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Market Overview

Forex Time
Will The Fed Conclude QE?
By Forex Time  - Oct 22, 2014

Although the majority of headlines throughout yesterday concentrated on the Chinese GDP figure of 7.3% being slightly higher than the 7.2% forecasted, the Eurodollar declined by nearly 100 pips ...

eFX News
Developed Macro: Sentiment Turned Positive
By eFX News  - Oct 22, 2014

Sentiment turned positive overnight on good earnings reported by US corporates, much better than expected US existing home sales data and the rumors that the ECB is considering the option of buying ...

Easy Forex
CAD Gains Ahead Of The BOC Press Conference
By Easy Forex - Oct 22, 2014

Currencies The euro (EUR) slid from its high at 1.2839 all the way down to 1.2706 against the US dollar (USD). The single currency lost all previous day’s gains on speculation that the ECB ...

Binary Options Strategy
Core CPI October 22, 2014
By Binary Options Strategy - Oct 22, 2014

During the session on Wednesday, we anticipate that there could be a bit of volatility based in the United Kingdom due to the fact that the MPC Minutes come out, and that can give us a bit of a heads ...

Ian Copsey
Market Procrastination
By Ian Copsey - Oct 22, 2014

That was another strange day… Very clearly the market is not convinced about either direction and certainly not committed to any direction as yet. It was good that USD/CHF managed to make a ...

Lance Roberts
Caution: Correction May Not Be Over
By Lance Roberts - Oct 21, 2014

Beginning in late 2012, as the Federal Reserve announced their latest innovation of "quantitative easing," the markets launched into an uninterrupted advance that lulled investors into a complacent ...

James Picerno
Volatility: A Step Back From The Brink
By James Picerno - Oct 21, 2014

It’s still touch and go with risk warnings according to stock market volatility, but the ongoing threat pulled back from extreme levels yesterday. The VIX (a measure of the implied volatility of the ...