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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Dow Jones And S&P 500 Futures: May 4, 2016 By ICN.com - 4 hours ago

Dow Futures collapsed yesterday, but it couldn’t achieve a convenient daily closing below 100% Fibonacci, as it retraced from SMA50 areas as seen on the provided daily chart. Still, neutrality ...

Jay Kaeppel
Beware The Middle Of May By Jay Kaeppel - 6 hours ago

The beginning of the month of May and the end of the month of May into early June have overall been a decent time to be in the stock market. The middle of May, typically not so much. For our purposes,...

David Trainer
The Formula For Economic Earnings By David Trainer - 6 hours ago

Economic earnings represent the true earnings for shareholders and are very different from accounting earnings. GAAP accounting data was not originally designed for equity investors, but for debt ...

Warren Bevan
SPY: Avoiding Stocks (For Now) By Warren Bevan - 7 hours ago

SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" --Spencer Johnson More chop today with a side of weakness, and the S&P is still holding support. This is a great market to ...

Steve Hach
U.S. Auto Sales Rebound In April By Steve Hach - 8 hours ago

Preliminary sales data indicates that good times for major auto manufacturers--with a few exceptions--returned in April as analysts forecast a 5% sales increase for the overall industry over the past ...