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Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
NYSE: Buying Weakness  
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Sep 01, 2015

Sentiment Data Remains Positive Opinion: All of the indexes closed lower yesterday with negative internals as volumes rose on the NYSE and declined on the NASDAQ. All closed near their intraday lows ...

Confusing Signals From China
By IG - Sep 01, 2015

Stock market given time to reflect ahead of WWII commemoration China’s Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data has hurt sentiment in Asia and driven further downward moves in indices across the ...

Warren Bevan
A Choppy Session
By Warren Bevan - Sep 01, 2015

“If you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you.” T.S. Eliot Futures gaped lower and remained so for the open Markets were ...

Marvin Clark
It Was All Yellow
By Marvin Clark - Sep 01, 2015

DOW – 114 = 16,528S&P 500 – 16 = 1972NAS – 51 = 477610 YR YLD + .02 = 2.20%OIL + 2.80 = 48.02GOLD + .60 = 1135.40SILV + .04 = 14.73 Both the Dow and S&P had five days of ...

The Night Owl Trader
Despite New Month, Tuesday Lower
By The Night Owl Trader  - Sep 01, 2015

The Hoot Actionable ideas for the busy trader delivered daily right up front. Tuesday lower. ES pivot 1972.08 Holding below is bearish. Rest of week bias uncertain technically. Monthly outlook: bias...

S&P 500 Says Good-Bye August
By MrTopStep - Sep 01, 2015

S&P 500 Says Good-Bye August Heading into today’s trade that stats were not good as the last day of the trading month had closed lower on eight of the last nine occasions. Overnight the ...

David Trainer
What Buy Ratings Are Really Worth
By David Trainer - Sep 01, 2015

Integrity Research Associates, in a post titled “When a 'Buy' Isn’t Really a 'Buy'”, recently highlighted the untrustworthiness of Wall Street stock ratings. This article comes on ...

Trader Moe
Breakdown Of Today
By Trader Moe  - Sep 01, 2015

Today’s Price Action was Most Likely a B Wave (Connecting Wave) Before Another Move Down ES has a topping triangle (navy blue) on its chart at the top of last week’s weird Neely rising ...

Ryan Mallory
Bullish Setups For End Of August
By Ryan Mallory - Sep 01, 2015

We are on a historic 3-day rally that started Wednesday of last week and ended on Friday. Today, we see some selling, but not anything to get too serious about. And with trading in the final hour, all...

Declan Fallon
Indices Caught In No-Man's Land
By Declan Fallon - Sep 01, 2015

Bears took it upon themselves to press their advantage into the close of business. Selling volume was light and lacked the conviction that had accompanied the rout of the previous week. The S&P is...

Harry Boxer
4 Stocks To Watch: HRTX, TANH, CMPR, DATA
By Harry Boxer - Sep 01, 2015

The last day of the month and the markets had a pullback session. It was not a surprise. We saw the big one up to overhead resistance last week. This is what we call an overdue kind of ...