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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Dan Flynn
Natural Gas Storage: What To Expect By Dan Flynn - 7 hours ago

Gas Storage Expected Injection 72 BCF Short-term weather is giving bearish signals to the Natural Gas market but we could expect a reversal when more seasonable temperatures hit us as we head out of ...

Chris Kimble
Doc Copper, Dangerous Place Should It Slip! By Chris Kimble - 8 hours ago

I doubt that one needs to be reminded that Doc Copper remains in a downtrend, creating lower highs and lower lows since it highs back in 2011. This down trend finds itself facing what could be a ...

Oil On Fire, Reaching Yearly Highs By AvaTrade - 12 hours ago

US Crude oil inventories reduced -5.2 million barrels on Wednesday beating analysts’ forecasts of 2.2 million barrels surplus. Oil prices have been through rough turbulences this year, tanking ...

Doug Short
Weekly Heating Oil Price Update: U.S. At 2.38 By Doug Short - 15 hours ago

As the colder months approach, we continue our heating oil update for the season. Last year's winter was warmer than average and saw a continued drop in heating oil prices, but with a slight uptick ...

Hubert Moolman
Gold Has To Hurdle This Obstacle By Hubert Moolman - Oct 19, 2016 1

Gold Price Forecast 2017/2016 Gold's bull market is still very much intact. In fact, it appears that the all-time high could soon be breached. However, there's an obstacle on the chart that gold has ...