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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Mark Mead Baillie
Gold Gets Bet, Markets Fret, Oh Brexit! By Mark Mead Baillie - 10 hours ago

Gold gained 1% for the week. The stock market wiped out its gains for the year. Funny how freedom confronts the artificiality of financial markets' levels, gold being at half its currency debasement ...

EWM Interactive
Gold Or How To Predict A Brexit By EWM Interactive - 12 hours ago

Gold is considered to be a “safe haven” in times of uncertainty. So the common logic says that when something totally unexpected happens, such as Brexit, panicked investors buy gold to ...

Jack Chan
This Past Week In Silver By Jack Chan - 13 hours ago

iShares Silver (NYSE:SLV) – on buy signal. As anticipated, silver is now on a major buy signal, ending the sell signal form 2011. Speculation is back at the all time high. Summary Silver is ...

Sean Lusk
August Gold Settles 1322.4, Up $27.60 By Sean Lusk - 13 hours ago

August Gold settles 1322.4, up $27.60 for the week ended June 24, 2016 Brexit!! What else is there to say? Thursday’s surprise vote sent global indices spiraling lower with gold, the dollar, and...

Adam Hamilton
Gold Summer-Doldrums Risk By Adam Hamilton - 14 hours ago

Gold’s recent weakness has dampened bullish sentiment, but the entire precious-metals complex has actually enjoyed record early-summer strength. The summer doldrums have always been a vexing ...

John Ing
Gold: Keep Calm And Carry On By John Ing - 14 hours ago

There will be a new day in the UK, it will be just different. The shock of the Brexit referendum will ease but the effects will be long lasting. In the interim, a new Prime Minister must be appointed ...

Mike Paulenoff
Is Gold Leading Yield Higher? By Mike Paulenoff - Jun 24, 2016 1

Spot gold has surpassed -- and is holding above -- its prior significant rally peak at $1307.40, which has the look of completing a meaningful April-June rounded-bottom pattern, which, if accurate, ...

Arkadiusz Sieron
Gold-To-Platinum Ratio By Arkadiusz Sieron - Jun 24, 2016 1

The gold-to-silver ratio is the most popular ratio among the precious metals. However, we can also link gold prices to platinum prices. Mathematically, the gold-to-platinum ratio is the price of gold ...

Gold: Key Resistance At 1331.00 By ICN.com - Jun 24, 2016

A significant rise in gold price accompanied with a positive crossover on the ADX, this is also accompanied by trading above the psychological barrier of $ 1300.00. However, the key resistance today ...

Oil Falls Below 48.30 By ICN.com - Jun 24, 2016

Oil futures price fell to levels below 48.30, and trading below this level is considered negative, especially as negative signs appearing on both RSI and ADX indicators. The possibility of extension...

Mark O'Byrne
Investors Pile Into Gold, Silver By Mark O'Byrne - Jun 24, 2016

Gold Note We have seen record online sales for this time of day and the phones are ringing off the hook. It is nearly all buying with a preference for gold over silver. We may have to restrict ...