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Market Overview

USD: A Focus On 87.70 For Support
By FX77 - Dec 22, 2014

Technically, the target prices lie in the area 89.50-89.00, and the US Dollar index falls below the level of 89.00, we should focus on 87.70, where there is the support. Our senior data analyst Eric ...

FIBO Group
Australian dollar in tight range
By FIBO Group - Dec 22, 2014

The Australian dollar is trading in a tight range today after last week’s US Federal Reserve meeting and as traders get ready for the holiday season. AT 7.10pm (AEDT) the local currency is ...

Brenda Jubin
Book Review: The Alpha Masters
By Brenda Jubin - Dec 22, 2014

Maneet Ahuja’s 2012 book The Alpha Masters: Unlocking the Genius of the World’s Top Hedge Funds is now available in paperback. Somehow I missed the book when it first appeared, so in the ...

Christmas Week: Low Volume; Oil Bounced Up
By Avatrade - Dec 22, 2014

This is the last week before Christmas and Santa rally could continue towards the end of the year by pushing the stocks up towards their record high. Usually a strong finish does mean that we could ...

John Rubino
Really, Greece Again?
By John Rubino - Dec 22, 2014

Really, Greece Again? The Greek financial/political crisis is becoming an annual event. For a sense of just how long this unfortunate little country has been struggling to survive under the relative ...

Alan Gula
Economic Assessment For 2015
By Alan Gula - Dec 22, 2014

On December 16, 2014, U.S. zero-interest-rate policy (ZIRP) entered its seventh year. Happy belated birthday, ZIRP! And on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve noted that it can be “patient in ...

Adam Taggart
Are We Stuck In A Global Game Of Tetris?  
By Adam Taggart - Dec 22, 2014

Whether or not you've had time yet to plow your way through David Collum's excellent 2014 Year in Review, our annual podcast with Dave always brings additional color to light -- and this year's is no ...