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Speculators Anonymous Speculators Anonymous

Speculators Anonymous was created to be a resource hub for those traders that are tired of the same conventional and mainstream viewpoints.

The goal here’s to help speculators make better investing decisions while they gain a deeper understanding of finance and what’s actually happening in the global-macro world.

Just like those that go to ‘anonymous’ meetings so that they can control their bad habits and get control of their vices – this is a place for speculators to come and improve their trading skills and themselves. 

Our tone is cynical and skeptical. Putting it simply – we don’t believe (nor trust) the mainstream at first glance. 

We also believe that in order to make outsized gains you must go against the crowd – doing the kind of things that most find very uncomfortable. That’s where the opportunities are. 

Remember: to beat the market – you must think differently than the market.

That’s exactly what our mission is – to be a place that traders can come and see the ‘big picture’ others aren’t bothering to look at.

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