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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Philip Baker
Oil: Should We Sell Into Strength?
By Philip Baker - Mar 02, 2015

Oil (Brent Crude) has been among the strongest performing commodities this year, as shown in the graph below. Last week saw continued strength, in the face of a significant downward move in ...

Warren Bevan
Metals Bouncing While Markets Remain Strong
By Warren Bevan - Mar 02, 2015

A nice week for leading stocks and markets who are teetering at all-time highs once again. The bull markets is slowly raging on and that is great. Once we begin to really see things get out of control...

Wall Street Daily
Aluminum Is Back In The Can
By Wall Street Daily - Mar 02, 2015

Back in the summer, life was good for the aluminum market. Prices were increasing, and the market looked healthy… Futures spreads were narrowing… Midwest premiums were ...

Jack Chan
This Past Week In Gold: USD Up, Gold Down
By Jack Chan - Mar 01, 2015

SPDR Gold Trust (ARCA:GLD) – on sell signal. iShares Silver Trust (ARCA:SLV) – on sell signal. Market Vectors Gold Miners (ARCA:GDX) – on sell signal. iShares TSX Global Gold ...

David Chapman
Gold At Crossroads And Crosscurrents!
By David Chapman - Mar 01, 2015

Charts created using Omega TradeStation 2000i. Chart data supplied by Dial Data After peaking at just over $1,300, back on January 22, 2015 gold has been on a bit of a slide. The prime reason appears...

David Solin
Oil, A Final Washout ?
By David Solin - Mar 01, 2015

Near term crude oil outlook:No change in the bigger picture view sign Jan of an important bottoming (see longer term below). However nearer term as been warning, there remains scope for a continued ...

Scott Wright
Going For Mexican Gold
By Scott Wright - Mar 01, 2015

Mexico’s massive precious-metals belts are some of the world’s finest. As global #1 in silver production they are obviously quite well known for the shiny-white metal. But these belts have...

Eric De Groot
Review Of Silver: Trend Looks Bearish
By Eric De Groot - Mar 01, 2015 1

The professional investors must profit by anticipating future trends and events rather than chasing old news. This is done by following the invisible hand or message of the market. That message, the ...