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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

George Dorgan
The Relationship Between CHF And Gold By George Dorgan - 16 hours ago

Gold versus Swiss Franc Many people think that Switzerland is related to gold due to its inflation-hedging safe-haven status. Historically this is true. With rising U.S. inflation in the 1970s gold ...

Sean Lusk
Corn: Resistance At 3.59, 3.77 By Sean Lusk - 16 hours ago

Two weeks ago we noted that should rain accompany the heat dome that entered the Midwest that it would signify a classic “buy the rumor sell the fact” in both corns and beans. That is ...

Austin Galt
Soybeans To Soar Again By Austin Galt - 17 hours ago

The soybean price had a cracker of a run recently and is now consolidating. Once this corrective phase is over I expect price to soar once more to even greater heights. Let’s review the ...

Adam Hamilton
Silver Bull Faces Correction By Adam Hamilton - 19 hours ago

Silver’s young bull market got off to a typically-slow start, lagging gold’s own new bull. But recently the white metal surged to catch up in a record summer rally. That left silver very ...

Jack Chan
Silver Is On A New Major Buy Signal By Jack Chan - 19 hours ago

iShares Silver (NYSE:SLV) – on buy signal. As anticipated, silver is now on a major buy signal, ending the sell signal from 2011. Speculation remains at the all-time high. Summary Silver is ...

Dan Norcini
Silver COT Tug Of War; What's It All About? By Dan Norcini - 19 hours ago

Let’s start this off with a broad overall look at the various players in the Silver market. The gigantic war continues unabated. Hedge funds keep piling in on the long side while Commercials ...

Tim Knight
Commodities Uptrend Finally Broken By Tim Knight - Jul 22, 2016

Well, that took long enough. In place since January 20, the ascending trendline for commodities (as measured by the ETF DBC) is broken to the downside. Aside from oil’s weakness, agricultural ...

Steven Knight
Gold Is Ready To Rebound By Steven Knight - Jul 22, 2016

Key Points: 2-bar reversal pattern evident on daily time frame. Gold likely to remain bullish in coming week. Physical demand remains buoyant in Q1, 2016. The past few weeks have been relatively ...