Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gold- Trading In An Upward Channel
By AvaTrade - Feb 04, 2016

Gold is trading in upward channel on 4 hour time frame. This confirms that the trend is skewed towards the upside and the bias remain towards in the same direction as long as we trading in this ...

Eric De Groot
Coffee Continues Markdown
By Eric De Groot - Feb 04, 2016

Coffee, driven by falling supplies from drought-stricken regions within Brazil and Columbia and steady demand, entered a short, countertrend rally from February 2014 to December 2014. Cause building, ...

Peter Brandt
A Bottom, At Last, In Precious Metals?
By Peter Brandt - Feb 04, 2016

There are some signs that the 4-plus year bear trend in the precious metal markets is coming to an end As I have pointed out constantly, I hate trading Silver. Silver can move $1 one way or the other ...

Phil Flynn
The Consequences Of Crashing Oil Prices
By Phil Flynn - Feb 03, 2016

Truth and Consequences For oil producing countries and oil companies the moment of truth is at hand as the consequences of crashing oil prices cannot be ignored. With the possibility that Exxon Mobil ...

Dan Flynn
Oil, Natural Gas And Corn
By Dan Flynn - Feb 03, 2016

Winter 2016 Made A Cameo Good Morning! Last week a blizzard hits the Northeast, this week the Plains and Mid-West. Last night’s American Petroleum Institute data only showed builds of U.S. crude...

Wall Street Daily
Oil Firms Delaying Projects
By Wall Street Daily - Feb 03, 2016

The 18-month plunge in global oil prices continues unabated. The price is now below $28 per barrel, thanks to even more supply streaming in from Iran. The International Energy Agency warns that the ...