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Lance Roberts
S&P 500 Red-Flag Update By Lance Roberts - 6 hours ago 2

Last week I was on my annual family vacation, which didn’t afford me the opportunity to publish my normal weekly commentary and portfolio model updates. What is interesting, however, is that ...

Keith Weiner
Could Gold Be Going To $10,000? By Keith Weiner - Jul 25, 2016 1

The prices of the metals were down again this week, -$15 in gold and more substantially -$0.57 in silver. Stories continued to circulate this week, hitting even the mainstream media. Apparently gold ...

Tim Knight
Yahoo’s Inglorious End By Tim Knight - Jul 25, 2016 1

I stand by my statement that Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) has always been a piece of garbage, and were it not for its accidental investment in Alibaba (NYSE:BABA), it probably would have gone belly-up years ...

Marc Chandler
Will The FOMC Halt The Dollar's Advance? By Marc Chandler - Jul 24, 2016

The US dollar gained against all the major currencies over the past week. It also rose against many emerging market currencies. A notable exception was the Chinese yuan. The yuan rose before the ...

Marc Chandler
Oil Breaks Down By Marc Chandler - Jul 25, 2016

Monday's 2.5% fall in the September light sweet crude-oil futures contract extends the decline that began on June 9. It is the third consecutive loss and the fifth loss in the past six sessions. There...

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