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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Chris Kimble
Massive Bullish Wick At 5-Year Support
By Chris Kimble - Oct 31, 2014

Bullish wicks/reversal patterns are usually good for any asset. When a wick takes place at a key support line, it is often even a better sign. The above monthly chart of the NYSE highlights that a ...

Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
Still Nervous Short Term   
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Oct 31, 2014

McClellan OB/OS Oscillators Remain Overbought Opinion The futures are implying a strong open this morning but we cannot shake the feeling that the recent rally may be nearing its peak based on ...

Zacks Investment Research
Brazil ETFs In Focus  
By Zacks Investment Research - Oct 31, 2014

Brazil ETFs have been under extreme pressure as of late thanks to worries over the recent presidential election. The markets were clearly rooting for the challenger, but the incumbent, Dilma Rousseff,...

Eric De Groot
Dow Transports Leading
By Eric De Groot - Oct 31, 2014

The Dow Transportation Average DJT, a leading sector within the secular bull market, has established new highs. This increases the probability that more widely-followed indices, such as the Dow 30 ...

Karim Rahemtulla
Basic Nears Sweet Investment Spot
By Karim Rahemtulla - Oct 31, 2014

The holiday season is almost upon us, and our thoughts are turning to planning trips, buying presents, and dealing with the dreaded in-laws. But before you get swept up in the frenzy, there’s one ...

Petros Steriotis
Apple's Technical Outlook
By Petros Steriotis - Oct 31, 2014

Limited volatility and doji candle for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) yesterday, at record price levels. The daily trend is up as long as price trades higher than $104. The general market strength, especially ...

Twitter Sings The Blues
By Syncubate  - Oct 31, 2014

Trick or treat? For the blue bird, the treats are few and far between. Shares of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) have taken a serious hit this week after the company reported on Monday that it had less than ...

ICM Brokers
Dow Rallies On U.S. GDP
By ICM Brokers - Oct 31, 2014

Dow JonesU.S. stocks rallied as a report showed faster-than-estimated growth in gross domestic product, fueling speculation the economy is strong enough to withstand higher interest rates. A separate ...

Bill Witherell
Time To Get Back Into EU Stocks?
By Bill Witherell - Oct 30, 2014

The cover of the October 25 edition of The Economist depicts the Eurozone economy in the form of a parrot, lying on its back receiving fluid from an intravenous bottle with a euro insignia, and to the...

Q3 Halftime Earnings Report
By Estimize  - Oct 30, 2014

Highlights: Health Care leads earnings and revenue growth for Q3, growing 13.8% and 11.9%, respectively. Again this season, growth is mostly within Biotech, due to Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) and ...

Mike Macdonald
What MSCI Says About November
By Mike Macdonald - Oct 30, 2014

MSCI World ETF (NASDAQ:ACWI) There is a lot of interest in the equity markets, as global indices bounce sharply higher following the (anticipated) September-October sell-off. While the short-term ...

Matthew Weller
S&P 500: Bulls Vs. Bears
By Matthew Weller - Oct 30, 2014

After years of smooth sailing off the 2011 low, US stocks are suddenly caught in a whirlwind of bullish and bearish crosswinds. In times like these, it behooves traders to take a step back and look at...

Tim Ord
S&P 500 And Gold Technicals
By Tim Ord - Oct 30, 2014

Monitoring purposes SPX: Sold 9/30/14 at 1972.29= gain .003%; Long SPX on 9/25/14 at 1965.99. Monitoring purposes Gold: Gold ETF SPDR Gold Trust (ARCA:GLD) long at 173.59 on 9/21/11 Long-Term Trend ...