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Innovating Luxury Living: R.Evolution's Vision for 21st Century Real Estate Development

EYWA, a boutique building located along the banks of the Dubai Water Canal in Business Bay, engenders a new era in luxury living. With a limited number of 48 meticulously designed apartments, ranging from two to five bedrooms, and two penthouses, EYWA is more than a residence; it’s a thoughtfully crafted environment dedicated to community well-being, nature, and positive energy.


The philosophy behind EYWA is to redefine the meaning of home for successful and educated individuals who are constantly striving for personal and familial development.


The architectural design of EYWA goes beyond traditional expressions of material wealth. It embraces a holistic approach that engages human emotions and feelings. Luxury, as defined by EYWA, transcends opulent architecture and elite interior design. It is a “Wild Luxury” that encompasses the complex interaction of nature and humanity, creating a unique way of living that enriches the soul, enhances health, and contributes to overall welfare.


In the 21st century, EYWA believes that possessing luxurious things should not be an end in itself. Not just a place to live, EYWA offers a unique way of living–a way that is organic, vivid, imaginative, and enveloping. It is a living, breathing organism that interacts with its residents at all levels, both inside and outside, filling them with harmony, positive energy, and success.


EYWA is a community, focused on successful individuals committed to continuous development. EYWA caters to a diverse group of people and families embracing a modern urban lifestyle with a strong connection to nature.


Buying an apartment in EYWA is not just an investment in personal development but also a strategic financial decision, given the philosophy and approach that assures an increase in the value of EYWA apartments over time.


Strategically located in Business Bay, EYWA offers a serene living space away from noisy streets, providing tranquility and peace amidst the surrounding beauty. Its deep connection to nature, magnificent views, and commitment to residents’ well-being epitomize the fusion of nature-inspired luxury and urban living.


EYWA goes beyond traditional city life, aiming to create vibrant views that captivate and inspire residents. The design and orientation of the building have been meticulously considered to provide scenic canal views from every apartment and common space.


The uniqueness of EYWA lies in its embodiment of an entire ecosystem consciously crafted to stand as a life guardian, a life guru, and a life generator. The architectural inspiration draws from the Tree of Life, specifically the Banyan tree, symbolizing renewal, growth, and enduring harmony.


EYWA’s façade appears alive with greenery, creating a distinctive and immersive experience for residents. Private waterfalls, pools, and gardens further enhance the connection with nature.

Each apartment comes equipped with a private swimming pool on a spacious terrace, a garden

with trees and greenery, and an optional waterfall, providing residents with a soothing and scenic environment.


EYWA’s main entrance, marked by a stunning waterfall, representing purity, tranquility, and clarity. The transition from one space to another is carefully crafted, representing a step into a different dimension of emotions and moods.


Crossing the threshold into EYWA’s main hall reveals a reality filled with love for all living beings and nature. Nestled within the main hall is a community library, celebrating knowledge, growth, and self-awareness.


EYWA extends its commitment to community well-being through dedicated spaces and amenities. From a chef’s table and library to private waterfalls and hammocks, EYWA offers

extraordinary life experiences intended to augment well-being and touch residents’ hearts and senses.


The Club House Dining at EYWA emphasizes the importance of food in enriching life, health, and growth. The Cinema provides a space for collective experiences and lasting memories, while the Spa offers a calming and peaceful component to the EYWA way of life.


The Fitness Club at EYWA supports physical and mental well-being, equipped with the latest fitness technologies and dedicated spaces for various fitness activities. Children’s playgrounds and playrooms cater to the all-round development of children, ensuring they are happy, entertained, and fulfilled at EYWA. Even the car parking spaces at EYWA are designed with a touch of “Wild Luxury,” providing not just parking but an extension of residents’ homes with an outlook over surrounding greenery.


EYWA represents a beautiful amalgamation of ancient knowledge, modern technology, and world-class architecture. Incorporating design principles from Vastu Shastra and ancient knowledge of human energy structure, EYWA transforms into an energy generator that supports residents’ well-being and promises a modern way of life.
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