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Market Overview

Lance Roberts
The Buy-And-Hold-Low-Cost Indexing Theory
By Lance Roberts - Aug 28, 2014

The Missing Ingredient I have been in the "money game" for a long time starting with a bank just prior to the crash of 1987. I make this point only to say that I have seen several full market cycles ...

Ivaylo Ivanhoff
Sand Is The New Gold
By Ivaylo Ivanhoff - Aug 28, 2014

During the U.S. Gold Rush in the 1850s, merchants made a lot more money than gold diggers. During the fracking rush of our time, some of the biggest winners have been sand producers. Fracking is a ...

Marc Chandler
Emerging Markets: Central Banks On The Move
By Marc Chandler - Aug 28, 2014

1) Polls for Brazil’s presidential elections showed that Marina is ahead of Dilma in the second round 2) Israel’s central bank surprised markets with a cut 3) The situation on the ground in Ukraine ...

Saxo Bank
Will Australia's Q2 GDP Next Week Disappoint?
By Saxo Bank - Aug 28, 2014

Background A bit of chatter came out yesterday that not only may Australia's second-quarter GDP data on September 3 disappoint, but it could even be negative on a quarter-on-quarter basis. I don't ...

Easy Forex
AUD/USD Skyrockets To 3-Week High
By Easy Forex - Aug 28, 2014

Currencies The euro climbed from its 11 month low at 1.3152 all the way up to 1.3216 against the dollar. The single currency rebounded on speculation the European Central Bank (ECB) may not add more ...

Charles Hugh Smith
Is The Housing Echo Bubble Popping?
By Charles Hugh Smith - Aug 28, 2014

There is nothing remotely "normal" about the echo-bubble's rise, and we can anticipate that its deflation will be equally abnormal. Conventional wisdom on the resurgence of the housing markets takes ...