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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Charles Sizemore
5 Monthly Dividend Stocks For 2015
By Charles Sizemore - Dec 19, 2014

With the market looking wobbly this December, the need to get paid in cold, hard cash has never been more apparent. If you are already in retirement, selling portfolio positions in a declining market ...

Mike Paulenoff
What's Next For The S&P 500?
By Mike Paulenoff - Dec 18, 2014 1

My sense is that if Wednesday's upmove was not the start of a vertical upside blow-off that is heading directly for new all-time highs above 2080, then the index has otherwise carved out a whipsaw, ...

Tim Knight
Emerging Opportunities
By Tim Knight - Dec 18, 2014 1

If anyone is insane enough (like, say, me) to dare shorting anything in this market, I offer the following: (ARCA:VWO) -- the heavily-traded international equity index fund: And the JP Morgan ...

Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
More Bounce Left?   
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Dec 18, 2014

Most Downtrends Remain Intact Opinion Yesterday’s data suggesting near term bounce potential for the equity indexes came to fruition as all of the indexes advanced with positive internals and ...

Petros Steriotis
Apple Technicals Looking Positive
By Petros Steriotis - Dec 18, 2014

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares gained 2.50% yesterday, closing above their 50-day SMA, which is very positive. However, bulls need to see a continuation of the upmove and a close higher than $112 for the ...

Tech Talk
Stock Market Outlook For December 18, 2014
By Tech Talk  - Dec 18, 2014

**NEW** As part of the ongoing process to offer new and up-to-date information regarding seasonal and technical investing, we are adding a section to the daily reports that details the stocks that are...

Erik McCurdy
S&P 500 Potential Cyclical Top Now Forming
By Erik McCurdy - Dec 18, 2014

Fueled by a historic amount of direct stimulus from the Federal Reserve, the cyclical bull market in the S&P 500 that began in 2009 accelerated into an unsustainable advance, creating a massive ...

Jason Sen
Emini Dow Jones : Forecast December 18, 2014
By Jason Sen - Dec 18, 2014

Emini Dow Jones immediate resistance at 17,330/17,360 today of course. We should struggle here but the outlook is positive, so break higher would not be a surprise and we should target very strong ...

Jason Sen
E Mini Nasdaq : Forecast December 18, 2014
By Jason Sen - Dec 18, 2014

E-Mini NASDAQ March bottomed just 4 points below strong support at 4090/4085 to signal the end of the December correction as expected & beat 4140/4145 for another very positive signal to quickly ...

Jason Sen
E-Mini S&P: Heading Toward 2009/11
By Jason Sen - Dec 18, 2014

Emini SandP 500 key to direction today is obviously 2009/11. It looks like we ended the correction yesterday and will need a break above here today to continue the recovery and target 2016/2017 then ...

Jason Sen
Mini Russell 2000: Forecast
By Jason Sen - Dec 18, 2014

Mini Russell 2000 now testing resistance at 1172/73. Be ready to go with a break above here to target 1177/78 then last week's high at 1182/84. A good chance of a high for the day here but shorts ...

Jason Sen
FTSE: Forecast
By Jason Sen - Dec 18, 2014

FTSE 100 outlook remains positive & will now need to hold above the important short-term support at 6370/6365 to build on recent gains. Be ready to go with a break above 6395/6400 to target ...