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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Phil Flynn
Oil And Gas: Demand Outstripping Supply By Phil Flynn - Oct 19, 2016 1

There is growing evidence that not only is the global oil market back in balance, but there is a strong possibility that global demand is already outstripping daily oil output. Another big drop in US ...

Market Pulse
Oil Gets Ready To Move…Down? By Market Pulse - Oct 19, 2016

Tonights EIA Inventory figures will have more importance to crude oil's direction than the 3rd presidential debate. We look at a couple of possible storm clouds that may spoil oil’s party. West ...

Anton Kolhanov
Gold: October Uptrend To 1294 By Anton Kolhanov - Oct 19, 2016

Weekly forecast, October 18 - 21: uptrend to 1294 Main scenario:The market is trading along an uptrend with target on 1274 and 1294, that may be expected to continue, while market is trading above ...

Eric De Groot
Lumber Technical Chart By Eric De Groot - Oct 19, 2016

Those that view the message of the market on daily basis are likely confused by trading noise. While trading noise contributes to the long-term trends, it does not define them. Human behavior tries to...

Dan Flynn
CPI, Real Earnings And API Energy Stocks Today By Dan Flynn - Oct 18, 2016

Monday’s trading session was quite lackluster after the release of the Empire Manufacturing data which showed a contraction and zero expansion which investors were anticipating growth of 1.00. ...

Martin Goersch
Correction Expected In Gold By Martin Goersch - Oct 18, 2016

On the 3rd October, gold exhibited the break-out under the 1310 that I had long awaited, and initiated a very strong downward movement with a great deal of momentum. This downward movement has met its...

The National Bank of Canada
Weekly Energy By The National Bank of Canada - Oct 18, 2016

With OPEC meeting with Russia in Istanbul last week to discuss a potential reduction in production levels, WTI oil was trading at the USD 51/barrel level. Among the news items that caught our ...