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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Forex Million
Gold Forecast: Downtrend To Continue
By Forex Million - May 25, 2015

Gold Main scenario:The pair is trading along a downtrend.The downtrend may be expected to continue while pair is trading above support level 1212, which will be followed by reaching resistance level ...

Why Gold Is Extending Its Losses?
By Avatrade - May 25, 2015

Fed raising the rates is certainly not a electrifying news for the precious metal, which is on track to extend its biggest weekly decline since April. Janet Yellen last week has confirmed that she is ...

ICM Brokers
Oil Falls Sharply, Gold Inches Up
By ICM Brokers - May 25, 2015

CLCrude futures fell sharply on Friday, paring some of its gains from one session earlier, amid a strengthening dollar aided by slight increases in inflation last month. Crude futures plummeted 0.80 ...

Jack Chan
This Past Week In Gold
By Jack Chan - May 25, 2015

GLD (ARCA:GLD) – on buy signal. SLV (ARCA:SLV) – on buy signal. GDX (ARCA:GDX) – on sell signal. XGD.TO (TO:XGD) – on buy signal. CEF (AMEX:CEF) – on buy ...

Keith Weiner
Monetary Metals Gold To Hit $64,000
By Keith Weiner - May 25, 2015

The Bloomberg headline thunders, “Chinese Gold Standard Would Need a Rate 50 Times Bullion’s Price”! The text of the article follows up on this assertion with a price of $64,000 an ...

Ross Woodfield
Silver Ripe For Reversal
By Ross Woodfield - May 25, 2015

Silver has been charging up the charts ever since it broke out of the bearish trend it was trading under for some time. That bullish push now looks to have come to an end with a large head and ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Gold: Sensing Its Selling Has Stopped
By Mark Mead Baillie - May 25, 2015

To quote the fictitious, yet widely beloved, Thomas Magnum: "I know what you're thinking." Entitle this piece with the inference that gold isn't going to go down anymore, and quick as wit, 'twill ...

Stuart McPhee
Gold Creeping Back Towards $1200
By Stuart McPhee - May 25, 2015

Gold for Monday, May 25, 2015 Over the last week, gold has slowly but surely drifted lower back to the key $1200 level where it is presently consolidating above. In the week prior, gold enjoyed a ...

Steven Knight
Why You Should Be Bearish On Crude Oil
By Steven Knight - May 25, 2015

By Steven Knight, Research Analyst for Blackwell Global The price of crude oil has, yet again, found reason to rally over the past few days, fueled solely by a declining stock of inventories at the ...