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Stock Markets Analysis & Opinion

Tim Knight
Tesla Begins To Irk
By Tim Knight - Sep 16, 2014

I was toying with the rather hazardous idea of suggesting shorting Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) (which is up nearly 1,000% from its lowest levels). It was getting zapped yesterday, so it’s probably too...

Gary Gordon
Bond ETFs: Selling The Rumor, Buying The News
By Gary Gordon - Sep 16, 2014

The appetite for stock risk is softening, yet few people are talking about it. Take a look at the “Advance-Decline Line” – one of the more popular technical analysis tools for identifying potential ...

Cam Hui
Time For European Small Caps To Shine?
By Cam Hui - Sep 16, 2014

In addition to waiting for the FOMC and the results of the Scottish Referendum, we will see the first results of the ECB's TLTRO this week. As a reminder, the purpose of the TLTRO program is intended ...

Ryan Mallory
Bullish Setups In A Sketchy Market
By Ryan Mallory - Sep 15, 2014

Bulls Are Not On Their Best Behavior Much of it has to do with digesting recent gains from August, which is why we haven't seen the kind of selling that was experienced on July 31. Nonetheless, it ...

Gareth Soloway
High-Beta Stocks Collapse
By Gareth Soloway - Sep 15, 2014

High volatility stocks took a beating Monday as investors looked to reduce risk. The Federal Reserve will release its FOMC Policy Statement on Wednesday at 2pm ET and Scotland will be voting on its ...

Nicholas Santiago
Minecraft And Microsoft Technicals
By Nicholas Santiago - Sep 15, 2014

The leading tech stock Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) confirmed that it would buy software company Mojang AB for $2.5 billion. Mojang AB is the company that brought the popular Minecraft video ...

Guy S. Ortmann, CMT
Indexes Decline On Light Volume   
By Guy S. Ortmann, CMT - Sep 15, 2014

NYSE 1-Day McClellan OB/OS Oversold Opinion Friday’s decline in the equity markets came on relatively light volume and negative breadth. No notable events occurred on the charts. However, when ...

Charles Hugh Smith
Is Risk-On About To Switch To Risk-Off?
By Charles Hugh Smith - Sep 15, 2014

Cranking markets full of financial cocaine so they never correct simply sets up the crash-and-burn destruction of the addict. Human memory being what it is, almost three years of risk-on euphoria has ...