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Market Overview

Danske Markets
Danske Daily: Scotland In Focus   
By Danske Markets - Sep 19, 2014

Market movers today Main focus will be the digestion of the Scottish referendum. The 'No' vote means we will see some relief in the markets. Moody's has France and the UK up for review. There has ...

‘NO’ It Is; Get On With It Scotland
By Avatrade - Sep 19, 2014

No independence it is, and GBP traders are enjoying the big relief rally this morning and shorters have no choice but to cover their position in the light of all this. So, for now, we are out of ...

Danske Markets
Global Cycle Looks Divergent‏   
By Danske Markets - Sep 19, 2014

Summary and outlook • Global indicators currently paint a very divergent picture of the world. The US economy is booming with strong leading indicators and ISM figures. On the other hand, data in...

Karim Rahemtulla
Fracking’s Greatest Myth
By Karim Rahemtulla - Sep 19, 2014

No one can deny that fracking holds enormous potential… Experts estimate that this technique for harvesting Natural Gas from shale will add almost 50% to known recoverable natural gas resources and ...

Marshall Gittler
Friday's FX Outlook
By Marshall Gittler - Sep 19, 2014

Scotland appears to go for “no” The pound rose in early European trading as the first results from Scotland showed the “no” vote against independence taking the lead. GBP ...

Lance Roberts
Fed Projections And Real Market Value
By Lance Roberts - Sep 18, 2014

FOMC Meeting GDP Forecast One of Fiedler's Forecasting Rules states: "Always be precise in your forecasts: Economists state their GDP growth projections to the nearest tenth of a percentage point to ...

Interest-Rate Cycle Should Boost USD
By MahiFX - Sep 18, 2014

In the dry world of monetary policy something very significant is happening – the U.S. interest cycle looks close to turning and when it does, it will be a historic event that could further ...

Nicholas Santiago
Beware Friday's Euphoria
By Nicholas Santiago - Sep 18, 2014

We've all heard the saying, "buy the rumor and sell the news." Well, Friday's Alibaba IPO (BABA) will finally happen. And it's expected to be the biggest IPO in history, as the Chinese internet ...

Chris Kimble
Proof Of Deflation At The Fed
By Chris Kimble - Sep 18, 2014

In your opinion, does the Fed prefer Inflation or Deflation? The picture above proves that Deflation is taking place at the Fed. Seriously, though, as for the inflation/deflation theme, many feel the...

Marc Chandler
Why The ECB's QE Is A Disappointment
By Marc Chandler - Sep 18, 2014

The launch of the new 4-year lending facility by the European Central Bank was disappointing.  Participation was light.  Some 255 banks (of 382 eligible institutions, which represent more than 1300 ...