Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Warren Bevan
Strong Markets Weak Metals
By Warren Bevan - Nov 29, 2015 1

A great week for markets and leading stocks who are set to breakout higher and finish off 2015 strongly anytime now. There is easy money out there, just not in the metals who continue to be battered ...

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Silver Prices And SDR-Yuan
By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - Nov 29, 2015

As most of you know, the yuan, or renminbi is the official currency for the People’s Republic of China. Special Drawing Rights are… Special drawing rights (XDR or SDR) are supplementary ...

Tiho Brkan
Overbought Sugar: Which Way Next?
By Tiho Brkan - Nov 29, 2015

The price of Sugar has rallied over 45% in the last 3 months As discussed previously, the CRB Index has been in a powerful downtrend for majority of the last 18 months. However, not all individual ...

David Tablish
HUI Versus Gold: Who’s Leading Who?
By David Tablish - Nov 29, 2015

Key Principle of this market analysis discipline we call Chartology: What makes the markets go up, down and sideways is investor and trader emotions. From the little guy trading on his laptop to some ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Black Friday Gold
By Gregory W. Harmon - Nov 27, 2015

The chart above shows the trajectory for gold prices since they stated higher in 2001. There's the peak in 2011 with a perfect Tweezers Top and the initial rapid decent that began in 2013. Since mid ...

Tim Knight
Precious Metals: Stacking The Odds
By Tim Knight - Nov 27, 2015

I’ll preface this by saying that, philosophically, I’m a fan of precious metals. I’d love to see them thrive and prosper. They are, as many have pointed out, the only real insurance ...

IFC Markets
Corn Edges Up, Soy Rebounds
By IFC Markets - Nov 27, 2015

Various positive news Grains futures prices have reached the lower boundary of the upward channel and are struggling for growth on the relatively insignificant positive news. The full reversal upwards...

Phil Flynn
Long-Term Bullish Oil
By Phil Flynn - Nov 27, 2015 3

China Crack DownChina cracks oil. Oil futures are lower as weak Chinese Industrial data and a regulatory crackdown on Chinese stock broker’s raises concern about oil demand. Reuters reported ...
Gold Shows Bearish Action
By - Nov 27, 2015

Gold shows bearish actions below the support of the sideways range, stabilizing below moving averages 20 and 50. However, 1065.00 holds and that makes risk versus reward ratio inappropriate. RSI is ...
Oil: Negative Signals Witnessed
By - Nov 27, 2015

Some negative signals have been witnessed on oil with stability below moving averages 20 and 50. ADX shows bearish tendencies, while RSI14 moves below 50.00 levels. Meanwhile, the harmonic structure ...

Silver- Downward Trend In Play
By Avatrade - Nov 27, 2015

Silver has broken its upward trend line on a 30 minute time frame. This is a confirmation that the upward trend is no longer in play on this time frame and if you are trading in a smaller time frame. ...

Buying Rare Metals
By MetalMiner - Nov 27, 2015

As you do retail combat on the front lines on this Black Friday, remember that much of what you’re buying is made possible by rare metals, and the supply chains of the companies selling you ...