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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Sid Klein
Dow 1987 Redux?
By Sid Klein - Jul 02, 2015

NEW YORK (Dollar) The artificial growth of the U.S. economy this year was made possible by the greatest inventory build-up in history, with many analysts even doubting the figures that cite growth in ...

Dow Jones And S&P 500 Futures Move To Upside
By ICN.com  - Jul 02, 2015

Dow Jones Dow has moved to the upside and it is currently hitting the key resistance of 17690.00. It seems that the index has found a good support in the 17460 areas and the recovery may continue over...

Vance Harwood
A Large Cap Investment That Protects Itself
By Vance Harwood - Jul 02, 2015

In my opinion VQTS is the best exchange traded product for solving the essential conundrum of the stock market: how to run with the bulls without getting eaten by the bears. The algorithms in VQTS are...

Doug Short
Is The Stock Market Cheap?
By Doug Short - Jul 02, 2015

Here is a new update of a popular market valuation method using the most recent Standard & Poor's "as reported" earnings and earnings estimates and the index monthly average of daily closes for ...

Doug Short
Crestmont Market Valuation Update
By Doug Short - Jul 02, 2015

Quick take: Based on the June S&P 500 average of daily closes, the Crestmont P/E is 97% above its arithmetic mean and at the 98th percentile of this fourteen-plus-decade monthly metric. The 2011 ...

Doug Short
The Q Ratio And Market Valuation: June Update
By Doug Short - Jul 02, 2015

The Q Ratio is a popular method of estimating the fair value of the stock market developed by Nobel Laureate James Tobin. It's a fairly simple concept, but laborious to calculate. The Q Ratio is the ...

Lance Roberts
The Greek Crisis And The China Threat  
By Lance Roberts - Jul 02, 2015

I spent a few minutes with my friends at Fox 26 Houston on Tuesday discussing the issues surrounding the Greek financial/debt crisis and also the one thing that no one is looking at - China. As I ...

Declan Fallon
Weak Bounce On Lower Volume
By Declan Fallon - Jul 02, 2015

The bounce yesterday wasn't particularly strong, and volume was down from Tuesday. Yesterday's action keeps resistance in play, and maintains the dominance of Monday's sell-off. The S&P tagged ...