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Chris Kimble
Commodities: 20-Year Bear Market In Play?
By Chris Kimble - Aug 02, 2015 4

This chart looks at the Reuters/Jefferies Commodity Index (CRB) on a monthly basis for the past 50 years The index took off in the early 1970s and rallied over 200% in a little over a decade at (1). ...

Kathy Lien
August: Fasten Your FX Seatbelt
By Kathy Lien - Jul 31, 2015

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. Will August be Another Great Month for the Dollar? Euro: No Syriza Party Referendum this Weekend GBP: Historic Week Ahead for ...

Kathy Lien
These Currencies Are In Play
By Kathy Lien - Aug 03, 2015

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. USD/CAD Breaks 1.31, Surges to 10 Year Highs AUD Dips Ahead of RBA NZD Resilient Ahead of Dairy Auction GBP: Potential for Big ...

Gary Savage
Gold's Intermediate Degree Bottom Is Near
By Gary Savage - Aug 03, 2015

Let me remind everyone that intermediate cycle lows (ICL), and especially yearly cycle lows in the metals are always hard to hold on to. Even if you catch the exact bottom, they usually resist for a ...

Gary Savage
Could Gold's Bear Market Be About To End?
By Gary Savage - Aug 04, 2015

If the CRB Index doesn't bounce at the 2009 lows, and instead continues downward over the next few days to the 2001 lows, then I'm going to adjust my expectations. Should this happen, I'd say the ...

Simit Patel
Is Crude Oil Bottoming?
By Simit Patel - Aug 04, 2015

Of the past 21 weeks, crude oil spent 7 weeks rising, 8 weeks in a tight range and it's now in the midst of its 6th straight down week. It is also almost right back at where it started. The chart ...

Tommy Humphreys
Gold’s Most Bullish Month
By Tommy Humphreys - Aug 04, 2015

Gold is at an interesting crossroads. Sentiment couldn’t be much worse and the technical picture is putrid. However, we are entering what has historically been by far the most bullish 5-week ...

Tiho Brkan
How Cheap Will Gold Miners Become?
By Tiho Brkan - Aug 04, 2015 1

Chart 1: Gold mining companies are trading more than 30% below 200 MA Source: Short Side Of Long The current bear market in Precious Metals companies is one of the worst ever in sector history. Prices...

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