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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

WTI Near 2-Year Low Amid Higher Supplies
By ICN.com  - Oct 24, 2014

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for December delivery fell on Thursday, holding near the lowest level in two years around $80 per barrel, following a report that showed U.S. commercial crude oil ...

Crude Oil - European Session
By ICN.com  - Oct 24, 2014

Crude oil is still stable above the previously broken support of the descending channel that is turning to a significant resistance at 82.70, and our bearish expectations are still valid because the...

Silver - Technical Report
By ICN.com  - Oct 24, 2014

Yesterday's downside move failed to take the metal to stabilize below 17.00 levels. The price is currently trading slightly below 13% correction which is negative because the price is trading in a ...

Gold - European Session
By ICN.com  - Oct 24, 2014

The metal dropped yesterday and failed to stabilize above 38.2% correction at 1236.15 showing above. Stability below the referred to level weakens the positivity intraday without failing it. ...

Peter Grant
Gold Retreats As Shares Rebound
By Peter Grant - Oct 23, 2014

Gold came under further selling pressure, weighed by renewed buoyancy in global stocks. The Dollar Index also hit new highs for the week, but remains confined to last week’s range. Stocks surged, lead...

Tim Knight
Commodities Ready To Reverse?
By Tim Knight - Oct 23, 2014 2

With oil pushing higher (finally), (ARCA:DBC) seems to be getting some strength and, as cheap as it looks, appears to be a good buy. But I’m not convinced. Just take a look at each of those little red...

Copper, Still Falling But For How Long?
By MetalMiner  - Oct 23, 2014

Analysts and, indeed, investors are having trouble reading the copper market next year. The assumed wisdom has been that this year’s 94,300 metric ton surplus will balloon to 350,000 metric tons next ...

Kenny Fisher
Gold Calm Ahead Of Unemployment Claims
By Kenny Fisher - Oct 23, 2014

Gold is calm on Thursday, as the spot price stands at $1238.67 per ounce in the European session. In the US, today’s highlight is Unemployment Claims, with the markets expecting another strong ...

Jim Otis
Why Worry About Bullion Silver
By Jim Otis - Oct 23, 2014

After reading somewhere that bullion silver might become unavailable in a future shotage, someone asked why worry about bullion silver since there is plenty of more refined coins and bars and other ...

Gold Slumps Due To Improved Appetite For Risk
By ICN.com  - Oct 23, 2014

Gold prices fell on Wednesday after investors head to carry out profit taking during the Asian trading session and the high European stocks, in addition to the declining levels of demand for gold in ...

Silver: Bullish Momentum Is Weak
By ICN.com  - Oct 23, 2014

Silver attempted to move to the upside yesterday but remained limited below 17.80. Meanwhile, the price stabilized above the support 17.27 which forces us to move to the sidelines again, whereas the ...

Gold: Dropped After Failing To Stabilize
By ICN.com  - Oct 23, 2014

Gold dropped yesterday after failing to stabilize above 1252.65 the day before, but this downside move remained limited above 38.2% correction at 1236.15 and above Linear Regression Indicators. ...