Market Overview

Brenda Jubin
Book Review: Market Masters
By Brenda Jubin - Feb 07, 2016

Canadians complain, and rightly so, that Americans pay them no mind. For instance, we can name scores of famous U.S. investors, but we’ve never heard of the leading Canadian investors. Robin R. ...

Yale Bock
Weak Jobs Report And Earnings Sink Equities
By Yale Bock - Feb 07, 2016

The secret to happiness is to lower your expectations....that is what you compare your experience with. If your expectations and standards are very high and you only allow yourself to be happy when ...

Harry Dent
At This Rate, Japan Will Fade From Existence
By Harry Dent - Feb 07, 2016

Japan has adopted negative interest rates as the latest effort to revitalize its dying economy. But the country has been falling down the demographic cliff after its baby boom ignited a surge of ...

Investment U
The REAL Winners Of Super Bowl 50
By Investment U - Feb 07, 2016

Are you set on snacks for the big game? If not, you better get on it. Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption... And those mountains of grub will turn into ...

Marvin Clark
Economy Grows, But Isn't Fixed Yet
By Marvin Clark - Feb 07, 2016

DOW – 211 = 16204SPX – 35 = 1880NAS – 146 = 436310 Y – .02 = 1.85%OIL – .73 = 30.99GOLD + 18.40 = 1174.50 The S&P 500 extended its loss for the week to 3%. The index ...

Danske Markets
By Danske Markets - Feb 05, 2016

This week has seen further declines in inflation expectations and interest rates. Concerns about the US economy prompted a sharp fall in the dollar. The fall in inflation expectations raises ...