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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Eric De Groot
Copper's Long-Term Technicals By Eric De Groot - Apr 28, 2016

While coordinated 'stimulus' supports a countertrend rally of commodities foreshadowed by negative concentration discussed months ago, it won't reverse global capital flows regardless of the hype. ...

Eric De Groot
Palladium's Technical Outlook By Eric De Groot - Apr 28, 2016 4

Cheap banks loans, falling oil prices, and economic growth have supported a rising trend in automobile sales since 2009. This trend has been boosting demand for raw commodities used in the production ...

Wall Street Daily
Silver Enters Bull Market By Wall Street Daily - Apr 28, 2016 1

With oil and the energy market grabbing headlines, there’s been another commodity slowly on the rise in the background: silver. Despite its quiet rise to market fame, silver is the best ...

Anton Kolhanov
Gold’s Sideways Trend: 1237-1248 By Anton Kolhanov - Apr 28, 2016

Main scenario:Gold is trading along an sideways trend between resisntance 1248 and support 1237.An downtrend will start as soon, as the pair drops below support level 1237, which will be followed by ...

Gold Inclines, Stabilizes Above 1250 By ICN.com - Apr 28, 2016

Gold inclined, stabilizing above the psychological level of 1250.00, which assisted bulls to approach 61.8% Fibonacci at 1260.00. Stable moves above 1260.00 will prove the bullish tendency and the ...

Crude Oil Stabilizes Above 44.45 By ICN.com - Apr 28, 2016

Following yesterday’s strong fluctuation, oil stabilized above 44.45 and above 45.00 psychological. Trading above 44.40 suggests more inclines, and also above 45.00, since ADX shows decrease in...

Anna Coulling
Oil Prices Continue To Tiptoe Higher By Anna Coulling - Apr 28, 2016 1

For longer term traders and investors in oil—as we come to the end of another month with the latest weekly oil inventories now posted—it is once again the weekly and monthly charts that ...

Axel G. Merk
Is Gold Really More Productive Than Cash? By Axel G. Merk - Apr 28, 2016

Is gold, often scoffed at as being an unproductive asset, more productive than cash? If so, what does it mean for asset allocation? There are investors that stay away from investing in gold because it...

The Gold Report
Are We In A New Gold Bull Market? By The Gold Report - Apr 28, 2016

Technical analyst Jack Chan has examined the charts and says that if we are in a new bull market, prices in both gold and gold equities should begin to pull back and consolidate soon. As suggested in ...

Eric De Groot
Review Of Sugar By Eric De Groot - Apr 28, 2016

The International Sugar Organization (ISO), assuming average growth in global sugar demand forecasts a looming world production deficit of more than 6 m tonnes over the next two seasons. It also ...

Elliott Wave Forecast
Oil Elliottwave Analysis April 28 By Elliott Wave Forecast - Apr 27, 2016

Crude Oil Short term Elliottwave structure suggests that rally from 35.23 on 4/5 remains alive as a triple three where wave W ended at 42.42 on 4/13, wave X ended at 37.61 on 4/18, wave Y ended at ...

Lance Roberts
Is It Time To Exit Energy? By Lance Roberts - Apr 27, 2016 3

Over the last several weeks I have been laying out the technical case for a breakout above the downtrend. I said that while such a breakout would demand a subsequent increase in equity risk in ...

Chris Kimble
Crude Oil Breaks Out At 25-Year Support By Chris Kimble - Apr 27, 2016 1

Two months ago in our Sector/Commodities Sentiment extremes report we noted that a “popular delusion” could be taking place in the most important commodity on the planet. We made the case ...