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Phil Flynn
The Consequences Of Crashing Oil Prices
By Phil Flynn - Feb 03, 2016

Truth and Consequences For oil producing countries and oil companies the moment of truth is at hand as the consequences of crashing oil prices cannot be ignored. With the possibility that Exxon Mobil ...

Dan Flynn
Oil, Natural Gas And Corn
By Dan Flynn - Feb 03, 2016

Winter 2016 Made A Cameo Good Morning! Last week a blizzard hits the Northeast, this week the Plains and Mid-West. Last night’s American Petroleum Institute data only showed builds of U.S. crude...

Wall Street Daily
Oil Firms Delaying Projects
By Wall Street Daily - Feb 03, 2016

The 18-month plunge in global oil prices continues unabated. The price is now below $28 per barrel, thanks to even more supply streaming in from Iran. The International Energy Agency warns that the ...

IFC Markets
Weather Takes Heavy Toll On Cocoa Prices
By IFC Markets - Feb 03, 2016

Weather takes a heavy toll on prices Cocoa prices have slightly rebounded from the year low. Market participants worry the extremely hot and dry weather in the African Cote d'Ivoire may strongly ...
Gold Loses Upside Momentum
By - Feb 03, 2016 1

It seems that gold has lost the upside momentum as it approached 61.8% Fibo located at 1136.00, which appears on the RSI, while the ADX indicator shows some weakness in the upside trend despite its ...

Zinc Prices Hit A 3-Month High
By MetalMiner - Feb 03, 2016

Zinc prices are finally finding some support. After nine consecutive months falling, zinc made a decent comeback over the past few weeks, hitting a 3-month high. Zinc Hits three-month high. Source: ...

Eric De Groot
Palladium Technical Analysis
By Eric De Groot - Feb 03, 2016

Cheap banks loans, falling oil prices, and economic growth have supported a rising trend in automobile sales since 2009. This trend has been boosting demand for raw commodities used in the production ...

Phil Flynn
Oil Prices Hurt Big And Small
By Phil Flynn - Feb 02, 2016

Oil price doom and gloom is keeping International Monetary Fund director Christine Lagarde awake at night. The myth that low oil prices are always a positive for the economy is being shattered with ...

Stewart Thomson
Gold Stocks: Spectacular Charts In Play
By Stewart Thomson - Feb 02, 2016

Gold and Japanese fiat are unlikely friends. During economic crisis, money managers treat both gold and the yen as safe havens. Top FOREX traders use the action of the dollar against the yen for cues ...

Trader Moe
Gold Top Vs. Continuation Pattern
By Trader Moe - Feb 02, 2016 1

Gold Elected to Start a H&S or Megaphone at the Critical Decision Point in its Red Price Channel. Gold formed a price channel (red in chart above) on the approach to the top of its big falling ...

Dan Flynn
Energy Giants Feel Oil's Pain
By Dan Flynn - Feb 02, 2016

Happy Ground Hogs Day! Good Morning! It does feel like the 1993 Ground Hog Day movie as we are taking heat in the market early once again as prices tumble. Just as long as my alarm clock will not play...