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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Gregory W. Harmon
A Clear Way To Trade Fairway
By Gregory W. Harmon - Mar 31, 2015

Grocery stocks gathered some strength towards the end of 2014, but as the holidays ended so did the strength. Many are just stagnating. You might think the better word for a grocery store would be ...

Tim Knight
Margin Debt Redux
By Tim Knight - Mar 31, 2015

The following was kindly contributed by Paul from Maine…….. I’ve been fiddling with some numbers in Excel and thought you’d find it interesting. It concerns the correlation ...

Simon Lack
Activist Update:
By Simon Lack - Mar 31, 2015

Activist hedge funds can be a positive force. Although this isn’t always true (Keith Meister of Convergex so abused ADT investors that his actions caused us to apply the “Corvex ...

Declan Fallon
Small Caps Pressuring 'Bull Trap'
By Declan Fallon - Mar 31, 2015

Yesterday, the Dow had the best of the action, with higher volume buying to close the day out. The index closed above the 20-day and 50-day MAs. The next challenge is to push above 18,100; which is ...

Gary Gordon
S&P 500 Making Lower Lows
By Gary Gordon - Mar 31, 2015

Other than permanently bearish writers and investors, few address the possibility of the U.S. falling into a recession. Many conclude that the Federal Reserve’s ultra-low rate policy completely ...

Trader Moe
SPX: Overnight Triangle Upward Breakout
By Trader Moe  - Mar 30, 2015

They Broke ES Out of its Purple Triangle Overnight – Critical Decision Point Now is 2080 They broke ES upwards out of its purple triangle overnight. Now it’s nearly back at its orange ...

T. Marc Schober
For Monsanto, A Season Of Woes
By T. Marc Schober - Mar 30, 2015

Agribusiness giant Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) is confronting some of its stiffest challenges in years, as it contends with consumer criticism of biotech foods, farmers tightening their belts, and a ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Aetna Technicals
By Gregory W. Harmon - Mar 30, 2015

Here is your Bonus Idea with links to the full Top Ten: Aetna (NYSE:AET) broke over a double bottom in November. It pulled back to retest it is December and has move higher since. The price action ...