Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gregor Horvat
Gold: Bullish Impulse Unfolding
By Gregor Horvat - Feb 08, 2016

Gold is trading sharply higher, forming an extended impulse that can extend much higher in days ahead as move from 1071 should unfold in 5 waves. An updated count shows that we are in the middle of a ...
Oil Stabilizes Below Main Resistance
By - Feb 08, 2016

Weak movements have been witnessed on oil along with bullish attempts above 13% Fibonacci at 30.35. Meanwhile, prices stabilize below main resistance and below SMA20 at 32.05, which keep the ...

Sober Look
Canada Adjusts To The Oil Price Shock
By Sober Look - Feb 08, 2016

What does the oil price collapse mean for Canada? A simple question with an the answer that is anything but simple. As the Governor of the Bank of Canada (BoC), stated the "oil price shock is complex ...

Eric De Groot
Cotton Production Continues To Decline
By Eric De Groot - Feb 08, 2016

The latest USDA report once again featured decreases to forecasts for 2015/16 world cotton production and consumption. California Cotton, while never king, has always been an important crop for the ...

Dan Norcini
Silver: Bulls Now In Control
By Dan Norcini - Feb 08, 2016

Silver finally managed to push through its upside resistance just above the $14.50 level this past week and attracted some additional upside follow-through as the US dollar weakness brought on the ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Gold's Ascent Closing On 1200
By Mark Mead Baillie - Feb 07, 2016

Let's begin with the below graphic from the 26 December edition of The Gold Update (which was queried "Gold to Ascend into Year's End?"). Having alluded to this picture a week ago, we now deem it ...

Jack Chan
This Past Week In Silver: February 7, 2016
By Jack Chan - Feb 07, 2016

N:SLV – on buy signal. Silver remains on major sell signal, however, prices are now at 200ema support and a major buy signal can materialize in the months ahead. Speculation continues to ...

Clive Maund
Picture For Silver Brightens Considerably
By Clive Maund - Feb 07, 2016

Like gold, the bearmarket in silver should be brought to an end by the dollar breaking down, and especially the powers that be resorting to massive global QE in a last desperate effort to beat back ...

Clive Maund
Gold Outlook Is Brightening Rapidly
By Clive Maund - Feb 07, 2016

For the 1st time in years, everything is in place for a major bullmarket phase to get underway in gold and silver. There are two big reasons for this. One is that the dollar is looking set to drop ...