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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Declan Fallon
Bearish Engulfing Patterns Everywhere
By Declan Fallon - Jan 29, 2015

Tuesday's end-of-day losses were disguised by the relatively light declines at the close. Markets opened strong, but were unable to maintain pre-market strength. The consolidations in place since the ...

Charles Sizemore
Get Ready For Savings-Account Returns
By Charles Sizemore - Jan 28, 2015

Last week in the Ahead of the Curve section of Economy & Markets, John Del Vecchio wrote about how the U.S. stock market was expensive by historical norms, using one of his favorite metrics, the ...

Tim Knight
DUST: Worth A Shot?
By Tim Knight - Jan 28, 2015

I confess that I'm intrigued by (NYSE:DUST), the triple-bearish-on-miners ETF. It's banging against its trendline, which in the past, has been a very reliable bottom. Looking at (ARCA:GDX) itself, it ...

Apple, Boeing Save Earnings Season
By Estimize  - Jan 28, 2015

It’s a little early to make this proclamation, with 70% of companies having yet to report, but big beats by both Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) in the last day have certainly ...

Chris Kimble
Apple: This Upside Target Remains In Play
By Chris Kimble - Jan 28, 2015

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) earnings news surprised to the upside even as today's pre-market pricing managed to one-up that news. Taking a 30-year look at Apple's prices, we see that it has stayed inside ...

James Picerno
Does The Small Cap Premium Really Exist?
By James Picerno - Jan 28, 2015

Suddenly business as usual for small-cap investing is in need of a makeover, thanks to a new research paper (a landmark study for asset pricing) that revisits, reinterprets and ultimately revives the ...

James Picerno
S&P 500 Plunge? Not (Always) Terrible
By James Picerno - Jan 28, 2015

The stock market crashed; it collapsed; it tanked. Or as MarketWatch.com described yesterday’s 1.34% decline: “S&P 500 plunges from major resistance.” Oh, my… that sounds ...