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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Jay Kaeppel
Will Natural Gas Break Wind In June?
By Jay Kaeppel - May 20, 2015

If you are an ardent believer in the phrase “if something looks too good to be true it probably is”, then you’d better brace yourself. Because a “sure-fire, can’t miss, ...

Tory Enerson
Oil Demand Keeps Pace With Supply
By Tory Enerson - May 20, 2015

The American Petroleum Institute’s inventories data released yesterday afternoon revealed a continuation of the recent trend of a draw in supplies to the tune of an over 5 million barrel net ...

Gregor Horvat
Crude Oil: More Weakness In Days Ahead
By Gregor Horvat - May 20, 2015

Crude oil finally fell down into a third leg of a decline, about which we warned you already last week. On July contract we see now price at equality level, at the lower side of a trading channel so ...

Binary Options Strategy
Silver And The FOMC Minutes
By Binary Options Strategy - May 20, 2015

Today could be an interesting session as the FOMC releases the minutes from the last meeting, which will more than likely drive a lot of volatility into the marketplace. On top of that, you have the ...

Chris Kimble
Lead Indicator Faces Dual Resistance Kiss
By Chris Kimble - May 19, 2015 1

Copper is often looked at as a leading indicator and, lately, it's been hot. Over the past 90 days, copper ranks third from a performance perspective (see table below). But on a longer-term basis, ole...

Mantra Commodity
Copper: Breaking Down
By Mantra Commodity  - May 19, 2015 1

Copper (19.05.2015) finally providing some directional momentum after spending more than 3 weeks in range. Now copper is trading around $2.8626 & as we can see on charts, after spending more than ...