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Market Overview

Trader Steve
Trend Following Differences
By Trader Steve - Apr 19, 2015

I was asked the question last night about how I differ from other trend following traders. The basic principles I (and many other trend followers) follow have been used by many successful traders ...

Yale Bock
Bulls, Bears, And Pigs
By Yale Bock - Apr 19, 2015

Pigs are smarter than dogs, and both are smarter than Congress. So last year, I was relaxing at home with my daughter and we were enjoying the pleasure of watching a basketball game on television. A...

Qatar National Bank
The Chinese Renminbi Lands In Doha
By Qatar National Bank - Apr 19, 2015

The Qatar Central Bank last Tuesday celebrated the official opening of the first Renminbi Clearance Centre (RCC) in the MENA region, to be located in Doha. The RCC will allow for claims denominated in...

Bob Hoye
A Review Of Credit Loans Applications
By Bob Hoye - Apr 19, 2015

New Warning Signsfor the EconomyLoan Applications DownRejections Up National Association of Credit Managers Report for March, released in April, 2015 - An Unusual Decline Snippet from Pivotal ...

Michael T. Snyder
The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun
By Michael T. Snyder - Apr 19, 2015

Get ready for another major worldwide credit crunch. Today, the entire global financial system resembles a colossal spiral of debt. Just about all economic activity involves the flow of credit in some...