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Market Overview

Frank Zorrilla
Bank Shot When I Wrote
By Frank Zorrilla - Nov 23, 2014

When I wrote last week about the “wizards of awe,” I wasn’t referring to the heads of the globes biggest central banks – but maybe I should have been. Three weeks after the Bank of Japan (BOJ) ...

Frank Zorrilla
This Is The Only Way To Invest
By Frank Zorrilla - Nov 23, 2014

It seems like the tone in the blogsphere arena nowadays goes something like this—if you are not investing/trading like we are then you are wrong and we are going to tell you all about it.  I’ve been ...

Doug Short
ECRI Recession Watch: Weekly Update
By Doug Short - Nov 23, 2014

The Weekly Leading Index (WLI) of the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) is at 133.2, up from the previous week's 132.0. The WLI annualized growth indicator (WLIg) is at -2.4, down from -2.9 the...

Doug Short
Five Decades Of Middle Class Wages: Update
By Doug Short - Nov 23, 2014

Note from dshort: I've updated this series to include yesterday's release of the October Consumer Price Index. Here's a perspective on personal income for production and nonsupervisory private ...

Marc Chandler
Everyone Wants U.S. Dollars (Again)
By Marc Chandler - Nov 23, 2014

A new phase in the markets began this month. The Federal Reserve ended its QE3+ purchases. The Bank of Japan unexpectedly and dramatically stepped up its asset purchases under its QQE operations. The ...

Lance Roberts
Rising Risk: Ponder This
By Lance Roberts - Nov 21, 2014

There are things going on with the financial markets currently that seem just a bit "out of balance." For example, asset prices are rising against a backdrop of global weakness, deflationary pressures...

Nicholas Santiago
What To Expect When Japan Blows
By Nicholas Santiago - Nov 21, 2014 2

Earlier this week, Japan announced that its gross domestic product had declined again, pushing the country into recession -- the definition of which is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. Most ...

Gary Tanashian
Draghi Speaks The Truth
By Gary Tanashian - Nov 21, 2014

Words Are Important.  That's not just a headline, it's reality. Draghi says the ECB will ‘do what it must’ on asset buying to lift inflation -- not ‘what it thinks would be best for the European ...

Anthony M. Cherniawski
Weekend Update: November 21, 2014
By Anthony M. Cherniawski - Nov 21, 2014

-- VIX challenged its highest resistance at 15.80 before closing beneath its mid-Cycle resistance at 14.29. This completes a reversal pattern at the start of a Primary Wave [3] which may meet or ...

Danske Markets
Sweden's New SCBC Loan   
By Danske Markets - Nov 21, 2014

On Monday 24 November (depending on market conditions), SCBC will start introducing a new loan (SE0006452900) that matures on 17 June 2020 (thus fitting in between SGB1051 and SGB1052 on the ...

Alan Gula
Japan Enters Triple-Dip Recession
By Alan Gula - Nov 21, 2014

Earlier this week, Japan released its preliminary third-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) figure. According to Bloomberg, the median economist estimate was 2.2% quarter-over-quarter annualized ...