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Erik Swarts
Get Real On Gold Fever By Erik Swarts - Jul 22, 2016

Throughout the year I’ve referenced the chart below, which now reflects a large performance differential between the banks and the gold miners, as yields – both nominal and real - have ...

Marc Chandler
Will The FOMC Halt The Dollar's Advance? By Marc Chandler - Jul 24, 2016

The US dollar gained against all the major currencies over the past week. It also rose against many emerging market currencies. A notable exception was the Chinese yuan. The yuan rose before the ...

Kathy Lien
Euro Hits Fresh Low, Strong Week For Dollar By Kathy Lien - Jul 22, 2016

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. This was a strong week for the U.S. dollar. The greenback traded higher against all of the major currencies despite the lack of...

Tim Knight
Commodities Uptrend Finally Broken By Tim Knight - Jul 22, 2016

Well, that took long enough. In place since January 20, the ascending trendline for commodities (as measured by the ETF DBC) is broken to the downside. Aside from oil’s weakness, agricultural ...

Steven Knight
Gold Is Ready To Rebound By Steven Knight - Jul 22, 2016

Key Points: 2-bar reversal pattern evident on daily time frame. Gold likely to remain bullish in coming week. Physical demand remains buoyant in Q1, 2016. The past few weeks have been relatively ...

Dan Norcini
Silver COT Tug Of War; What's It All About? By Dan Norcini - Jul 24, 2016

Let’s start this off with a broad overall look at the various players in the Silver market. The gigantic war continues unabated. Hedge funds keep piling in on the long side while Commercials ...

Kathy Lien
Euro Update And ECB Takeaways By Kathy Lien - Jul 21, 2016

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. The primary focus Thursday for FX traders was the European Central Bank’s monetary policy announcement, which failed to ...

George Dorgan
The Relationship Between CHF And Gold By George Dorgan - 23 hours ago

Gold versus Swiss Franc Many people think that Switzerland is related to gold due to its inflation-hedging safe-haven status. Historically this is true. With rising U.S. inflation in the 1970s gold ...

Adam Hamilton
Silver Bull Faces Correction By Adam Hamilton - Jul 24, 2016

Silver’s young bull market got off to a typically-slow start, lagging gold’s own new bull. But recently the white metal surged to catch up in a record summer rally. That left silver very ...

Gary Tanashian
Gold Vs. Commodities By Gary Tanashian - Jul 21, 2016

The signals from gold vs. other assets and markets have become so important to financial markets over the last year (hello Macrocosm, July 27 2015) that I have created a standard segment in called ...

Market Update – 22-07-2016 By AvaTrade - Jul 22, 2016

Currencies EUR/USD – the ECB rate decision and the subsequent press conference by ECB President Draghi was basically a non-event as was expected. It was not able to move the markets too much, ...