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Market Overview

The National Bank of Canada
FX Daily Update By The National Bank of Canada - 3 hours ago

All signs seem to be pointing to month-end adjustments and the approaching U.S. holiday weekend dominating economic instability this morning. For the second session in a row, markets are in positive ...

Ipek Ozkardeskaya
Groundless Optimism In FTSE By Ipek Ozkardeskaya - 4 hours ago

Optimism reigns. The better-than-expected GDP print in the US triggered a relief rally in US equities in New York. Asia took over a cheerful market. Nikkei and Shanghai’s Composite gained 1.59% ...

Marc Chandler
Fragile Calm Ahead Of Quarter-End By Marc Chandler - 5 hours ago

No fundamental development can compare with the UK decision to leave the EU. It has set off a chain reaction whose outcome is still far from clear. Sterling is firm, alongside most of the major and ...

Avi Gilburt
On The Cusp Of A Major Break Out By Avi Gilburt - 8 hours ago

I am starting this week’s update with a mini-rant directed towards the manipulation theorists. For years, they have complained that one of the facts supporting their market manipulation theories...

Danske Markets
Danske Daily - 29 June 2016   By Danske Markets - 8 hours ago

Market Movers The implications of the Brexit vote continue to occupy markets. The EU summit continues and the nomination for the Conservative Party leadership opens today (closes tomorrow at noon). ...

Next EU Move Will Determine Market Rally Or Selloff By IG - 8 hours ago

Phoney War Trading The Brexit crisis looks like it may be heading into an awkward period of uncertainty as the cogs in the British and EU bureaucracies slowly begin to whirr into action. Both the ...

Market Update – 29-06-2016 By AvaTrade - 8 hours ago

Currencies EUR/USD – is moving slightly down this morning after moving up yesterday on slightly improved market sentiment. ECB President Draghi expects the Brexit to result in a reduction of ...