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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

FIBO Group
Opportunity coming in gold? By FIBO Group - Dec 06, 2016

The gold price is under further pressure today but some say an opportunity is in the making when the US Federal Reserve meets next week for their latest interest rate decision. At 6.20pm (GMT) gold ...

Phil Flynn
Saudis Send Subtle Message By Phil Flynn - Dec 06, 2016

Oil traders take pause ahead of oil inventories as angst about the December, 10 meeting between OPEC and non-OPEC nations this coming Saturday take hold. While some are worried that somehow this ...

Jenny Rebekka
Gold Trying To Make A Bottom By Jenny Rebekka - Dec 06, 2016

Gold continues to try and make a bottom. Investors are looking to pounce on the gold ETF (NYSE:GLD) but have no idea when to buy. I am here to reveal the exact time to buy. It is simple and something ...

Shiv Kumar
Natural Gas: Outlook Bullish By Shiv Kumar - Dec 06, 2016

Here is the weekly chart of natural gas. Natural gas has completed its first five wave structure of wave 1 and retraced almost 50% in wave 2. Wave 2 finished exactly at the level of wave (iv) and ...

Shiv Kumar
Crude: Long Term Outlook Bullish By Shiv Kumar - Dec 06, 2016

Long term outlook is definitely bullish for crude oil, but right now it looks like it's in corrective mode. Here is the hourly chart of crude oil. It seems like it may develop a small head and ...

The National Bank of Canada
Weekly Energy By The National Bank of Canada - Dec 06, 2016

Last week was a historic moment for oil markets, with OPEC announcing that it would cut the group’s daily output. This was the first time in eight years that the cartel has reduced its ...

FIBO Group
Gold slumps in volatile session By FIBO Group - Dec 05, 2016

The gold price has reversed sharply lower today after making gains earlier in the session on the back of a failed referendum in Italy that threw the Eurozone into chaos. At 7.35pm (GMT) gold was ...

Mike Paulenoff
Oil's Path To $60 By Mike Paulenoff - Dec 05, 2016 1

Crude oil continues to stair-step higher off of last week's OPEC upside pivot reversal from $44.82 to a new high at $52.42 so far. Only a decline that breaks and sustains beneath $50 will begin to ...

Tim Knight
Gold’s Possible Path By Tim Knight - Dec 05, 2016

My FOREX disposition is definitely working out (bullish euro and yen, bearish USD) , so I’ll augment it by offering a possible path for gold as we near important support. SPDR Gold Shares ...

Kenny Fisher
Gold Dips On US Services PMI By Kenny Fisher - Dec 05, 2016

Gold has posted slight losses in the Monday session. In North American trade, the spot price for an ounce of gold is $1174.46. On the release front, there was good news in the services sector, as ISM ...