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Dow And S&P 500 Trade Sideways
By  - Oct 08, 2015

Dow Jones: As mentioned in our last update, Dow has retraced from 50% Fibonacci level despite the positive catalysts appearing over daily studies. Meanwhile, technical indicators started to shows ...

Warren Bevan
Extremely Overbought
By Warren Bevan - Oct 08, 2015

“Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.” Donald Trump Well, what an amazing weekend it was and the last hurray of summer I suppose. Unfortunately, it was ...

Tim Knight
Now And Then
By Tim Knight - Oct 08, 2015

I was thinking of making this post a video, but I recognize that the problem with videos is that you actually have to watch the damned thing. Text and pictures are more accessible. So, here we ...

ES Closed Near Highs Yesterday
By MrTopStep - Oct 08, 2015

Last night, the S&P futures opened at 1965.00 slightly down and traveled lower, making an early globex low at the 1960.00 area before bouncing higher during the Asian session and especially into ...

Trader Moe
SPY Put-Call Ratio A Little Above Neutral
By Trader Moe  - Oct 08, 2015

The SPY Put-Call Ratio Closed a Little Above its 20 dma at 1.71 The SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) put-call ratio closed today a little above neutral. SPY put volume rose by 29% on a moderate rise in ...

Trader Moe
ES Topping Formation Begins, So Be Patient
By Trader Moe  - Oct 08, 2015

Rising Megaphone Short Squeeze ES Topping Scenarios ES put in two rising megaphones today (pink and red on chart) within the blue topping megaphone. The retrace target for the pink rising megaphone ...

Harry Boxer
4 Stocks To Watch: COP, DY, STO, TASR
By Harry Boxer - Oct 08, 2015

I thought the market had an excellent day on Wednesday. Considering the sharp pullback in the morning, the market came back nicely, and closed at the intraday, afternoon rally highs going away. It was...

Declan Fallon
Losses Reversed, Volume Climbs
By Declan Fallon - Oct 08, 2015

Bulls can be happy with yesterday's progress. What weakness emerged yesterday was reversed by the close, a change on Tuesday's action where sellers dumped in the last few minutes of trading. Volume ...