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Support & Resistance Trading

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Support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of a security will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined price levels. These levels are denoted by multiple touches of price without a breakthrough of the level. 
There are many tools to determine these support and resistance levels, including pivot points, Fibonacci, and Gann Fans. My favorite way of locating support and resistance is what I call Eyeballing. This technique will help you make personalized decisions that might give you an edge in the markets. In this class, we will learn the basic concepts of support and resistance as well as the other technicals and the application of these levels, and we will practice Eyeballing.
Intermediary, Advanced, Technical analysis, CFD, forex

Barry Norman

The Director of Investors Trading Academy as well as a published author and educator. Barry brings with him over 35 years of financial market knowledge and experience. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics from UCLA and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Maryland. Barry was awarded the title of “Best Education in Europe” by Global Banking & Finance. Barry is also a presenter for the MoneyShow and many well-known news sources.
Support & Resistance Trading
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