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Most Popular Analysis

Kathy Lien
USD’s Not Out Of The Woods Yet By Kathy Lien - Sep 22, 2016 1

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. After falling to a low of 100.10 during the Asian trading session, USD/JPY staged a strong reversal to end Thursday near 101. ...

Jay Kaeppel
Navigating September-October: So Far, So Good By Jay Kaeppel - Sep 22, 2016

The September/October period has often been a difficult one for the stock market. I've written about this long-term trend and discussed a simple hedging method. This time around? No problem. Since the...

Chris Kimble
Crude Oil Attempts Key Breakout By Chris Kimble - Sep 23, 2016 4

Below looks at crude oil on a monthly closing basis since the early 1980s. Crude started tanking in 2014 and its low earlier this year happened at dual long-term support at (1) below. Two support ...

Jason Sen
Gold Bulls Are Back In Control By Jason Sen - Sep 22, 2016 2

Gold bulls back in control and a break above 1338 targets 1342/43 then important trend line resistance at 1349/50. This is the most important resistance of the day as we become overbought short term....

Boris Schlossberg
Dollar Steadies; Pound Wobbles By Boris Schlossberg - Sep 23, 2016

Market Drivers September 23, 2016 EZ PMIs slightly mixed Johnson - Article 50 in 2017 Nikkei -0.32% DAX -0.19% Oil $45/bbl Gold $1340/oz. Europe and AsiaJPY: Manufacturing PMI 50.3 vs. 49.3EUR: EZ ...

Steven Knight
NZD/USD: Sell The Break Out By Steven Knight - Sep 23, 2016

Key Points: Key inflection point approaching. Price action approaching lower channel constraint. Any breach of the channel could signal new bearish phase. The kiwi dollar could be preparing for ...

Marc Chandler
It Is Friday And The USD Is Firmer Again By Marc Chandler - Sep 23, 2016

As Nassim Taleb instructed, we should not be fooled by randomness. If you see six red results in a row at a roulette table, do not conclude the game is rigged. If you flip a coin, and it is tails six ...

Benedetto DiCostanzo
Crude Continues Its Push Higher By Benedetto DiCostanzo - Sep 23, 2016

November crude oil continued its push higher on Thursday, September 22, 2016, trading above the 100 DMA (46.20) and getting to the trendline which was at 46.53 for the day. The high was 46.52. Crude ...