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Contrarian Outlook's Opinion & Analysis.
Featured here: a complete archive of all posts and research produced by Contrarian Outlook, including current material.
23 Stocks With Massive Dividends for 2023 By Brett Owens - Dec 23, 2022

Ten percent dividends are no joke. We’re talking $50,000 in annual payout income on $500K. Or $100,000 in yearly dividends on a million dollars.This is serious cash flow. And best of all,...

2 Oil Funds to Sell Now By Michael Foster - Dec 22, 2022 3

If you made money investing in oil this year, congratulations! But I have a warning: now is the time to take profits—especially if you hold the two oil funds we’ll discuss below.Before we...

3 Ignored Funds Yielding 8.1% By Michael Foster - Dec 01, 2022

Let’s be honest: after the year we’ve just put in, we’re all exhausted. But we can’t let our guard down. Because at times like these, it’s easy to let alarmist headlines...

ONEOK Stock Offers 'Serene' Dividends By Brett Owens - Nov 29, 2022

Beware of Wall Street “wisdom” now more than ever. Especially when it comes to the most commonly quoted maxim for retirement: it’s based on a rule that was never designed for times...

3 Funds Yielding up to 9% By Michael Foster - Nov 28, 2022

What if I told you there was a way for you to get a steady 9% dividend tax-free?My guess is you’d be interested, especially after the tough year we’ve endured. Sure, 2023 is looking...

3 Funds Offering Dividends Over 11% By Michael Foster - Nov 21, 2022

Despite all the doom and gloom out there, there has never been a better time to retire.I know that sounds absurd, but it’s true, especially if you plan to retire on dividends alone. With the...

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