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Market Overview

Danske Markets
Sell USD/ZAR On China Easing   
By Danske Markets - Nov 23, 2014

Strategy Today the People’s Bank of China in a surprise move decided to cut its key policy rate – the 1-year lending rate – by 25bp to 5.6%. This is clearly positive for risky assets...

Nishit Vadhavkar
Surge Before Some Correction
By Nishit Vadhavkar - Nov 23, 2014

The markets continued with their moves higher and have moved into the resistance zone of 8450-8650. Even though the markets are moving higher, the Advance Decline ratio on many days is not very ...

Yale Bock
Giving Thanks As Black Friday Approaches
By Yale Bock - Nov 23, 2014

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and it is important to recognize how grateful one must be for the blessings in your life. Specifically, good health and happiness for family and friends is at the top of my...

Frank Zorrilla
Bank Shot When I Wrote
By Frank Zorrilla - Nov 23, 2014

When I wrote last week about the “wizards of awe,” I wasn’t referring to the heads of the globes biggest central banks – but maybe I should have been. Three weeks after the Bank of Japan (BOJ) ...

Frank Zorrilla
This Is The Only Way To Invest
By Frank Zorrilla - Nov 23, 2014

It seems like the tone in the blogsphere arena nowadays goes something like this—if you are not investing/trading like we are then you are wrong and we are going to tell you all about it.  I’ve been ...

Doug Short
ECRI Recession Watch: Weekly Update
By Doug Short - Nov 23, 2014

The Weekly Leading Index (WLI) of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) is at 133.2, up from the previous week's 132.0. The WLI annualized growth indicator (WLIg) is at -2.4, down from -2.9 the...