Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Ross Woodfield
Crude Breaks Free But Fundamentals Remain
By Ross Woodfield - Oct 07, 2015

The range consolidating pattern that crude has been stuck in for the past month has been breached by an upside breakout on optimism that global supply might be curtailed. The rally has met some fierce...

Mike Paulenoff
Oil And Stocks Begin To Diverge
By Mike Paulenoff - Oct 06, 2015

Tuesday's action in oil vs. the S&P 500 revealed a huge, glaring, positive divergence for oil -- its first time in weeks. Whether or not oil's relative strength will sustain itself remains to be ...

Kristina Leonova
XAU/USD: Under Strong Resistance
By Kristina Leonova - Oct 06, 2015

The price of gold consolidated near the level of $1138.00per Troy ounce after a sharp growth amid poor labor-market data from the US that came out last Friday. As market expectations of an ...

Roni Stern
A Corn(y) Investment Is The Right Move
By Roni Stern - Oct 06, 2015

Maize, or by the name you probably know it, corn, is the most common growth worldwide followed by wheat and rice. Corn is sown during winter time and is harvested in late summer; it needs a non-stop ...

Ed Carlson
Gold: October High
By Ed Carlson - Oct 06, 2015

Gold lost $8.90/oz. last week to close at $1,137.10 but on Friday printed an engulfing bullish candlestick. Gold gained $22.90 on Friday marking last week’s expected cycle low and closed on the ...

Tim Knight
Crude's Explosive Triangle Move
By Tim Knight - Oct 06, 2015 3

I’ve been mentioning the triangle pattern that crude’s been bouncing within for quite a few weeks. It finally peeked outside the triangle four days ago (tinted below) but fell back. That ...

Stewart Thomson
Inflation: Silver Leads, Gold Follows
By Stewart Thomson - Oct 06, 2015

When combined with rate cuts, QE becomes a deadly deflationary cocktail. Banks have no incentive to make loans, and T-bonds become the asset of choice. The T-bond money is squandered by governments, ...

Alexandros Yfantis
Have We Seen A Multi Year Low In Gold?
By Alexandros Yfantis - Oct 06, 2015

I will get straight to the point. Yes I believe we have a lot of chances that gold price will never trade below $1,080 again and we are at the early stages of a big bull market coming. Let me explain ...
Gold Remains Bullish Above 1120.00
By  - Oct 06, 2015

The sideways trading range continued to dominate gold's market movements since yesterday, but ADX has overlapped bullishly over four-hour interval. The bullishness remains valid due to trading above ...
Oil Shows Signs Of Weakness
By  - Oct 06, 2015

Oil shows signs of weakness after touching the resistance of the sideways range yesterday, while ADX shows decrease in the upside tendencies. RSI is still trading above 50.00, but with sideways ...