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How High can Interest Rates Go? Why this Matters. How we Trade this

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The US Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) is the interest rate setting body of the US Central Bank. It has been raising interest rates in the US for the entirety of 2022. Several questions arise form this policy. Why is it being pursued? For how long can it be pursued, in other words, for how long can the policy go on? Viewed differently, How high can the rate go? Most importantly fort us as traders, how can we exploit the trading opportunities presented by this serious shift in financial and economics from a nearly free cost of capital (aka: the interest rate) to a much more expensive cost of cash?  Join our host Seth Julian for an in-depth examination of this crucial yet often little-understood function of central banking and therefore economics writ large.

Seth Julian:

Seth is a native Bostonian who has been trading over 5 decades. He started his career on Wall Street in the early 80’s at Bankers Trust Company. Having held trader and broker positions at three international finance houses, he is currently Chief Global Strategist at Alvexo. Seth is an E.U. certified and registered securities dealer. He has spoken as a presenter and a panelist at The London Trader Show, the UK Investor Show among many other events. He holds degrees in Political Economy from Columbia University, an advanced degree in International Trade and Economics from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from Northeastern University.
How High can Interest Rates Go? Why this Matters. How we Trade this
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