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Market Overview

Jeff Miller
Why Investors Must Understand Value
By Jeff Miller - Oct 17, 2014

Preamble – Parody never seems to work on the Internet. People do not want help in thinking. They want conclusions. They also do not have the patience to read to the end. Despite these facts, it is a...

James Picerno
2 Data Points To Smile About
By James Picerno - Oct 16, 2014

The sharp losses in the stock market lately suggest that the U.S. economy faces a new round of headwinds. Yet there’s no sign of trouble from Thursday’s updates on jobless claims and industrial ...

Bill Luby
VIX: What's Keeping Wall Street Up At Night?
By Bill Luby - Oct 16, 2014

Stocks may be in the process of putting in a bottom, but with the VIX hitting 31.06 Wednesday at the same time VIX futures were setting new volume records, investor fear and anxiety is as high as it ...

Lance Roberts
Deflation's Knocking
By Lance Roberts - Oct 16, 2014

Deflation The recent market contraction should not be as much of a surprise as it has been.  First, the markets were long overdue for a correction after an extremely long and unbroken run. Secondly, ...

James Picerno
US Housing Starts: September 2014 Preview
By James Picerno - Oct 16, 2014

Housing starts are expected to increase to an annual pace of 999,000 in tomorrow’s update for September, based on The Capital Spectator’s median econometric point forecast for several econometric ...

Marc Chandler
The Storm Continues, Dollar Stabilizes
By Marc Chandler - Oct 16, 2014

The global markets are struggling to regain some semblance of stability. The US dollar is consolidating yesterday's losses and is modestly firmer. US 10-year Treasury yields have slipped back to near ...

Saxo Bank
Daily Shot: Eurozone Turning Japanese
By Saxo Bank - Oct 16, 2014

Volatility is back. It’s been a while since we’ve seen market swings like the ones we saw today. The 10-year treasury temporarily dipped as low as 1.87% (chart below) and the S&P 500 ...

Sell-Off Tantrum Not Yet Over
By Avatrade - Oct 16, 2014

The tantrum on Wall Street is not over yet, atleast not for now, as the global economy is facing its biggest challenges, and getting worse day by day, and we have no solution insight in the near term....

Marshall Gittler
Bonds Gone Wild
By Marshall Gittler - Oct 16, 2014

Bond market goes wild The action yesterday was all in US interest rates. It’s hard to say what “caused” the wild gyrations, because such moves are a sign of panic rather than a ...

Saxo Bank
Go Forth And Trade On Fear And Volatility
By Saxo Bank - Oct 16, 2014

October is a scary month and not just because of Halloween. Equity markets have a history of melting down and so far, this October hasn’t disappointed. Since June, FX traders (and equity ...

Danske Markets
Danske Daily - Bullard To Speak   
By Danske Markets - Oct 16, 2014

Market Movers US industrial production is expected to rebound in September on the back of subdued industrial production in the previous two months. The overall picture remains that growth in ...

Danske Markets
Retail Sales Point To U.S. Slowdown   
By Danske Markets - Oct 16, 2014

That the US is in the phase of slowing growth was evident again today with the release of retail sales for September. Core retail sales (control group) fell 0.2% m/m, much weaker than consensus at ...