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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Marc Chandler
Is Contagion Returning?
By Marc Chandler - Apr 20, 2015

Many European officials are trying to reassure investors and send a signal to Greek officials that it is not 2010-2012. European countries are better positioned to deal with Greece. The banks are ...

Gary Christenson
The Rise Of The Paper Machines
By Gary Christenson - Apr 20, 2015

Since 2011 the financial markets have been dominated by rises in paper markets and declines in commodity markets. Group One Paper Examples: T-Bonds, US Dollar Index, S&P 500 Index Group Two ...

Bill Witherell
China, Japan And U.S. Treasury Bonds
By Bill Witherell - Apr 20, 2015

The US Treasury reported last week that in February Japan moved ahead of China and resumed its position as the largest foreign creditor of the US government, a position last held by Japan in 2008. In ...

Mark Lundeen
Mr Bear’s Bid For High Elected Office
By Mark Lundeen - Apr 19, 2015

You may thinkthat this is April 2015, and for those who follow the calendar that is exactly correct. A month ago I couldn’t let Fluffy out at night without exposing the little girl to frostbite....

Gary Tanashian
Debt Picture: Boom ZERO
By Gary Tanashian - Apr 15, 2015

There is so much data flying around out there. From the Credit data we reviewed yesterday to weakening manufacturing and exports to employment up nicely one month and down big the next, to frisky ...

Marc Chandler
What Has The ECB Been Buying?
By Marc Chandler - Apr 08, 2015

The ECB is a month into what it has signaled will be at least an eighteen month asset-purchase program. It had begun buying asset-backed securities and covered bonds earlier, but starting last month ...