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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Tony Caldaro
Uptrend Remains Above SPX 2100
By Tony Caldaro - Aug 02, 2015

REVIEW The market started the week at SPX 2080. After a gap down opening on Monday, the market hit SPX 2064. It then doubled bottomed and hit SPX 2111 by Wednesday. After a gap down opening Thursday ...

Jack Chan
S&P 500 On Major Buy Signal, OSX On Sell Signal
By Jack Chan - Aug 02, 2015

Our equity/bond model - This long term reliable investing model provides investors with simple decision making in the markets: When the model favors stocks, investors should overweigh in equities for ...

Blair Jensen
Core Indicators Not Impressed
By Blair Jensen - Aug 02, 2015

My core market health indicators weren’t impressed by last week’s rally. All of them fell in the face of a rising S&P 500 Index (SPX). This isn’t an encouraging trend. During the...

Jay Hawk
Weekly Market Recap: July 27th-31st
By Jay Hawk - Aug 02, 2015

Key Fundamental Forex Events for the Week of July 27th through July 31st The following table lists the key economic data and other events that came out during the week of July 27th through July 31st,...

Trader Moe
ES Friday Close
By Trader Moe  - Aug 02, 2015

ES is Legal for a Trip Down to the Blue Megaphone Bottom Sunday Night, but Could Make One Final Trip to the Orange Interior Megaphone Top First ES 2075 should be the critical decision point for ...

Jack Steiman
Some Day.....Some Day.....
By Jack Steiman - Aug 02, 2015

We are all trying to wrap our heads around this base. Arguments can be made on both sides. The bulls will tell us that sentiment is unwinding nicely as we hold the range, while the bears will say the...

Double Dividend Stocks
Nasdaq And S&P Make Solid Gains
By Double Dividend Stocks - Aug 02, 2015

Markets: The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 both had solid gains in July, while the DOW gained just .40%, and the RUSSELL small caps retreated. Year-to-date, the DOW large caps are still in the red, and ...

Doug Short
Moving Averages: July Month-End Update
By Doug Short - Aug 02, 2015

Valid until the market close on August 31, 2015 The S&P 500 closed July with a monthly gain of 1.98% which follows a -2.10% loss in June. All three S&P 500 MAs and three of the five Ivy ...