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Chris Ciovacco
Expect Volatility Through Late Q4
By Chris Ciovacco - Oct 01, 2015

Those close to the markets know stocks had a very difficult time between the close on August 19 and August 25. In fact, between those dates, the maximum drop in the broad NYSE Composite Stock Index ...

Tommy Humphreys
Short Interest: A Fascinating Chart
By Tommy Humphreys - Oct 01, 2015 2

This is a fascinating chart showing a large spike in short interest in S&P 500 stocks during the last couple of months: Short interest (number of total shares sold short) had been in a relatively...

Chris Kimble
Welcome To Q4
By Chris Kimble - Oct 01, 2015

Welcome to the fourth quarter of 2015! Good friend Ryan Detrick put together this nice piece for us and I wanted to share it on the first day of the new quarter. It hasn’t been a good year for ...

Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
Markets Bounce As Data Suggested  
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Oct 01, 2015

Data Now Neutral Opinion All of the indexes closed higher yesterday with broadly positive internals as volumes rose from the prior session. All closed at or near their intraday highs implying active ...

IYR Has More Than One Harmonic Home
By MrTopStep - Oct 01, 2015

Back in April of this year, I was watching the ETF for US Real Estate, iShares US Real Estate (NYSE:IYR) to either push above 83.56 for 85.5 target or below 76.36 for 69.59 target. Well, I’m ...
Dow Jones and SP500 Futures, October 01,2015
By  - Oct 01, 2015

Dow: Dow has soared after building a technical base above 23.6% Fibonacci and is currently touching SMA20. ADX has turned into positivity, while RSI needs to hit the value of 50.00 to prove the ...

KEFI Minerals: More Gold Faster And Cheaper  
By Edison  - Oct 01, 2015

Kefi Minerals's (LONDON:KEFI) DFS on Tulu Kapi was based on a conventional owner-operator model to estimate costs from first principles (see page 2). However, to minimise initial capex, management ...

Avon Rubber: New CEO Announced  
By Edison  - Oct 01, 2015

Avon Rubber (LONDON:AVON) has announced the appointment of Rob Rennie as its new CEO from 1 December 2015. CFO Andrew Lewis will take charge as interim CEO until Rob joins the group following Peter ...

Tiho Brkan
Double Bottom At Hand For The S&P 500?
By Tiho Brkan - Oct 01, 2015

Regular readers might remember our timely calls on the stock, coming into the last week of August: here, here and here. In all three of these posts we pretty much noted a similar theme: a major ...

Epwin Group: H1 Progress, More Expected In H2  
By Edison  - Oct 01, 2015

Epwin Group PLC (LONDON:EPWN) has established a clear strategy for the development of its divisions and has the financial flexibility to do so through organic and acquisitive growth investment. The ...