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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Ed Carlson
George Lindsay’s 8-Year Interval
By Ed Carlson - Jan 27, 2015

The late technician, George Lindsay described an 8-year interval as part of his 22-year Overlay (An Aid to Timing, SeattleTA Press, 2012). He wrote that the high (or “moment of truth”) at ...

Neal Gilbert
DOW: Forecasting Overreaction?
By Neal Gilbert - Jan 27, 2015

The east coast of the United States was stocking up for abject disaster this morning on forecasts of a record breaking blizzard scheduled to hit New York City, but as often happens with weather ...

Shailesh Kumar
Deflation Investing And The Stock Market
By Shailesh Kumar - Jan 27, 2015

Deflation is a rare occurrence. However, given the state of the global economy and a general prevailing sense that Europe may be slipping into deflation, many investors are concerned about the ...

Neovacs Lupus   
By Edison  - Jan 27, 2015

The butterfly effectNeovacs (PARIS:ALNEV) is now focused on IFNα-Kinoid in lupus (SLE) and plans to start Phase II lupus studies in mid-2015. The Phase IIb rheumatoid arthritis (RA) trial with ...

Sarah Roden
6 Internet Companies To Watch
By Sarah Roden - Jan 27, 2015

On January 26th, RPC Capital Markets analysts Mark Mahaney and Rohit Kulkarni published a note previewing 22 small cap Internet companies before fourth quarter earnings reports are released. Here are ...

Findel Initiation   
By Edison  - Jan 27, 2015

Re-orient ExpressLast week’s update for the 16-week period to 16 January confirms that Findel (LONDON:FDL) remains on track to deliver strong profits and margin growth. Debt has reduced further ...

The Night Owl Trader
Tuesday Uncertain
By The Night Owl Trader  - Jan 27, 2015 1

The Hoot Actionable ideas for the busy trader delivered daily right up front Tuesday uncertain. ES pivot 2044.67. Holding above is bullish Rest of week bias uncertain technically. Monthly outlook:...