Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Harry Boxer
4 Stocks To Watch: COP, DY, STO, TASR
By Harry Boxer - Oct 08, 2015

I thought the market had an excellent day on Wednesday. Considering the sharp pullback in the morning, the market came back nicely, and closed at the intraday, afternoon rally highs going away. It was...

Declan Fallon
Losses Reversed, Volume Climbs
By Declan Fallon - Oct 08, 2015

Bulls can be happy with yesterday's progress. What weakness emerged yesterday was reversed by the close, a change on Tuesday's action where sellers dumped in the last few minutes of trading. Volume ...

Negative Expectations: Here We Go Again
By Estimize  - Oct 07, 2015

Earnings season for the third quarter of 2015 unofficially kicks off on Thursday when Alcoa (NYSE:AA) reports. Similar to the last two quarters, we head into the season with negative top and ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Is This Stock The Next Media Darling?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Oct 07, 2015

A new media company showed up on Wednesday's long stock scan. Sinclair Broadcast (NASDAQ:SBGI) is the largest television station operator in the United States, owning or operating more than 154 ...

Mike Paulenoff
SPY At Optimal Upside Target
By Mike Paulenoff - Oct 07, 2015

From a point-and-figure perspective, SPY satisfied my upside-target zone at 198-200 at Wednesday's high of 199.80 (from where it turned down) threatening to trigger a SPY sell-signal print at 197.40, ...

Tim Knight
GoPro: Then And Now
By Tim Knight - Oct 07, 2015

I wrote about GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) last February when the stock was 50% higher compared to today. I guess the old camera-on-a-stick technology makes a great IPO -- but not a great long-term investment....

David Kotok
S&P 500: SPY Or RSP?
By David Kotok - Oct 07, 2015

Those who were smart, prescient, and lucky enough determined that March 9, 2009, was the absolute bottom of the stock-market debacle during the financial crisis. At that point there was panic ...

Tim Ord
SPY: Short-Term Pullback At Hand?
By Tim Ord - Oct 07, 2015

Monitoring purposes SPX: Sold on 10/5/15 at 1987.05; gain 2.28%. long SPX on 9/22/15 at 1942.74. Monitoring purposes Gold: Flat Long-Term Trend monitor purposes: Flat Today the SPY hit a minor new ...

Tim Knight
Commodities Resistance?
By Tim Knight - Oct 07, 2015

Well, October has been bad for me so far. Equities and commodities are surging (just as DG predicted………incredible!). Not to hang my hopes on too thin a reed, but I at least wanted...

Jay Kaeppel
It’s All Hanging In The Balance Now
By Jay Kaeppel - Oct 07, 2015

Everything that was “down” is “up.” Will it hold? As a trader and/or investor you need to be paying close attention RIGHT NOW (!!!) to see what happens next. Because what ...

Trader Moe
ES, Oil Working On Topping Megaphones
By Trader Moe  - Oct 07, 2015

ES is working on a topping megaphone (blue on chart) along the top of a major falling megaphone (single falling blue line on chart). A downwards breakout from the topping megaphone will be a breakout...