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Most Popular Analysis

Kathy Lien
3 FX Opportunities And How To Trade Them By Kathy Lien - Aug 22, 2016

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. There may not be much in the way of market-moving U.S. data this week but that doesn’t mean there won’t be ...

Lance Roberts
Volatility And The Bond Bull Market By Lance Roberts - Aug 23, 2016

Last week, I covered the extremely low levels of volatility in the market and the building potential for a snap back reversal which would likely coincide with a decline in the market. To wit: The ...

Stewart Thomson
Gold: All Eyes On Jackson Hole By Stewart Thomson - Aug 24, 2016

In the gold market, all analytical eyes should be on the Jackson Hole central banking conference. On Friday, Janet Yellen makes her speech. This is the eight hour bars gold chart. Janet’s ...

Tim Knight
Crude Oil’s Black Bars Matter By Tim Knight - 18 hours ago 1

Here’s something we haven’t seen in weeks -- a couple of proximal down-days in crude oil. Weeks ago, crude was a reliable down-every-day market, but then it turned into an up-every-day ...

Trader Moe
Gold Nears Head-And-Shoulders Neckline By Trader Moe - 18 hours ago 1

Gold is Approaching Its Head and Shoulders Neckline (Red) Gold is approaching its head-and-shoulders neckline or potential triangle bottom (red). It could bounce off that neckline to complete a ...

Mike Paulenoff
Oil's Headline Risk Is Back In Force By Mike Paulenoff - Aug 23, 2016 2

Headline risk has returned with a vengeance in the Oil market. For the better part of August, various comments by Oil producers in general and Saudi Arabia in particular about a production ceiling -- ...

Keith Weiner
Gold Market No Longer Screaming 'Danger' By Keith Weiner - Aug 22, 2016

Measured in gold, the price of the dollar hardly budged this week. It fell less than one tenth of a milligram, from 23.29 to 23.20mg. However, in silver terms, it’s a different story. The dollar...

Trader Moe
Gold Head And Shoulders By Trader Moe - Aug 22, 2016

Gold Head and Shoulders with Right Shoulder Triangle vs Gold Continuation Triangle Gold is working on a potential right shoulder triangle for a head and shoulders top (red neckline above). It broke ...

Tim Knight
Gold: Triangle Breakdown Continues By Tim Knight - 22 hours ago

Well, that spiffy little symetric triangle I discovered on gold turns out to be reasonably important. We continue to weaken on gold (and, consequently, miners). Here’s the front month: As for ...

Marc Chandler
Dollar Weakness And Fed Expectations By Marc Chandler - Aug 22, 2016

The US dollar has fallen against all the major currencies this month. Even the pound gained about 0.3% against the heavy greenback. What's most striking about the dollar's decline is that it has taken...

Chris Kimble
Gold, Silver Miners Eye Resistance By Chris Kimble - 18 hours ago

Below looks at the oldest miner index in the states -- XAU -- over the past decade. The XAU appears to be kissing potentially important resistance levels. All mining indices are strongly up this year...

Sol Palha
Why Is This Stock Market So Resilient? By Sol Palha - Aug 23, 2016

Do not let yourself be tainted with a barren skepticism. -- Louis Pasteur The market has resisted all attempts to correct. We know why it's not crashing -- it has to do with mass psychology, but ...