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Market Overview

Lance Roberts
Caution: Correction May Not Be Over
By Lance Roberts - Oct 21, 2014

Beginning in late 2012, as the Federal Reserve announced their latest innovation of "quantitative easing," the markets launched into an uninterrupted advance that lulled investors into a complacent ...

James Picerno
Volatility: A Step Back From The Brink
By James Picerno - Oct 21, 2014

It’s still touch and go with risk warnings according to stock market volatility, but the ongoing threat pulled back from extreme levels yesterday. The VIX (a measure of the implied volatility of the ...

Sober Look
No Hard-Landing For China's Economy For Now
By Sober Look - Oct 21, 2014

China's GDP growth is gradually slowing as expected - at least according to the official reports. Growth is now at the lowest level since 2009, but so far the Bloomberg China GDP Tracker forecast of ...

Marc Chandler
Where Is The Secular Stagnation?
By Marc Chandler - Oct 21, 2014

This Great Graphic shows the GDP of several major economies measured in US Dollars.  It was posted in the Wilson Quarterly, and draws from World Bank data.  The US economy is on a parallel but ...

Aussie Stuck In Range After RBA Minutes
By ActionForex - Oct 21, 2014

Australian dollar stays in tight range against the greenback after RBA said in the October meeting minutes that rates will stay low. It noted that "given the information available, the board's ...

Neal Gilbert
3 Potentially Big Influences On The Yen
By Neal Gilbert - Oct 21, 2014

North American trade was mostly unenthusiastic today as the calendar failed to provide any notable releases, but that was the case heading in to the day as well as neither Asia nor Europe provided ...

Ian Copsey
It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over…
By Ian Copsey - Oct 21, 2014

Well, blimey crikey mate… the market didn’t ‘alf make a pig’s ear of trying to reverse… The day began well and I was thinking, “yep, that looks ok…” ...