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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

David Solin
Oil, A Final Washout ?
By David Solin - Mar 01, 2015

Near term crude oil outlook:No change in the bigger picture view sign Jan of an important bottoming (see longer term below). However nearer term as been warning, there remains scope for a continued ...

Scott Wright
Going For Mexican Gold
By Scott Wright - Mar 01, 2015

Mexico’s massive precious-metals belts are some of the world’s finest. As global #1 in silver production they are obviously quite well known for the shiny-white metal. But these belts have...

Eric De Groot
Review Of Silver: Trend Looks Bearish
By Eric De Groot - Mar 01, 2015 1

The professional investors must profit by anticipating future trends and events rather than chasing old news. This is done by following the invisible hand or message of the market. That message, the ...

Wall Street Daily
Pick Your Energy MLPs Carefully
By Wall Street Daily - Mar 01, 2015

Crude Oil prices appear to have settled around $50, half the level of last summer. For income investors, that has played merry hell with the economics of energy master limited partnerships, ...

Tim Knight
Gold CoT Improving, But…
By Tim Knight - Mar 01, 2015

Gold’s CoT data predictably improved again this week, but here I think some discussion is needed just in case it starts to get hyped too much. Below is the CoT on an improving trend of ...

Simon Lack
Why Boston Pays High Prices For Electricity
By Simon Lack - Mar 01, 2015

Natural gas prices vary widely — not just seasonally (electricity generation for summer air conditioning and winter heat create a familiar wave pattern to prices) but also regionally. It’s...

Carley Garner
March is known for stock market turbulance
By Carley Garner - Feb 27, 2015

4th Quarter GDP higher than expected, and durable goods were solidYesterday we learned that the January orders for durable goods were up a solid 2.8%. Most analysts were looking for a figure closer to...

GoldMoney News Desk
PMs Steady, Watch Euro
By GoldMoney News Desk - Feb 27, 2015

The US dollar eased this week when Janet Yellen of the Fed gave her semi-annual report on monetary policy to Congress. It was no surprise that Ms Yellen hinted at caution over interest rates due to ...