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Asian Markets Respond Well To Strong S&P Futures Moves
By IG - Sep 02, 2015

Peace and goodwill around WWII commemoration boosting Asian stocks? Asian markets have been responding well to the strong moves seen in the S&P futures in Asian trading today. The Chinese market ...

Yale Bock
U.S. Domestic Economy Continues To Pick Up
By Yale Bock - Sep 02, 2015

In August, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 6.60%, the S&P 500 fell 6.29%, and the NASDAQ dropped 6.86%. As fall rapidly approaches, the data dependent Federal Open Market Committee has much ...

Warren Bevan
All Cash Again
By Warren Bevan - Sep 02, 2015

Markets showed a hefty gap down overnight which held so I was doing some selling after we opened and saw a small quick rip higher. I’m all back to cash now and markets are once again very ...

Ryan Mallory
Short Setups For Unrelenting Bears
By Ryan Mallory - Sep 02, 2015

The bears are back in the driver's seat after last week's dead cat bounce. This is not surprising, as I have mentioned numerous times in my recent trading plans to not trust the strength of the ...

Petros Steriotis
DAX: Negative Overall
By Petros Steriotis - Sep 02, 2015

Overall negative on DAX, so that a bounce to the 10.200/10.400 could be sold short with a close stop. 9.725 is a major support for this market today.. DAX Original post

Harry Boxer
4 Stocks To Watch: DERM, LPCN, CEB, CRTO
By Harry Boxer - Sep 02, 2015

The markets had a very lousy day on Tuesday, gapping down sharply, getting bear wedge formations, and going down the rest of the day until the end of the day, when they bounced a little bit. It was ...

Doug Short
Is the Stock Market Cheap?
By Doug Short - Sep 02, 2015

Here is a new update of a popular market valuation method using the most recent Standard & Poor's "as reported" earnings and earnings estimates and the index monthly average of daily closes for ...