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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Alan Gula
TIPS Are Unloved And Under-Owned
By Alan Gula - Oct 20, 2014

Let me ask you a personal question… Do you use protection? Because based on the recent, wild action in the markets, it seems as though many people have been practicing unsafe investing. Across the ...

Petros Steriotis
Friday’s 10-Year Bund Technicals
By Petros Steriotis - Oct 17, 2014

The German 10-year bond has been pressured in the last two days, following nice gains since mid-September. There is support @ 150.50 and 150.05. Resistance @ 151, 151.35 and 151.55.German 10-year ...

Brian Twomey
Treasuries: 10's And 2's
By Brian Twomey - Oct 16, 2014

March/April I was quoted as saying the U.S. 10-Year yield won't break 2.72; August/September I said that it wouldn't break 2.66. Both held as the downtrend continued. At 2.09, a fresh downtrend is ...

Jeremy Cook
Global Bond Yields Crushed
By Jeremy Cook - Oct 16, 2014

Yesterday’s markets were a rather sudden trip down memory lane for us macro watchers as echoes of 2011 and 2012 hammered prices. What I will say is that these moves do look like an over-reaction...

Petros Steriotis
Wednesday’s 10Year T-Note Technicals
By Petros Steriotis - Oct 15, 2014

10-year Treasuries may revisit the 128 handle after a long time in order to breakout and make a new 20-month high. This level is closely watched and may provide big resistance, but a breakout will ...

Trader Moe
10-Year T-Note Rising Wedge
By Trader Moe  - Oct 14, 2014

The U.S. 10-Year T-Note has formed a rising wedge (pink) within a likely megaphone (bright blue on chart).The VWAP of the rising wedge is the same as the megaphone VWAP.It’s possible the wedge will ...

Chris Vermeulen
Bonds: The Q-4 Trade Of 2014
By Chris Vermeulen - Oct 09, 2014

If you have been paying close attention to the stock market, market internals/breadth and bonds for the past three months, you’ve likely come to the same conclusion that I have. Signs Of ...

Alan Gula
Fear And Coal Bonds Can Work
By Alan Gula - Oct 09, 2014

As long as there’s been debt, a way to resolve unpayable debt has needed to exist. A passage from Deuteronomy in the Bible talks about creditors canceling debts every seven years. Throughout 19th ...

Petros Steriotis
Wednesday's T-Bill Technicals
By Petros Steriotis - Oct 07, 2014

My latest estimate for a retest of contract highs for the U.S. 10-year Note's December futures has come true. The treasury's strength may have to do with the recent weakness in other asset classes ...