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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Top Factors Undermining Any Oil Price Recovery
By OilPrice.com - Jul 28, 2015

Global oil prices have returned to a state of flux. This is hardly news to anyone who follows the oil markets closely. Yet prices continue to drive international headlines. While oil prices are ...

Christopher Lewis
Natural Gas Forecast Continues To Fall
By Christopher Lewis - Jul 27, 2015

The natural gas markets started out the week by gapping lower. This course extends the bearish pressure in this market, as we have seen a lot of people make a lot of money by selling. The simple ...

Tim Knight
Oil Bounce?
By Tim Knight - Jul 27, 2015 2

I may live to regret this, but I’ve started augmenting my long (yes, long) positions in precious metals with long energy positions. A big reason for this is the belief that crude will bounce at ...

Alfonso Esparza
Gold Nears 5-Year Low Awaiting FOMC
By Alfonso Esparza - Jul 27, 2015

Gold lost ground on Monday, moving closer to last week’s 5-1/2 year lows below $1,100 per ounce, with expectations for a near-term U.S. interest rate hike seen keeping momentum firmly with the ...

Michael Ashton
Commodities Beat-Down Continues
By Michael Ashton - Jul 27, 2015

The recent commodities sell-off has been breathtaking. This is especially true since the most-recent downturn occurred from a level where the expected future returns from commodity index investment ...

Gary Tanashian
Gold's Macrocosm
By Gary Tanashian - Jul 27, 2015

Below is the opening segment of this week’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 353. After this theoretical exercise we got down to nuts-and-bolts analysis, which provided logical ...

Kristina Leonova
Brent: Oil Price At Record Low
By Kristina Leonova - Jul 27, 2015

Brent crude oil is in a strong downward trend, hitting new record lows. The price is affected partly by US dollar which has strong pressure on commodity assets. Moreover, Brent is under pressure by ...

Gold And Oil Analysis: Week Of July 27-31, 2015
By ICN.com  - Jul 27, 2015

Gold: First, we have closed all opened short positions last week, as gold has touched the sensitive level of 1086.00, which could be the most important level over intraday short-term and medium-term ...

Gold Attempts Move Higher
By ICN.com  - Jul 27, 2015

Positively influenced by stability above 1086.00 and above main support line, gold attempts to move higher despite being covered by moving averages. ADX remains negative, but we can use the defensive...

Crude Oil Trades Around 78.6% Fibonacci
By ICN.com  - Jul 27, 2015

Oil trades around 78.6% Fibonacci, which was our previous defined target at 48.00, as seen on the provided chart. ADX shows the resumption of the bearishness, but RSI started to reflect obvious ...

Keith Weiner
Dollar Rises, Silver Falls
By Keith Weiner - Jul 27, 2015

For those who are speculating on the dollar—i.e. most people—there was good news this week. The dollar rose almost a milligram, to 28.3mg gold. That’s a big gain, and welcome news ...