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Forex Opinion & Analysis

Marc Chandler
Dollar Bulls Bend But Don't Break
By Marc Chandler - Apr 19, 2015

The US dollar fell against the major currencies and many emerging market currencies last week. Punished by disappointing data, it threatened to break out of ranges that have confined it. However, the ...

Brian Twomey
ECB: Negative Deposit Rates, QE and EURO
By Brian Twomey - Apr 18, 2015

When the ECB adopted its experimental negative interest rate policy September 2014 based on a little known 1900's German economist by the name of Silvio Gesell, the ECB gave the market a green light ...

Olimpiu Tuns
USD/JPY: Has Touched A Support Area
By Olimpiu Tuns - Apr 18, 2015

The price has reached the support area between 118.32 and 118.79, if the price will have the power to break and close below this support then we'll have a broder correction, the price will try to ...

Kathy Lien
3 Dollar Drivers
By Kathy Lien - Apr 17, 2015

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. 3 Drivers for a Stronger Dollar Next Week Euro Rollercoaster Ride GBP/USD Holding 1.50 Resistance CAD: Hot Inflation and ...

Kira Iukhtenko
Is the US dollar rally over?  
By Kira Iukhtenko - Apr 17, 2015

US dollar was hurt by a range of negative news on the past week. As a result, possibility of the Fed’s rate hike in June has once again come under question. According to the most recent Wall ...

Swissquote Bank SA
No Currency War (Yes There Is)
By Swissquote Bank SA - Apr 17, 2015

Forex News and Events The more policy officials attempt to discredit discussions over a currency war, the more we should pay attention. Central bank policy is the primary determinate of FX pricing. ...

Forex Time
Markets Under Pressure To Conclude The Week
By Forex Time  - Apr 17, 2015

Indices throughout the Asian session have shown downside pressures and this sentiment is likely to continue as a theme throughout both European and US trading today. There are two reasons for the ...

Major Currency Pairs And Stock Indices
By Deltastock - Apr 17, 2015

EUR/USDCurrent level - 1.0791 The overall outlook remains bullish, for a break through the recent high at 1.0817, en route to 1.0910 resistance area. Crucial on the downside is ...

Kristina Leonova
EUR/USD: Support And Resistance
By Kristina Leonova - Apr 17, 2015

Yesterday, as well as throughout the whole week, the European currency has been growing against the American dollar. Opening price at the beginning of the week was 1.0601, while by Friday morning ...

Littlefish FX
Morning Report: USD Correction Continues
By Littlefish FX - Apr 17, 2015

KEY DATA RELEASES TODAY (BST) : 09:30 GBP Unemployment Rate 5.6% v 5.7% 09:30 GBP Claimant Count Change -29.1K v -31.0K 09:30 GBP Average Earnings Index 3m/y 1.8% v 1.8% 10:00 EUR Final CPI y/y -0.1% ...

Pound Looks Past Claims Data, USD Eyes CPI
By Dailyfx  - Apr 17, 2015

Talking Points British Pound Unlikely to Find Lasting Driver in March Jobless Claims Data US CPI Figures Probably Don’t Have Scope to Meaningfully Boost USD UK Jobless Claims data headlines ...