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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gary Christenson
What's Wrong With Silver?
By Gary Christenson - Mar 25, 2015

Which silver? Paper silver or real silver? Silver prices are largely set on the COMEX futures – paper silver. A company can post the margin and sell short thousands of contracts with no actual ...

Jay Goldman
Gold's Short Lived Rally Is About To End
By Jay Goldman - Mar 25, 2015

Since the FOMC statement came out on the 18th of March, the price of gold has shot up by almost $50 per ounce, but this mini rally is just about to hit an abrupt end. Gold rallied on a more Dovish Fed...

Mantra commodity
Crude Could Hit Back Again
By Mantra commodity  - Mar 25, 2015

Crude (25.03.2015) has broken downside & traded lower towards $43 mark as mention in our last analysis. However the recovery was quite sharp to resistance zone once again. Now crude is trading ...

Gold Approaching 1198.00 Clue Level
By ICN.com  - Mar 25, 2015

Gold has inched higher approaching the clue level at 1198.00 along with stability above 76.4% Fibonacci level. A break above 1198.00 is required to affirm testing the next Fibonacci level. Our ...

Hugo O'Neill
Copper: Bounces Off Year Highs
By Hugo O'Neill - Mar 25, 2015

In the beginning of March copper prices had been consolidating, as China's economic woes meant that it was in less demand for construction. But it started to rally last Friday, as investors rushed for...

Forex Million
Gold Forecast: Trading Along An Uptrend
By Forex Million - Mar 25, 2015

Gold Main scenario:The pair is trading along an uptrend.The uptrend may be expected to continue while pair is trading above support level 1188, which will be followed by reaching resistance level ...

Avi Gilburt
Silver And Gold: I Really Want To Look Up
By Avi Gilburt - Mar 25, 2015

For the last several weeks, I have provided you, and, sometimes even entertained you, with my perspective of a very evil pattern to play out in the metals. Such a pattern was supposed to test the ...

Tim Knight
The Gold Gap
By Tim Knight - Mar 24, 2015 2

I’ve been waiting for precious metals to close up their gaps. Gold has come close enough for me to take action, so I shorted (ARCA:GLD) earlier this morning and I’ve put 114.85 in place as...

Andrew Thrasher
The Silver Levels I'm Currently Watching
By Andrew Thrasher - Mar 24, 2015 1

While many point to the Federal Reserve as the tide that raises all boats, the ships carrying commodities have all but sunk over the last couple of years. Silver (via iShares Silver Trust (ARCA:SLV)) ...