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Market Overview

Danske Markets
Riksbank And Norges Bank Meetings   By Danske Markets - 17 hours ago

In Sweden two events are in focus: the updated net borrowing forecast from the Swedish National Debt Office (SNDO) on 26 October and the outcome of the Riksbank meeting on 27 October. We expect the ...

Marc Chandler
Forces Of Movement In The Week Ahead By Marc Chandler - 19 hours ago

There were two developments before the weekend that will likely spur a response in the week ahead. First, while most were looking out for DBRS credit review of Portugal, Fitch surprised by cutting ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Cautious Optimism By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

The economic growth deceleration in emerging countries as a whole seems to have come to an end. Confidence indicators in the manufacturing sector have improved and external financing conditions have ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
A Crucial Turning Point Ahead   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

Despite uncertainty over the new government’s reform programme, the markets and investors reacted positively to the political changes of the past few months. The same cannot be said for the ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
A Painful Recovery   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

USD 32 billion by the end of August, USD 38 billion lower than a year before. In order to stem the bleeding from this fund, the government made two debt issues, one in May the other in September, for ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
A Major Advance   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

Two years after taking power, the Narendra Modi government managed to pass a unified VAT bill. Even though it will take a few years to feel the positive effects of this reform, the bill is a major ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Credit Risks Still Rising   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

The slowdown in China's economic growth has paused since the second quarter of 2016 thanks to stimulus policy measures. The stabilisation in industrial production growth, the upturn in the real estate...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
New Reality   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

The DPP’s victory in the presidential and general elections last January rode on a wave of dissatisfaction with the poor economic performances of recent years, even though growth is expected to ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
An Unstable Equilibrium   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

The vote in favour of the draft constitution proposed by the military junta, in power since May 2014, is not good news. It does not resolve any of the political or social conflicts, while ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
A Delicate Transition   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

Malaysia’s economic situation has deteriorated. Growth has slowed, the current account surplus is shrinking, and the 1MDB corruption scandal has sparked a domestic political crisis and the loss ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Another Economic Stress Test   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

Culminating a series of (geo) political shocks over the past three years, the aborted military coup of 15 July triggered a spontaneous outpouring of national support for President Erdogan. Yet the ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
In The Mood To Spend More   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

Squeezed by the reduction in European transfers, investment growth is slowing. Consumption, in contrast, is holding up well, bolstered by public spending, which is paving the way for a soft landing. ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Economic Growth On Life Support   By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Oct 23, 2016

Growth resilient, but imbalances soar With the hydrocarbon sector generating more than 95% of exports and about 60% of government revenue, the Algerian economy has been hard hit. Even so, it ...