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Market Overview

Doug Short
4 Bad Bear Recoveries: Where Are We Now?
By Doug Short - Jan 27, 2015

This chart series features an overlay of the Four Bad Bears in U.S. history since the market peak in 1929. They are: The Crash of 1929, which eventually ushered in the Great Depression, The Oil ...

Sarah Potter
How To Trade Earnings With An Edge
By Sarah Potter - Jan 27, 2015

Trading Earnings announcements can be a polarizing experience for traders. Picking the right stock, but most importantly choosing the right strategy is going to make all of the difference to a winning...

Ed Yardeni
Global Economy Showing (Some) Signs Of Life
By Ed Yardeni - Jan 27, 2015

Everyone’s been down on the global economic outlook. Both the IMF and World Bank have lowered their global growth forecasts for 2015 and 2016. There has been quite a bit of skepticism about the...

Ian Copsey
An Intimidated Market
By Ian Copsey - Jan 27, 2015

I didn’t enjoy doing yesterday’s analysis. There were too many points to measure, over too long a period and not enough time to fully absorb the alternative possibilities. Having completed...

Marc Chandler
Shouldn't The ECB Target Core Inflation?
By Marc Chandler - Jan 26, 2015

This Great Graphic was composed on Bloomberg. It shows two time series. The headline CPI is the white line. It has gone negative and when the flash estimate for January is released at the end of the ...

Lance Roberts
I Still Don't Like Gold
By Lance Roberts - Jan 26, 2015

Gold For over two years now I have consistently recommended excluding gold and gold-related holdings from your portfolio. This advice has paid out extremely well over that time by reducing portfolio ...

Gary Tanashian
Canary’s Alive And Well
By Gary Tanashian - Jan 26, 2015

This week we will cover the ECB QE action, Euro, USD and their implications for global trade. We’ll also update a still-intact rally in gold, silver and the miners along with some (NFTRH+) trade...

Michael Pento
Europe’s QE Will Fail
By Michael Pento - Jan 26, 2015

The fear of deflation has become the cornerstone of Keynesian economic thought. A lack of inflation has been used to explain periods of economic weakness from the Great Depression of the 1930’s,...

US Futures Trading Lower On Greek
By Avatrade - Jan 26, 2015

Daily Briefing Currencies EUR/USD: The pair has moved above its 50 day moving average on a 30 minute time frame. The next resistance is at 1.15 and the support is at 1.10. USD/JPY: The pair is moving...