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Kathy Lien
All Eyes On Yellen And The USD
By Kathy Lien - Jul 28, 2015

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. How Will FOMC Impact the Dollar? Euro Retraces Despite Progress in Greece AUD and NZD Vulnerable to Further Losses NZD: Shrugs...

Kathy Lien
5 Reasons For Euro’s 1% Jump
By Kathy Lien - Jul 27, 2015

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. Daily FX Market Roundup 07.27.15 Here’s 5 Reasons for the 1% Jump in EURO USD: Will China Prevent the Fed from Raising ...

Erik Swarts
Gold Is Dead. Long Live Gold
By Erik Swarts - Jul 26, 2015 3

- Heavy is the head that wears the crown Among our less prescient perspectives has been the expectation that the precious metals sector would rekindle the flame it fervently held over the previous ...

Kathy Lien
Why The Fed Didn't Hurt USD
By Kathy Lien - Jul 29, 2015

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. Why FOMC Did Not Hurt the Dollar Euro Dips, Latest on Greek Debt Talks GBP Pops on Mortgage Approvals USD/CAD Dips Below ...

Tim Knight
Oil Bounce?
By Tim Knight - Jul 27, 2015 2

I may live to regret this, but I’ve started augmenting my long (yes, long) positions in precious metals with long energy positions. A big reason for this is the belief that crude will bounce at ...

Tommy Humphreys
A Scary Proposition For Gold Bulls
By Tommy Humphreys - Jul 29, 2015

With gold floundering just below $1,100/oz for the last week gold bulls are digging for reasons to be optimistic. However, the following two charts courtesy of Morgan Stanley Research (NYSE:MS) ...

Kathy Lien
It’s Time For A Dollar Comeback
By Kathy Lien - Jul 24, 2015 2

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. It is Time for a Dollar Comeback USD/CAD Hits 10-Year Highs AUD/USD at 6-Year Lows NZD: Comm Dollars Hit Hard by Chinese ...

Lance Roberts
Is This A Sellable Rally?
By Lance Roberts - Jul 28, 2015

On Monday evening I said that the market was due for a "reflex bounce" as soon as Tuesday. While Tuesday's bounce is being attributed to further interventions by the Chinese government to try and ...

Urban Carmel
Gold's Current Tradeable Set-Up
By Urban Carmel - Jul 27, 2015 4

Summary: There's currently a tradeable set-up in gold. Sentiment, seasonality and the price pattern (especially the 2% intraday reversal on Friday) are all favorable. Importantly, there is a clear ...

Mike Paulenoff
Will Shanghai Hit The S&P 500?
By Mike Paulenoff - Jul 27, 2015

Below is what we discussed back on July 7, when the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index was in free-fall, falling 30-plus percent off of its multi-year high at 5177, despite the Chinese ...

Gary Tanashian
Ritholtz Stirs The Gold-Bug Pot
By Gary Tanashian - Jul 29, 2015

Anyone who has been bearish on gold for the last 4 years has been right. They have been right in euros and though the trend appears to have been gently changing over the last year or two, they have ...

Ali Syed Arsalan
Will EUR/USD Move Above 1.1000?
By Ali Syed Arsalan - Jul 26, 2015

The pair closed below 100-SMA on 4 hr chart.There is a very strong resistance around 1.1000 and at the same time, it is also seen as a strong psychological resistance. The short term downtrend from ...

Ellen Wald
4 Key Signs Low Oil Prices Are Here To Stay
By Ellen Wald - Jul 30, 2015

Though the price of oil managed to climb back to $60 a barrel from a low of $40, it has now fallen back under $50. Will oil prices recover as quickly this time around? Four key financial and economic ...