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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
Silver: No Bottom In Sight
By Jason Sen - Oct 01, 2014 1

Silver has fallen every week for 12 weeks, except once when we closed unchanged. Clearly a very strong bear trend therefore. No sign of a bottoming out yet so the break of 1745/40 was expected as was...

Jason Sen
Copper Futures: 3-Month Bear Trend Dominates
By Jason Sen - Oct 01, 2014

Copper topped just below 3065/75 and collapsed to the 3020/13 target which held nicely for 4 hours before hitting June lows at 3009 then our next target of May lows at 3000/2998 over night. We have ...

Eric De Groot
Gasoline Crashes Through Support
By Eric De Groot - Oct 01, 2014

Crude Oil and gasoline prices fell sharply yesterday (chart 1 and 2). The headlines, reacting solely to price, begin the process of providing reasons 'why' after the fact. This explanation process, ...

Petros Steriotis
Crude Oil: Change In Trend Picture
By Petros Steriotis - Oct 01, 2014

Tuesday’s huge drop from 95 to 91-ish changed the trend picture of all time frames into strongly negative. Support and $91, $90.50 and contract lows and $89,90. Resistance and 92.10, 92.40 and ...

Crude Oil Forms Strong Resistance
By ICN.com  - Oct 01, 2014

Crude dropped sharply yesterday after Consumer confidence data declined contrary to the expectations.Technically, we notice that Fibonacci level 50% formed a strong resistance in front of the ...

Silver Breaks 17.24 Support
By ICN.com  - Oct 01, 2014

Silver dropped breaking the support 17.24 which led to further bearishness. The downside move was expected in light of breaking 76.4% correction at 18.21, and breaking the sideways technical triangle...

Gold Daily Closing Below 1211.90
By ICN.com  - Oct 01, 2014

Gold witnessed a daily closing below 1211.90 at 127.2% correction as showing on graph. Stability below the latter is negative and could extend the downside move today in an attempt to break the ...

Alex Gurr
Gold Looking Lower
By Alex Gurr - Oct 01, 2014

Gold has fallen down the charts as of late, as the strength of the USDshifts it lower and lower. Following this has been stronger US data and the prospect of interest rate rises sooner, rather than ...

Commodities Remain Weak As USD Gets Stronger
By MetalMiner  - Oct 01, 2014

The 3rd quarter of 2014 is over, and some interesting things have happened in the metals sector. The most critical thing has been the remarkable surge of the dollar against other currencies. The US ...