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Jeff Miller
The Week Ahead: Is the Correction Over?
By Jeff Miller - Oct 19, 2014 1

Was that the bottom? Nearly everyone is trying to time the market, so the financial media will focus on remaining risk versus signals of a bottom. We have a little economic news next week, but plenty ...

Lance Roberts
Weekend Reads: Buy Or Run?
By Lance Roberts - Oct 17, 2014

This past week investors took a blow from a sharp selloff in the financial markets. I have spilled quite a bit of ink in recent months discussing the probabilities of such as corrective event as the ...

Gary Tanashian
Here's Where We Are
By Gary Tanashian - Oct 17, 2014

Allow me to share a simple sketch I drew that was part of an NFTRH interim update for subscribers last night.  The black line is where we have been.  The blue line is a projection of what a typical ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Did We Just Dodge A Bullet?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Oct 17, 2014

The week started off looking like a Fred Sanford market (70's sitcom reference) -- who famously said, 'this could be the big one!' Indeed, accelerated selling continuing after two weeks of a slow ...

Venelin Penchev
Gold: Bearish Or Bullish?
By Venelin Penchev - Oct 19, 2014

Looking at the weekly chart below we can see the price of gold trapped between the flat bottom line and the falling upper line. For the bulls the formation resembles a triple bottom, for the bears - a...

Keith Fitz-Gerald
How To Trade The Ebola Crisis
By Keith Fitz-Gerald - Oct 17, 2014

Editor's Note: We're sharing this Total Wealth with you because we believe that the ongoing Ebola outbreak will continue to be disruptive to markets all over the world. But as we've seen many, many ...

Mercenary Trader
Inflation Already Happened
By Mercenary Trader  - Oct 19, 2014

“Risk of Deflation Feeds Global Fears,” says the WSJ in today’s links. “World economy so damaged it may need permanent QE,” says the UK Telegraph. European inflation is at a five-year low. It ...

Chris Kimble
Will German Bullish Wick Help The S&P?
By Chris Kimble - Oct 17, 2014

The DAX and S&P 500 have been in leadership roles on the upside for the past few years. Over the past four months the DAX index has declined a little over 10%, influencing the S&P 500 and ...

eFX News
EUR/USD, USD/JPY: Welcome Back Turbulence
By eFX News  - Oct 17, 2014

"After Tuesday’s Treasury flash crash, US bond yields looked to have put in blow-out base that should help the long USD/JPY m/t outlook. In addition, the new EUR/USD ‘smile curve’ shows only a limited...

Marc Chandler
The Week Ahead: Post Taper Tantrum II
By Marc Chandler - Oct 20, 2014

The prospects that the Federal Reserve would begin slowing its purchases sparked a market meltdown in 2013. The "taper tantrum", as it was dubbed, destabilized the capital markets. Now it is as if the...

Karim Rahemtulla
Will Oil Drag Down U.S. The Economy?
By Karim Rahemtulla - Oct 17, 2014

Oil prices dropped by more than 15% this year. And gasoline has broken $3 per gallon in some states. Good news, right? Not if you like having a job… The country’s economic recovery is strongly tied to...