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Market Overview

Ed Yardeni
U.S. Consumers: Chill In The Air
By Ed Yardeni - Apr 15, 2015

Yesterday’s March retail sales report was certainly disappointing. It suggests that the winter’s big chill has turned into the spring’s sloppy soft patch. Bond yields fell on the ...

Marc Chandler
Aggregate Demand And Secular Stagnation
By Marc Chandler - Apr 14, 2015

Six years after the US economic contraction ended, the Federal Reserve has still not raised interest rates. Inflation has not accelerated as so many predicted. The economy is chugging along in an ...

Peter Schiff
Dollars, Drachmas And Debt  
By Peter Schiff - Apr 14, 2015

Synopsis: Why might Greece abandon the euro and re-adopt the drachma? Peter Schiff argues that the drachma would be a politically expedient way of defaulting on Greek debt, but would ultimately lead ...

Saxo Bank
ECB Preview: Talk Of Early QE End Surfaces
By Saxo Bank  - Apr 14, 2015

Improving EU outlook leads some to question QE Low oil prices will likely keep pressure on inflation Private sector lending growth remains modest Market focus will centre on Frankfurt and the European...

David Levenstein
Gold: Bullish Fundamentals
By David Levenstein - Apr 14, 2015

Governments Plan to have Totalitarian Control of Currency is a good Reason for Depositors to Allocate some of Their Funds to Physical Gold and Silver. Although the price of gold staged a minor rally ...

Sober Look
Daily Shot: Is Japan Fed Up With QE?
By Sober Look - Apr 14, 2015

We begin with Japan where bank reserves (banking system accounts with the Bank of Japan) spiked recently, as the unprecedented QE continues. Japan's monetary base rose further as a result and is now ...

U.S. Futures Lower Ahead Of PPI Data
By Avatrade - Apr 14, 2015

Daily Briefing Currencies EUR/USD: The pair is trading near the support zone (1.0732-1.0711) on a 30 minute time frame. The next resistance is at 1.108 and the support is at 1.071. USD/JPY: The pair ...