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Market Overview

Urban Carmel
Fund Managers' Current Asset Allocation
By Urban Carmel - Dec 18, 2014

Every month, we review the latest BAML survey of global fund managers. Among the various ways of measuring investor sentiment, this is one of the better ones as the results reflect how managers are ...

Ian Copsey
Surveying The wreckage…
By Ian Copsey - Dec 18, 2014

Keeping to the Xmas theme, I can only say that the FOMC left a slew of wrapping paper that had been ripped from the gifts that Santa had brought. Scraps of paper, broken boxes and trampled rubbish ...

James Picerno
The U.S. Economy In Review
By James Picerno - Dec 17, 2014

The global economy is under pressure these days, suffering from a troubling mix of heightened geopolitical risk and wobbly macro reports. Despite the challenging environment, the US economy still ...

Marc Chandler
The Russian Enigma Unravels
By Marc Chandler - Dec 17, 2014

Winston Churchill famously said of Russian foreign policy that it was "...a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." What people leave out is what followed. Churchill offered an answer: "... ...

Matthew Weller
Fed Up With “Considerable Time”?
By Matthew Weller - Dec 17, 2014

As strange as it sounds, the tone of trade for the rest of the week, and perhaps even the rest of the year, could hinge on just two words. The Federal Reserve will release its monetary policy ...

Dave Landry
General Market Situation
By Dave Landry - Dec 17, 2014

After a highly volatile trading session, the German stock market closed with strong gains on Tuesday, the DAX recording gains of 2.5 per cent to close at 9,564 points. Following a roller-coaster ride ...

Alex Gurr
FOMC Likely To Be Dovish
By Alex Gurr - Dec 17, 2014

The Federal Reserve is set to have its monthly FOMC statement shortly and markets will be paying close attention to Janet Yellen’s words. The market is poised to react to two key sides: Whether ...

Marshall Gittler
Market Gripped By Panic
By Marshall Gittler - Dec 17, 2014

Yesterday’s moves clearly smelled of panic in the markets. The nearly 20% drop in the ruble plus the huge moves in NOK (a nearly 7% move in EUR/NOK in two hours that was totally reversed in the ...