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Financial Terms


What Is A Commodity?At its simplest level, a commodity is a basic good or material of a generally uniform quality that is available from multiple producers. Major commodity markets include...


Foreign exchange (Forex or FX) is the international currency market. Forex prices are actually rates that indicate the value of one unit of a currency expressed in units of another currency. For...


What Is A Dividend?A dividend is a payment or distribution from a company to shareholders of that company. The type (e.g., cash, stock), the rate (e.g., monthly, quarterly), and amount of the dividend...

Balance Sheet

What is a Balance Sheet?A company’s balance sheet captures the overall financial state of the enterprise at a specific moment in time. It includes the assets—what a company owns;...

Dividend Yield

What is the Dividend YieldA dividend’s yield is the annual percentage payout a stakeholder will receive relative to the price of one share of a dividend-paying stock. Expressed another way, the...

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