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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Tony Caldaro
SPX Ends At 1887 After A Tumultous Week
By Tony Caldaro - Oct 19, 2014

REVIEW What a week! After the S&P 500 dropped 3.1% last week ending at 1906, it started off quiet enough with a push to 1912 by around noon Monday. Then the bottom fell out, as the market dropped,...

Trader Steve
Volatility And Position Sizing
By Trader Steve - Oct 19, 2014

Given the wild gyrations in the market over the last few days, one thing which has been reinforced to me is the the benefit in basing your position size on some form of volatility measurement. As ...

Dr. Alan Ellman
Dealing With Volatile, Bearish Markets
By Dr. Alan Ellman - Oct 19, 2014

With the stock market declining over 5% in the past month as a result of geo-political and global concerns exacerbated by the fears of an Ebola epidemic we find ourselves in a position that may lead ...

EWM Interactive
USD Index Aiming At 87?
By EWM Interactive  - Oct 19, 2014

The USD Index started its spectacular rally from 78.90 in May. In the beginning of October it almost reached 87.00, but the bulls decided to take a rest and prices fell down to 84.50. The important ...

Sober Look
Big Move For The 'Vol Of Vol'
By Sober Look - Oct 19, 2014

Staying with the volatility theme, the latest jump in the VIX was clearly dwarfed by what we saw in 2008 or even in 2011. However what's not true for the volatility of VIX - the so-called "vol of ...

Jack Steiman
Gap Up Off Short Term Bottom
By Jack Steiman - Oct 19, 2014

The stock market never has never been easy. The emotion machine keeps chugging along making sure all of you have a difficult time understanding it. It doesn't want you to ever think it's easy, and it...

Blair Jensen
Will The Market Continue To Rally?
By Blair Jensen - Oct 19, 2014

Our Market Risk Indicator signaled last Friday in the last hour of trading which caused us to add an aggressive hedge to the hedged portfolio. I have to say that I was surprised to see an acceleration...

Jeff Miller
The Week Ahead: Is the Correction Over?
By Jeff Miller - Oct 19, 2014

Was that the bottom? Nearly everyone is trying to time the market, so the financial media will focus on remaining risk versus signals of a bottom. We have a little economic news next week, but plenty ...

Cam Hui
Here's A Smarter Way Of Searching For Yield
By Cam Hui - Oct 19, 2014

In general, I am not in favor of reaching for yield as the practice can entail a high degree of risk that income oriented investors cannot tolerate. I do understand, however, the dilemma facing such ...

Dr. Duru
The Technical Case For A Bottom
By Dr. Duru  - Oct 19, 2014

T2108 Status: 21.3% (ends 6-day oversold period, the 3rd oversold period in 12 trading days)T2107 Status: 34.2%VIX Status: 22.0 (gap down from failed attempt to hold 2012 highs, 21 is the buy ...