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Market Overview

The Night Owl Trader
Tuesday Uncertain
By The Night Owl Trader  - Mar 03, 2015 1

The Hoot Actionable ideas for the busy trader delivered daily right up front Tuesday uncertain.... ES pivot 2110.00. Holding above is bullish. Rest of week bias uncertain technically. Monthly ...

Doug Short
Crestmont Market Valuation Update
By Doug Short - Mar 03, 2015

Quick take: Based on the February S&P 500 average of daily closes, the Crestmont P/E is now 98% above its arithmetic mean and at the 98th percentile of this fourteen-plus-decade monthly ...

Doug Short
Two Measures Of Inflation And Fed Policy
By Doug Short - Mar 03, 2015

Note from dshort: I've updated the accompanying charts with the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures price index from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The annualized rate of change is calculated ...

Ian Copsey
Dollar Gains, But Limited
By Ian Copsey - Mar 03, 2015

Following Friday’s shift, particularly in EUR/USD, the impact of Friday’s economic releases has been subdued. Of course, as mentioned yesterday, this was expected and I can’t help ...

Trading Advantage
Calendar vs. Vertical
By Trading Advantage - Mar 02, 2015

When making a bullish directional play why would I consider a call calendar and not just buying a call vertical or selling a put vertical. A quick review: A call vertical is when you buy (or sell) a ...

Peter Schiff
The Herd Can Be Blind
By Peter Schiff - Mar 02, 2015

Going into 2015, the economic outlook held by the U.S. investment establishment community could not have been more positive and more unified. Pundits saw all the variables aligning to create the best ...

Marc Chandler
German Wages: Creeping Optimisim
By Marc Chandler - Mar 02, 2015

The differences between eurozone members tends to be a key focus for investors and policy makers. There is another fissure that typically is under-appreciated. It is within Germany itself and is ...

Michael Pento
Nasdaq: Party Like It’s 2015
By Michael Pento - Mar 02, 2015

In 1982 the Artist Formally Known As Prince released a popular party anthem called “1999”. The song was a premonition that 1999 would be a year we would all aspire to “party ...

Lance Roberts
Buy Signals Are Back In Place
By Lance Roberts - Mar 02, 2015

After a brief respite during December and January, the markets advance in February has now reconfirmed the bullish trend. Buy signals are back in place and the recent moves to fully increase exposure ...

The National Bank of Canada
China Cuts Rates Another Time
By The National Bank of Canada - Mar 02, 2015

Last Friday, revised U.S. GDP figures for the last quarter of 2014 reflected a growth rate of 2.2%, which was below the first release of 2.6%, but still 0.2% above analysts' forecasts. We are very far...