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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Gary Gordon
How Much Faith In The Fed Is Too Much?
By Gary Gordon - Apr 26, 2015

What if the U.S. economy fails to pick back up from its dismal first quarter? Then the U.S. Federal Reserve will push off the frequency and the magnitude of any increases in overnight lending rates. ...

Blair Jensen
It’s All About The Range
By Blair Jensen - Apr 26, 2015

Another week gone and the market is still in a range. The S&P 500 index (SPX) has climbed back to the top of the range at 2120, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and Dow Jones ...

Doug Short
NYSE Margin Debt Hits An All-Time High
By Doug Short - Apr 26, 2015

Note: The NYSE has released new data for margin debt, now available through March. I've updated the charts in this commentary to include the latest numbers. The New York Stock Exchange publishes ...

Brian Gilmartin
Here's Why Apple Still Scares Me
By Brian Gilmartin - Apr 26, 2015

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), the iPhone, iMac and now Apple Watch giant, the all things consumer-technology related juggernaut, reports their Q2 ’15 financial results after the bell on Monday, April ...

Cullen Roche
Nasdaq Bubble: 3 Valuable Lessons
By Cullen Roche - Apr 24, 2015

It only took 15 years, but the NASDAQ finally set a new record high. I always like to say that the biggest mistakes make for the biggest lessons. So, what can we learn from this grueling 15-year round...

Gregory W. Harmon
Forget That Old Adage
By Gregory W. Harmon - Apr 24, 2015

Despite the markets remaining near all-time highs, there are many people that are frightened of putting money to work in the S&P 500. It probably comes from an old investing wive’s tale, or ...

Scott Krisiloff
Company Notes Digest 4.24.15
By Scott Krisiloff - Apr 24, 2015

Each week I read dozens of transcripts from earnings calls and presentations as part of my investment process. Below is a weekly post which contains some of the most important quotes about the ...

Dr. Duru
The NASDAQ All-Time Closing High Edition
By Dr. Duru  - Apr 24, 2015

T2108 Status: 63.6%T2107 Status: 56.8%VIX Status: 12.5General (Short-term) Trading Call: Neutral. Despite NASDAQ all-time high, assuming market remains in a chopfest until the S&P 500 hits a fresh...