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Market Overview

David Kotok
Europe: Mourning And Markets By David Kotok - Dec 06, 2016

“Unsustainable things continue until they stop.” That is how Herb Stein answered Richard Nixon when Nixon asked about economic timing. The financial and economic construction of the EU and...

Evil Speculator
Rolling Equities Into 2017 By Evil Speculator - Dec 06, 2016

Equity futures are rolling into March (H7) on Thursday and thus we should expect an increase in volatility for the remainder of this week. For us traders more volatile tape means we will need to be ...

Craig Erlam
European Yields Fall Ahead Of ECB Decision By Craig Erlam - Dec 06, 2016

US futures are trading flat as we approach the open on Tuesday, following a largely mixed session in Europe where traders already have one eye on the ECB meeting on Thursday in the absence of any ...

Jeremy Cook
Euro Leaves Italy Risk For Now By Jeremy Cook - Dec 06, 2016

Italian referendum impact lasts hours The Italian shock lasted about 3 hours yesterday morning and the euro found itself stronger on the session alongside European debt and global equities. Chaos and ...

Shenzhen Connect By AvaTrade - Dec 06, 2016

A trading link has been opened between the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock markets on Monday. The news was overshadowed by the Italian referendum and Trump’s twitter rant criticising Chinese ...

Kevin Flynn
If You Believe In Magic By Kevin Flynn - Dec 06, 2016

“It makes you feel happy like an old time movie.” – The Lovin’ Spoonful, Do You Believe in Magic The stock market did indeed back off a bit last week, not that it means really ...