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Cam Hui

In a recent post, I wrote that the US economy is mid-cycle and we need to see signs of capital expenditure acceleration for stock prices to ...

James Picerno

So much for pessimism. Most of the key economic reports for March are in and the general message looks encouraging… again. You can never say ...

Market Overview

The agenda for the April 15-16, 2014, research conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has been released. Readers who are seriously concerned about monetary policy; the questions ...


Autochartist recently identified the Inverse Head and Shoulder chart pattern on the 4-hour USD/CAD charts – as you can see from the following trade opportunity alert for this currency pair. ...

Stock Markets

Interestingly, we last highlighted the Dogs of the Dow strategy about this time last year and at that time the Dow Dogs were outperforming the overall Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. For all of ...
SPX Topping Valuations
 - Apr 20, 2014
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Cinderella Gas at the Thieves Ball Simple questions can have complicated answers, but for Cinderella Gas the clock has a habit of chiming 12-midnight all too often. The simple question is how come ...


Weekly CFTC Net Speculator Report Large Speculators bearish positions increase to a total of -162,278 contracts 10 Year Treasuries: Large futures market traders added to their overall bearish bets in...
Bonds: Size Matters
 - Apr 15, 2014