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Tim Knight
Oil's Counter-Trend Rally
By Tim Knight - Aug 31, 2015 1

Crude oil’s long bear market has been met with a ferocious counter-trend rally. I can’t say precisely when it’ll stop, but I am highly confident this is going to re-sink soon (not ...

Phil Flynn
Oil: Was it Really That Bad?
By Phil Flynn - Sep 02, 2015

U.S. stock markets plummet, dragging down the global oil market after a weak reading in the Chinese Manufacturing data. But was the data really that bad? The Chinese official Purchasing Managers' ...

Ellen Wald
Is OPEC Winning?
By Ellen Wald - Sep 01, 2015 2

It has been 9 months since OPEC decided not to scale back oil production and to permit its members to produce as much as they want. The result has been a tumultuous year for the crude oil market. ...

Bill Holter
VIX: A Short Squeeze For The Ages
By Bill Holter - Sep 01, 2015

That's what happens when there are 64 million shares short and only 52.3 million shares outstanding... From ZeroHedge Briefly and in plain English I would like to explain this to you. The VIX, ...

Chris Vermeulen
It’s NOT Time To Get Bullish
By Chris Vermeulen - Aug 27, 2015 2

U.S. stocks closed lower Tuesday after a failed attempt to rally from the Dow's worst 3-day point decline. It’s something I have not seen since the 2008 GLOBAL financial crisis. The market had ...

Chris Kimble
Is Long-Term Bull Market Still In Play?
By Chris Kimble - Sep 02, 2015

The S&P 500 is now down around 7% on the year, which begs the question: Is the very long-term bull market still in play? Yes it is. The chart below looks at the NYSE Composite on a monthly basis, ...

Chris Vermeulen
The Beginning Of A New Market Cycle
By Chris Vermeulen - Sep 01, 2015

Within the United States, the US Federal Government and The US Federal Reserve Bank interventions have failed. These manipulations, by the central bank, in order to maintain the current stock bubble, ...

Simit Patel
Gold/Silver Ratio Bounces Off Key Resistance
By Simit Patel - Aug 31, 2015

Below is a monthly chart of the gold/silver ratio. We see that since 2003, the market has tested the 80 number four distinct times (the red boxes in the chart). In each test, the market was able to ...

Forex Corporate
Oil And Euro Fall
By Forex Corporate - Sep 02, 2015

Oil Prices Extend Losses Oil prices extend losses today because of the weak data on manufacturing in the US and China and the estimates for growth of oil reserves in the US. The price of US crude oil ...

Trader Moe
Oil’s Rising Megaphone Is Bearish
By Trader Moe  - Aug 31, 2015

Oil's Rising Megaphone (Red) Across Inverse H&S Neckline (Blue) is Likely Setting Up a Megaphone Move to a Lower Low Oil put in some amazing short squeezes over the past few days, putting in a ...