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S&P 500 Bottoming Below 1900 Figure?
By Dailyfx  - Aug 26, 2015

Talking Points: S&P 500 Inverted Hammer Candlestick Hints at Ebbing Momentum Intraday Price Dynamics Hint Renewed Selling is Probably Ahead The S&P 500 declined for a sixth consecutive day, ...

Petros Steriotis
Apple Completes Death Cross Pattern
By Petros Steriotis - Aug 26, 2015

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares completed a “death cross” pattern (50-day SMA crossing below its 200-day counterpart) in yesterday's session, which is bearish. The daily trend reversal ...

Tim Knight
Pattern-Friendly Market
By Tim Knight - Aug 26, 2015

It wasn’t that long ago that I hated the stock market. Nothing seemed to work, and technical analysis seemed to have gone the way of the buggy whip with respect to utility. Now that QE is well ...

Jani Ziedins
Where Did The Dip Buyers Go?
By Jani Ziedins - Aug 26, 2015

It was another dramatic day in the market yesterday, as the S&P 500 gave up a healthy 2% rebound to end the day solidly in the red. Volume was elevated, but well off of Monday’s historic ...

Gregory W. Harmon
This Telecom Has Upside To Spare
By Gregory W. Harmon - Aug 25, 2015

The mobile market has become the the new front line for all businesses. And the global telecommunications field is no exception. One company that is battling in the telecom space is Vonage Holdings ...

Matthew Weller
“Black Monday” Debrief
By Matthew Weller - Aug 25, 2015

In what’s been dubbed “Black Monday”, US stocks collapsed across the board, with the widely watched Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 massive US companies falling by over 1,000 ...

Mike Paulenoff
Was SPX Correction 1-And-Done?
By Mike Paulenoff - Aug 25, 2015

The powerful rally off of yesterday's low at 1867.01 into this morning's high at 1940.25 represents a 27% recovery of the entire downleg off of the May high at 2134.72. In other words, for all of the ...

Trader Moe
ES Megaphone In Megaphone
By Trader Moe  - Aug 25, 2015

ES Megaphone in Megaphone This morning’s ES potential Sornette melt-up set-up morphed back into a megaphone (blue) when it failed to break out this morning. Now ES is forming an interior ...

Chris Kimble
The Fear Factor
By Chris Kimble - Aug 25, 2015

Did investors get ahead of themselves the past couple of days? From a fear perspective, it looks like they might have. This chart looks at the Fear Index (VIX) over the past 25 years. As you can see,...

Chris Lemieux
The Great Disconnect
By Chris Lemieux - Aug 25, 2015

As Black Monday comes to a close and complacency was once again slaughtered, financial media continues to get it wrong. The primary reason for the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE:DIA) opening ...

Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
NYSE: Markets Extremely Oversold  
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Aug 25, 2015

Short Term Positive/Intermediate Term Neutral Opinion: All of the indexes closed lower yesterday with very negative internals and heavy trading volumes. While the charts have finally seen a severe ...