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Dr. Duru
Market Now Officially Overbought
By Dr. Duru  - Nov 27, 2014

T2108 Status: 69.99%T2107 Status: 54.6%VIX Status: 12.1General (Short-term) Trading Call: Hold (bullish positions)Active T2108 periods: Day #28 over 20%, Day #26 over 30%, Day #23 over 40%, Day #21 ...

Chris Kimble
Crude’s Crashing — $35 In Sight?
By Chris Kimble - Nov 28, 2014

  About 60 days ago the Power of the Pattern suggested that the "most important commodity on the planet" should be on its way to the $70 zone if the bottom of the pennant pattern broke support. Well, ...

Tim Knight
Shift Happens
By Tim Knight - Nov 26, 2014 1

Back on November 10, I did my Shifting Sands post, which predicted that oil would -- as Gold and Silver did before it -- fall to pieces. I’ve marked the point of my post on the chart below with an ...

Eric De Groot
Natural Gas Churning
By Eric De Groot - Nov 26, 2014 3

Natural Gas, an extremely volatile market, has tested the 11/17 gap on contracting volume (chart).  This suggests decreasing downside force. What cannot break support with force, often reverses and ...

Charles Sizemore
Here's What The Big Shots Are Buying
By Charles Sizemore - Nov 25, 2014

You should never blindly follow anyone's investment moves -- not even masters of the universe like Carl Icahn or George Soros.   You never know what their investment game plan is or whether a stock ...

Alex Gurr
Oil Still Firmly Bearish
By Alex Gurr - Nov 26, 2014

The Oil market has been very volatile in recent weeks, if not months. Still, there is certainly no reason to take your eye off the ball when it comes to oil markets. There has been a lot of talk about...

Marc Chandler
OPEC's Dilemma
By Marc Chandler - Nov 26, 2014

In the middle of November, the CEO of Vodafone Group (NASDAQ:VOD) Vittorio Colao warned of a "prisoner's dilemma" in the effort to offer bundled television and broadband services. It makes sense for ...

Chris Kimble
Thanks For The Dow Theory Breakouts
By Chris Kimble - Nov 26, 2014

  What are you "Thankful For?" This is a great time to count our blessings and become more aware of things we should be thankful for.  I'm Thankful for too many things to to list, but I do want to ...

Ed Yardeni
The World Is Awash In Oil
By Ed Yardeni - Nov 25, 2014 1

Consumers should be thankful for the plunge in oil prices since the summer. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil peaked this year at $115.15 on June 19. It is down 31% to $79.43 since then. The ...

Jeremy Cook
Markets Quiet As U.S. Takes The Day Off
By Jeremy Cook - Nov 27, 2014

Yesterday’s UK growth numbers gave GBP a slight knock higher on the session, however a fair run of the move higher in GBP/USD was as a result of a weaker USD. UK growth has remained decent but ...

Chris Ciovacco
Hard To Say This Is Bearish  
By Chris Ciovacco - Nov 25, 2014

Strongest Six Months In A Decade It is difficult to imagine a new bear market starting when the economy is growing and the technicals are favorable. Tuesday’s GDP report showed the U.S. economy ...

Matthew Weller
Model Signals Potential USD Weakness
By Matthew Weller - Nov 26, 2014

Background: Traders often discuss how ‘month end’ flows may impact a currency or a currency pair during the last few day(s) of the month. These flows are caused by global portfolio managers ...