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Most Popular Analysis

Kathy Lien
ECB Wants Euro To Fall By Kathy Lien - 7 hours ago 8

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. The European Central Bank wants the euro to fall and that's exactly what the euro did after the monetary-policy announcement. ...

Matthew Ashley
Silver Poised For Near-Term Bullishness By Matthew Ashley - 19 hours ago

Key Points: Further upsides look likely from a technical perspective. Upsides largely contingent on a near-term breakout. Upside constraint of channel could be tested in the medium-term. Silver ...

Kathy Lien
Will Trump Influence Bank Of Canada? By Kathy Lien - Dec 06, 2016 5

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. After the Italian referendum, the forex market turned its focus to 3 monetary-policy announcements. The Reserve Bank of ...

Gregory W. Harmon
The Russell 2000 Is Going Higher By Gregory W. Harmon - Dec 07, 2016 2

The Russell 2000 has been the market's work horse since the election. I have seen many narratives about why this is so. Most take a stance on Donald Trump’s tax policy or trade policy or desire ...

Tim Knight
Chart Of The Day: Major Reversal For Gold? By Tim Knight - Dec 08, 2016 2

I’ve encountered many different people in the nearly dozen years I’ve been blogging, and one I remember well is a chap named Hector who reached out in the late stages of the financial ...

Chris Kimble
Gold Bugs Test Cluster Support By Chris Kimble - Dec 07, 2016

Gold Mining stocks started off the year like a rocket ship. Over the past 20 weeks, the popular Gold Miners ETF (NYSE:GDX) has declined nearly 35%. This is one of the larger 20-week declines in its ...

Al Brooks
EUR/USD: Reversal Down From Resistance By Al Brooks - 11 hours ago 4

Since the break below the December 2015 low, I have been saying that EUR/USD's target was the October 25 low. The daily chart broke back above that low last night, yet found sellers. Bulls sold to ...

Tim Knight
Crude’s Intraday Top By Tim Knight - Dec 07, 2016 2

The last bastion for bears these days appears to be crude oil. Now that the OPEC cat is out of the bag, we can actually focus on simple economics, and it’s pretty clear that the worldwide glut ...

Tim Knight
I'm Short Energy By Tim Knight - Dec 06, 2016

It’s the same old deal with equities -- lifetime highs across the board. I must say, though, I’m quite taken by energy once again. Take a look of this crude-oil chart and note the circles ...

Al Brooks
EUR/USD: Bulls Will Buy Pullback By Al Brooks - Dec 06, 2016

After an Expanding Triangle Bottom at the support of the December 2015 low, there is now an Expanding Triangle Bear Flag attempt. Yet, the rally was strong enough to make at least one more leg up ...

5 Stocks To Buy Now By Estimize - Dec 06, 2016

Each week Forcerank runs a variety of games covering different industries. What we have found, is that the top three ranked companies in their respective games deliver the biggest positive price ...

Kathy Lien
3 Reasons Euro 'Verticalized' On Italy Vote By Kathy Lien - Dec 05, 2016 2

Many investors may be wondering why EUR/USD verticalized after the Italians voted against Prime Minister Renzi’s Senate reforms, especially after EUR/USD dropped within a few pips of 1.05. We ...