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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

ICM Brokers
Oil And Gold Analysis: January 28, 2014
By ICM Brokers - Jan 28, 2015

CLOil rose on Tuesday as a weaker dollar propped up commodities priced in the currency, but gains were limited by fears of another large build in U.S. crude stocks and that the seven-month long ...

Binary Options Strategy
FMOC January 28, 2015
By Binary Options Strategy - Jan 28, 2015

Looking at the Wednesday session, without a doubt the most important announcement is going to be the interest-rate decision out of the United States. The FOMC of course will make a statement that of ...

Ross Woodfield
Silver Bears Looking To Pounce
By Ross Woodfield - Jan 28, 2015

Silver looks to have begun forming a head and shoulders pattern that could see a movement back towards the $17 an ounce mark. The formation of a bearish channel could also add to the bearish ...

Jonathan Suen
Oil: Bearish Flag Looms Yet Again
By Jonathan Suen - Jan 28, 2015

How low can oil go? That’s a question I think about every time I fill up at the gas-station nowadays. The trader in me kicks in almost immediately after to ask the more pertinent question: How ...

Avi Gilburt
Silver And Gold: Are The Bulls Back?
By Avi Gilburt - Jan 28, 2015

I am hard pressed to find a single article calling for lower lows in the metals. Everywhere I look, there is consistent certainty that the final lows have been struck, and the bull market is back in ...

Jason Sen
Natural Gas: Outlook
By Jason Sen - Jan 28, 2015

Natural Gas February immediate support at 2855/45 then the 4 week low of 2805-2766. A break lower this week is obviously negative & targets 2720/15. Any further losses could reach 2680/70 & ...

Bill Holter
Is The Gold ‘Really’ There? Part 1
By Bill Holter - Jan 27, 2015 3

“Is the gold really there?” This is truly the question of all questions and at the core of everything that’s about to come! Before getting into the topic itself, it is worth breaking...

Stewart Thomson
Silver Stocks Will Rule In 2015
By Stewart Thomson - Jan 27, 2015

Bank economists and bearish gold gurus continue to err, on their gold price predictions. The huge declines they promised in 2014 on the taper never materialized. They promised that 2015 would bring ...

Gary Christenson
Gold: Its Time Has Come
By Gary Christenson - Jan 27, 2015

December 1987 to March 1993: Gold fell 36% in 5.3 years February 1996 to July 1999: Gold fell 40% in 3.4 years August 2011 to November 2014: Gold fell 40% in 3.3 years (price changes based on US ...