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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Richard Mills
China's Copper Elephant
By Richard Mills - Dec 24, 2014

Ahead of the Herd As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information Wood MacKenzie sees stronger prices for Copper. “Over the last 10 years, ...

Trader Moe
Gold Triangle Set-Ups
By Trader Moe  - Dec 24, 2014

Potential Gold Triangle (Navy Blue) Gold should have turned up by now to retest the top of its potential navy blue triangle. That move would probably coincide with ES moving to retest its latest ...

Commodity Trade Mantra
Gold Outlook For 2015
By Commodity Trade Mantra  - Dec 24, 2014

What will gold do in 2015 is a question that is top of mind of many gold investors, particularly during this period of the year. We reached out to gold analyst Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, Managing Partner...

Gold Trading Within Tight Range
By ICN.com  - Dec 24, 2014

Goldprice traded within a tight range during yesterday’s session trading and today’s Asian session. On the other hand, most of the trading continued below 1181.85 resistance represented ...

ICM Brokers
Oil And Gold Analysis: December 24, 2014
By ICM Brokers - Dec 24, 2014

CLCrude oil rallied over 1% on Tuesday, recovering from the previous session's sharp drop but the commodity remained vulnerable as comments by Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi continued to ...

Charles Hugh Smith
Is $20 Oil Believable?
By Charles Hugh Smith - Dec 24, 2014 1

The ability of oil exporters to trigger a short-term collapse in price does not automatically translate into an ability to control the financial conflagration such a crash ignites. My detector went ...

Lance Roberts
Natural Gas Suggests $33 Oil  
By Lance Roberts - Dec 23, 2014

In the last couple of months, the sharp reversion in oil prices has certainly caught the world’s attention. While the majority of economists and analysts continue to expect incorrectly that ...

Chris Vermeulen
Is Gold Still In A Bear Cycle?
By Chris Vermeulen - Dec 23, 2014 1

Well, not a merry Christmas for Gold buyers just yet. We have said in our TMTF forecast service to watch 1190 as KEY support and 1241 would also need to be taken out on a closing basis before we could...

Kenny Fisher
Gold Steady Ahead of Host of US Numbers
By Kenny Fisher - Dec 23, 2014

Gold is showing little movement on Tuesday, as the spot price stands at $1177.61 per ounce. On the release front, there are a host of releases ahead of the Christmas holiday. There are four key events...

Crude Oil Resumes Its Downside Move
By ICN.com  - Dec 23, 2014

Crude oil dropped below 55.60 yesterday, reactivating the medium-term downside move, despite positive attempts to rise in the past two session. The bearish mode is expected to be on for the coming ...

Silver Stabilizes, For Now
By ICN.com  - Dec 23, 2014

Silver price declined and stabilized below the down wave main resistance level once more. Trading below 16.00 will considered negative; although the price did not confirm breaching 15.65 support ...