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Kathy Lien
USD And Oil Bounce, But Beware China
By Kathy Lien - Feb 12, 2016 1

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. For the first time in 10 trading days, the U.S. dollar ended the week higher against the Japanese yen thanks to ...

Kathy Lien
Will USD Ever Stop Falling?
By Kathy Lien - Feb 11, 2016 3

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. Will the U.S. dollar ever stop falling? The answer is -- of course -- that it will. But the real question to ask is when. Since...

Ryan Mallory
I’m Going 100% Cash This Weekend
By Ryan Mallory - Feb 12, 2016 1

Here's Why, And It's Pretty Obvious 1. Three-day holiday weekend. Heck, it is hard enough holding positions overnight, much less a weekend. But throw in President's Day and you have a lot of ...

Gary Gordon
Do This In The Next Bear-Market Rally
By Gary Gordon - Feb 12, 2016

Bull markets have corrections. Specifically, long-term uptrends often hit roadblocks where stock assets may pull back by 10%, 14%, even 19%. Those who may have been holding some cash typically benefit...

Jason Sen
Crude Looks Ready To Rally
By Jason Sen - Feb 12, 2016 1

WTI Crude suddenly looks like it is ready to rally! I would actually buy oil with a wide stop below $26. A break above 2740 targets first resistance at 2810/15. We should struggle initially but ...

Ed Yardeni
Something Fishy In The State Of China
By Ed Yardeni - Feb 14, 2016 1

Some very smart people are taking very big bets that China may be the subject of the sequel to “The Big Short,” the movie about how the subprime mortgage crisis triggered the housing and ...

Doug Short
World Markets Update: Global Selloff Continues
By Doug Short - Feb 14, 2016

The global market selloff continued over the past week. Our aggregate world index plunged 4.29%, and that's with China's Shanghai Composite on the sidelines in celebration of Spring Festival. The top ...

Chris Kimble
5-Year Bull Trend Is Ending
By Chris Kimble - Feb 11, 2016

The Power of the Pattern would describe a bull trend based upon a series of higher lows and higher highs. Using this definition, the broadest of indices in the states are “breaking 5-year rising...

Tim Knight
Gold Rocks
By Tim Knight - Feb 11, 2016

After years of being a laughingstock, precious metals are getting the last laugh. I’ve been doing charts a long time and honestly, even I can hardly believe what a full-throated and uproarious ...

Phil Flynn
Oil Markets Are Stressed Out
By Phil Flynn - Feb 11, 2016 1

Global market stress is boiling over after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen failed to assure markets that everything is going to be ok. With her pronouncement that the Fed could actually lower ...

Sam Kirtley
How Far Can Gold Rally?
By Sam Kirtley - Feb 10, 2016 3

Gold has broken higher through its long term downtrend line with the most recent rally. This break begs the question of how much longer gold can continue rallying. In this article we analyse the ...