing inspiration from the traditional financial sector and referring to it as Institutional-grade Security. In practice, this means that 99% of customers’ assets are kept in cold storage. In addition to that, BITmarkets practices whitelisting and transaction confirmations, and the crypto exchange encrypts all personal data.

Heading to the top

Crypto exchanges compete for clients with innovative products. That is why BITmarkets launched – as the first exchange – the Deposit to Margin trading feature. The innovative solution has been tailored to BITmarkets’ margin traders and investors, with a focus on simplification. And, indeed, traders can now simply skip the inconvenient money transfer process from the spot wallet to the margin wallet, effectively saving time and reducing exposure to trading risks.

Last but certainly not least, customers are focused on pricing. While BITmarkets has consistently emphasized security and quality, the exchange has also offered the global market the most competitive fees for trading cryptocurrencies. Join the BITmarkets community and commence your trading journey.

About the company

BITmarkets is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers 24/7 support in 15 languages. Traders can engage in spot trading in 150+ cryptocurrencies as well as trade unique futures contracts. For more information, explore

BITmarkets Spot Trading Services are provided to you by UAB BITmarkets, which is an authorized virtual currency exchange and depository virtual currency wallet operator in Lithuania operating under the licence no: 306062346, supervised by the Financial Crime Investigation Service and acting under the trademark BITmarkets.


*MATIC is an Ethereum-based token that powers the Polygon Network — a digital platform built to connect Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

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