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Market Overview

Ipek Ozkardeskaya
All Eyes On The FED And ECB Next Week By Ipek Ozkardeskaya - 3 hours ago

All eyes will be on the Fed and ECB in the week beginning Monday the 30th May. The euro recently weakened below the 1.12 mark against the US dollar, and despite the softening Fed expectations, the ...

Steven Hansen
The Huge Recession Which Never Came By Steven Hansen - 5 hours ago

When I lived in the corporate world, we used global and domestic transport to forecast the economy. The reason was that transport led economic activity. Follow up: Rail is a particularly useful ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
A Reverse Snowball Effect By Philippe d'Arvisenet - 5 hours ago

With the exception of Greece and Portugal, all Eurozone member states can now issue long-term bonds at a lower interest rate than their nominal trend growth rates. This situation is linked to the ...

Brenda Jubin
Book Review: Success And Luck By Brenda Jubin - 5 hours ago

In The Success Equation Michael J. Mauboussin teased apart the relative roles of skill and luck in performance and introduced the paradox of skill: “As skill improves,” he wrote, ...

Danske Markets
US Domestic Economy Picks Up Speed   By Danske Markets - 5 hours ago

Market Movers ahead In the US, we have a heavy calendar next week with many important data releases. Most importantly, the labour market report for May is due out on Friday, which might be pivotal to...

Danske Markets
Brexit Fears Eased Further This Week   By Danske Markets - 5 hours ago

In general, opinion polls continue to indicate a close race, with 'remain' slightly ahead. The implied probability of a 'Brexit' according to both betting odds (Betfair) and Matt Singh (a political ...

Qatar National Bank
U.S. Fed Shakes Complacent Markets By Qatar National Bank - 7 hours ago

Economic Commentary The US Federal Reserve (Fed) surprised financial markets last week. The minutes of its April rate-setting meeting indicated a significant likelihood of an interest rate increase in...