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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gregory W. Harmon
Is Crude Oil Capped? By Gregory W. Harmon - Sep 30, 2016

Crude Oil is often the focus of daily price moves in the stock market. This past week has been no exception as the OPEC meeting has brought Crude Oil to the forefront again. But being part of the news...

Anna Coulling
Copper Pauses At Key Technical Level By Anna Coulling - Sep 30, 2016

The bullish trend for copper that I signaled in a post earlier in the month, now appears to have come to a halt, with the red metal running into some stiff price resistance in the $2.2050 lbs region...

Modest Money
Oil Rallies As OPEC Agrees To Cut By Modest Money - Sep 30, 2016

Back in 2010 it seemed like there was not enough oil to go around. Political and military conflicts in places such as Libya and Iraq were creating supply constraints for oil in the middle east. Many ...

Pater Tenebrarum
Book Review: 50 Slides For Gold Bulls By Pater Tenebrarum - Sep 30, 2016

A Companion Update to this Year’s “In Gold We Trust” Report Our good friends Ronnie Stoeferle and Mark Valek of Incrementum AG have just published a new chart book, which recaps and ...

Lead Prices Take Off, Don’t Wait To Hedge By MetalMiner - Sep 30, 2016

Lead prices on the London Metal Exchange rose above $2,000 per metric ton, for the first time in 17 months. Just this week, the metal is up near 7% in only four days. At a face value, a combination of...

Tim Knight
Bullish Set-Up For Oil By Tim Knight - Sep 30, 2016

Oil climbed 7% from yesterday’s low to high in reaction to the OPEC cutback news. More importantly, perhaps, the overnight price action has been well-behaved, near the $47 area. This suggests ...

FIBO Group
Opec production freeze no certainty By FIBO Group - Sep 29, 2016

The oil price has continued to climb today, following on From yesterday’s gains after Opec agreed to production cuts in order to stabilize the price of oil. At 9.14pm (GMT) crude oil was trading...

Mike Paulenoff
Oil's Bearishly Impressive Charts By Mike Paulenoff - Sep 29, 2016

Crude oil climbed 7% from Wednesday's low-to-high in reaction to OPEC's cutback news. More importantly, perhaps, the overnight price action was well-behaved -- near the $47 area, suggesting to me that...

Tim Knight
Oil’s Role Reversal By Tim Knight - Sep 29, 2016

A nice example -- by way of crude oil -- has a trendline changing roles from resistance (red arrow) to support (green arrow).

Dan Flynn
OPEC Breaks Common Ground By Dan Flynn - Sep 29, 2016

Good Morning, It has been a while since we have spoken about Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR). But not even 24 hours has passed since OPEC paved the way to a sincere compromise to get the oil market...

Gregor Horvat
Elliott Wave Analysis: Gold Intraday View By Gregor Horvat - Sep 29, 2016

Gold made a deep retracement from 1344, which was very sharp but it may still be a three wave move. Ideally it's wave E to complete a triangle in black wave IV. However, triangles are always tricky so...

Phil Flynn
OPEC Declares Victory In Production War By Phil Flynn - Sep 29, 2016

They said it wouldn’t get done, but OPEC went ahead and did it anyway. In Algiers, OPEC agreed to reduce oil output to a range of 32.5 to 33 million barrels a day that could eventually lead to a...

Marvin Clark
Oil Rally Helps Fuel Equity Gains By Marvin Clark - Sep 29, 2016

U.S. stocks finished with solid gains powered by the energy sector as crude oil prices rallied on the heels of a Reuters report that OPEC has reached a production cut deal, though a finalized plan may...