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Market Overview

Craig Erlam
ECB Time As We Enter Business End Of The Week
By Craig Erlam - Mar 05, 2015

Investors continue to trade cautiously as we approach the business end to the week, with today bringing the latest monetary policy decisions from the Bank of England and the ECB and more importantly, ...

Saxo Bank
Alibaba Looks Set To Stem The Slump
By Saxo Bank - Mar 05, 2015

BackgroundI have previously discussed how Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) has been trying to find a social networking platform that will help it to rival Tencent's (OTC:TCEHY) WeChat app. Having invested in ...

Ian Copsey
Onto The Next Stage
By Ian Copsey - Mar 05, 2015

Further US Dollar strength continued - but actually a little more than anticipated. This brings us to a key juncture in this sequence. Momentum across the Europeans is very clearly Dollar bullish. ...

Cam Hui
Zen And The Art Of Chinese Economic Re-Balancing
By Cam Hui - Mar 05, 2015

The latest news out of China is Beijing has set its 2015 growth target at about 7%. Notwithstanding the numerical value of the GDP growth target, one of the key elements of Chinese economic policy is ...

eFX News
ECB Tapering Talk Precedes QE Launch
By eFX News  - Mar 04, 2015

The European Central Bank's newest monetary policy tool is already starting to ignite conversations about its conclusion even before the Bank has purchased the first government bonds under its ...

Marc Chandler
What To Expect From The ECB
By Marc Chandler - Mar 04, 2015

The ECB meets tomorrow. We do not attribute any significance to the fact that the meeting will be held in Cyprus. A couple times a year, the ECB meets outside of Frankfurt. There are three key ...

Lance Roberts
Think Like A Bear, Invest Like A Bull
By Lance Roberts - Mar 04, 2015

You Think Like A Bear But Invest Like A Bull? The answer to this question is what I have come to term the “Hussman Effect.” There is relatively little argument that Dr. John Hussman is ...