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Market Overview

Antonio Fatas
Greece, Democracy, Exits And EMU Contagion
By Antonio Fatas - Jan 29, 2015

One more post on Greece, possibly not the last one. Markets are more worried about what is going on and there is more and more talk about the possibility of and exit of Greece from the euro area. As I...

What Now For Greece And The Eurozone?
By MetalMiner  - Jan 29, 2015

Any failure to meet austerity commitments to the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and European Commission next month by Greece will see the next tranche of loans not being paid by ...

Daily Analysis: Gold Rally Could Slow In Short Run
By FX77 - Jan 29, 2015

Financial expert Eric from Fx77 Binary Option indicates that it’s not a smart move to choose Call for USD Index at high position 95.00. For other products such as non-USD currencies and precious...

Philip Baker
Is U.S. Dollar Strength Bearish For Oil?
By Philip Baker - Jan 29, 2015

After a precipitous decline from US$100/bbl in September 2014, brent crude oil has settled into a trading range of $48-$50 in the last couple of weeks. The pressure appears to remain to the downside, ...

David Kotok
What Patient Means In Fedspeak
By David Kotok - Jan 29, 2015

1. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. 2. an ability or willingness to suppress ...

Ed Yardeni
The ECB's Challenge
By Ed Yardeni - Jan 29, 2015

The introduction of the euro at the start of 1999 caused bond yields to converge in the Eurozone as investors no longer distinguished between the credit risk of the different members of the monetary ...