Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Tory Enerson
WTI Markets Appear Eager To Rally
By Tory Enerson - Oct 01, 2015

The price discovery across the futures and options market landscape is, for the most part, all about positioning for the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) headline jobs report due out tomorrow ...

T. Marc Schober
September Harvest Off To Strong Start
By T. Marc Schober - Oct 01, 2015

Harvest is off to another excellent start in September due to relatively warm and dry weather which allowed farmers to already complete 10% of the harvest and start combining soybeans ahead of the ...

Phil Flynn
Oil Up, Production Down
By Phil Flynn - Oct 01, 2015

Oil is up because production is down. We are also getting a boost from better than expected manufacturing data in China and the increased risk geopolitical risk premium because of Russia's actions in ...

Hale Stewart
Oil May Be Forming Double Bottom
By Hale Stewart - Oct 01, 2015

On the weekly chart, oil prices are again consolidating around the ~43 price level -- an area they used for technical support earlier this year. This could the be the second dip of a larger double ...
Gold, October 01,2015
By  - Oct 01, 2015

Gold traded lower, touching 78.6% Fibonacci at 1111.00 and a break below this level is required to prove extending the bearishness. Risk versus reward ratio is inappropriate, as prices are close to ...
Oil, October 01,2015
By  - Oct 01, 2015

Oil succeeded in stabilizing above moving averages 20 and 50 after bouncing from 38.2% Fibonacci level seen on the graph above 44.85. Stability above 44.85 argues us to be bullish, as trading above ...

Anna Coulling
Gold Still Bearish Long Term
By Anna Coulling - Sep 30, 2015 2

Another dismal week for gold investors as the precious metal continues to reflect the longer term bearish sentiment, and with last Thursday’s surge higher, failing to break through in any ...

Jay Kaeppel
A “Crude” Setup
By Jay Kaeppel - Sep 30, 2015

If you are not an options trader you are dismissed from class. …..BUT WAIT!!!! Before you run off, are you aware that there are limited risk ways to play potential tops or bottoms in things ...

Dan Flynn
Brazilian Real Rock'n Again
By Dan Flynn - Sep 30, 2015

Good Morning! In the overnight electronic session, the December corn is currently trading at 390 ½, which is 1 ½ cents higher. The trading range has been 391 ¼ to 388 ¼ so ...
Gold, September 30,2015
By  - Sep 30, 2015

Gold is currently trading bearishly after achieving bearish crossover on moving averages 20 and 50 and ADX is showing the strength of the downtrend. The bearishness remains valid, but a break below ...
Oil, September 30,2015
By  - Sep 30, 2015

Oil has been trading within a tight range below moving averages 20 and 50 and below the minor resistance that was drawn recently –colored in red-, while ADX shows positive signal. However, ...