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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Blaine Rollins
An Unforeseen Risk…
By Blaine Rollins - Jan 25, 2015

Risk Historical Volatility… An “unforeseen” risk has once again reared its head globally, leaving many hedge funds and FX brokerage firms facing catastrophic losses from shorting ...

Trader Moe
SPY Put-Call Ratio Shoots Up To 1.90
By Trader Moe  - Jan 25, 2015

The SPY put-call ratio shot up to 1.90 on Friday on a strong rise in open interest, though open interest is still low.SPY put volume dropped by 8%. SPY call volume dropped by 41%.A SPY put-call ratio...

Tim Knight
Farewell, Skymall!
By Tim Knight - Jan 25, 2015

A source of valuable comic fodder on Slope has declared bankruptcy. It’s a shame, too. Skymall’s inability to attract consumers has not been lost on the unfortunate shareholders of their ...

Ryan Mallory
Up, Down, Where Do We Go?  
By Ryan Mallory - Jan 25, 2015

Here's this week's Google Hangout. In it I discuss the broader market - S&P 500, Russell and NASDAQ. I also cover the following stocks/etfs: United States Oil Fund (NYSE:USO), Silver Wheaton ...

Doug Short
S&P 500 Snapshot: 4-Day Rally Snapped
By Doug Short - Jan 25, 2015

Eurozone markets continued to celebrate the Draghi QE bazooka on Friday, with the Euro STOXX index 50 gaining 1.8%. But enthusiasm waned in the US. The S&P 500 spent the day in its narrowest ...