Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Simon Lack
MLP Earnings Provide Update On Fundamentals
By Simon Lack - Aug 03, 2015

Energy investors have seen their holdings buffeted of late by the price of oil, and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) have been no exception to this. Their prices have moved as if they have ...

Stuart McPhee
Gold Continues To Consolidate Below $1100
By Stuart McPhee - Aug 03, 2015

Gold – Monday 3 August 2015 Over the last six weeks or so, gold has steadily declined and fallen from above the key $1200 level back to a new five year low below $1100 a couple of weeks ago. It ...

Dan Norcini
Commodity Slump Signals Slow Growth Outlook
By Dan Norcini - Aug 03, 2015

In my opinion, the surest method for ascertaining what the sentiment is towards overall global economic growth prospects is the commodity sector performance. When sentiment is upbeat towards global ...

Kurt Cobb
Energy, The Repressed: Paging Dr. Freud
By Kurt Cobb - Aug 03, 2015

Jeremy Rifkin announced the end of work in a book by that title in 1995. Today, we are once again being told that the end of work is nigh. The Atlantic Monthly tells us so in a piece entitled, "A ...

Eric De Groot
Review Of Lean Hogs
By Eric De Groot - Aug 03, 2015

The cycle of accumulation and distribution defines cause (building) within minor mark down phase for lean hogs. Profit-taking that relieved overbought (OB) and weakness in live cattle have lean hogs ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Gold Is Just A Metal
By Mark Mead Baillie - Aug 03, 2015

Good gracious how perceptions have changed as churned by the tide of our culture's continuing devolution. The following is straight from the "Just When You Thought You'd Heard It All Dept." This past ...

Gary Savage
Gold's Intermediate Degree Bottom Is Near
By Gary Savage - Aug 03, 2015 1

Let me remind everyone that intermediate cycle lows (ICL), and especially yearly cycle lows in the metals are always hard to hold on to. Even if you catch the exact bottom, they usually resist for a ...

FXTechstrategy Team
Gold: Corrective Risk Developing
By FXTechstrategy Team - Aug 02, 2015

GOLD: Corrective Risk Developing GOLD: With a marginal lower close seen following its price rejection, a move higher could be developing. Support comes in at the 1,080.00 level, where a break will aim...

Yale Bock
Commodities Touch 13-Year Low
By Yale Bock - Aug 02, 2015

Life is full of uncertainty. Many have a hard time living with this, especially those of us who do not like surprises. As such, looking at the past and noticing common, recurring patterns might ...

Jack Chan
Gold Could See Tradable Bottom Soon
By Jack Chan - Aug 02, 2015

ARCA:GLD – on sell signal. ARCA:SLV – on sell signal. ARCA:GDX – on sell signal. TO:XGD – on sell signal. AMEX:CEF – on sell signal. This chart clearly shows how ...

Craig Hemke
The Gold Raid Of July 19th
By Craig Hemke - Aug 02, 2015

At this point, there's really no reason to discuss the "how" and the mechanics of the deliberate, manipulative Globex smash of Sunday, July 19. However, it might be worth considering the aftermath as ...

Chris Kimble
Commodities: 20-Year Bear Market In Play?
By Chris Kimble - Aug 02, 2015 5

This chart looks at the Reuters/Jefferies Commodity Index (CRB) on a monthly basis for the past 50 years The index took off in the early 1970s and rallied over 200% in a little over a decade at (1). ...