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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Growth Aces
Gold: Long At 1328.00 By Growth Aces - Sep 28, 2016

Gold Long At 1328.00 Gold prices slipped on Wednesday to touch a one-week low, after suffering its biggest single-day loss in nearly a month in the previous session, on a firmer dollar. The safe haven...

Ed Carlson
Bull Market Correction For Crude Oil By Ed Carlson - Sep 28, 2016

Crude gained $1.45/bbl. last week closing at 44.48 even after a $1.84 loss on Friday. Since the August high, crude looks like a descending triangle (bearish). The upper trendline passes through 46.75 ...

Tim Knight
Crude Oil About To Hit A Slippery Spot? By Tim Knight - Sep 28, 2016

Contributed by Rohit Goel Crude oil prices have been on a wild ride over the last couple of years, dropping from $100+ in late-2014 to $26 in early-2016, then miraculously doubling over the next few ...

AG Thorson
Gold Price Targets $1,245 In November By AG Thorson - Sep 27, 2016

I see potential triangles forming in several of the precious metal charts. Prices will eventually break lower from these consolidations and drop into the next intermediate low. I'm yet to see a low ...

Frank Holmes
How Gold Came To South Korea’s Rescue By Frank Holmes - Sep 27, 2016

Nineteen years ago, South Korea came precipitously close to bankruptcy. The Asian financial crisis had spread like a virus. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries were all ...

Chris Kimble
Silver's Heavy Resistance By Chris Kimble - Sep 27, 2016

Below looks at silver dating back to the early 1970s. Silver created an important top at $50 in 1980, but did it create another important top at the same price in 2011? Silver hit $50 in 2011 -- the ...

Stewart Thomson
Gold: OPEC, Inflation And Option Expiry By Stewart Thomson - Sep 27, 2016 1

If gold is to move substantially higher and retain the bulk of those gains, inflation needs to become a significant concern. This is the eight-hour bars gold chart. An upside breakout seems imminent,...

Mike Macdonald
Corn Looks To Improve In Coming Weeks By Mike Macdonald - Sep 27, 2016

Corn continues to extend the bounce from the USD301 low of August, with prices pushing above the USD340 break level to reach USD342.25. Improving momentum studies and the developing bull signal on the...

Dan Flynn
Goldman Sachs Drops Q4 Oil Forecast By Dan Flynn - Sep 27, 2016

Oil prices tanked in the overnight after substantial gains in Monday’s trading session after Iran and Saudi Arabia played teeter-totter on a deal to freeze or cut oil production at ...

The National Bank of Canada
Weekly Energy By The National Bank of Canada - Sep 27, 2016

Last week was marked by volatility in crude oil prices. WTI began the week at USD 43.03/barrel, rising as high as USD 46.51/barrel on Friday and ending the week at USD 44.48/barrel. This volatility ...

Tim Knight
Crude Oil Down About 2.7% By Tim Knight - Sep 27, 2016

I have a “moment of truth” every morning when I grab my iPad, bleary-eyed, from the side of the bed, to see what the ES is doing. This particular morning, I was bracing myself for +30 on ...

Craig Erlam
Oil And Fed’s Fischer In Focus By Craig Erlam - Sep 27, 2016

US futures are pointing to a slightly higher open on Wall Street on Tuesday, with investors slightly buoyed by the outcome of the presidential debate. The election in November is one of the biggest ...

Martin Janson
Bullish Pennant On Gold By Martin Janson - Sep 27, 2016

XAU/USD H4 The price is currently stuck in a small consolidation pennant after bouncing higher from the 2016 rising trendline support. I keep holding my long positions and targeting the channel ...