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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Kay Kim
Why Gold Prices Could Go Much Lower By Kay Kim - May 30, 2016 1

DOWNTREND CHANNEL In early April, Gold Shares prices attempted to break above the Downtrend Channel (see red circle), if succeeded, that would've been the start of something. But with failed breakout ...

Eric De Groot
How Is Sugar Trading? By Eric De Groot - May 30, 2016

Sugar's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, is defined and discussed in the COT Matrix. Chart

Oil Attempts Incline By ICN.com - May 30, 2016

Oil attempted to incline, but it traded between 48.90 and 50.00 areas. Those levels will define the next move. We will be neutral waiting for new signals since we see negative divergence, but moving ...

Gregor Horvat
Gold Sees Increasing Bearish Momentum By Gregor Horvat - May 30, 2016

Gold is turning down sharply for the last few weeks with increasing bearish momentum, so we see metal now making an impulsive drop from the highs. However, despite a five wave decline we still see ...

Keith Weiner
Gold, Silver Aren’t Getting Stronger By Keith Weiner - May 30, 2016 1

The dollar moved up, though most people would say gold fell about $40, and silver 32 cents. In the mainstream view, the value of the dollar is 1/N (N is the quantity). So how could the dollar go up? ...

Gary Savage
Gold's Big Bull Move Still On The Way By Gary Savage - May 30, 2016 24

The larger the consolidation the bigger the bull move will be once a breakout occurs. Considering gold’s 29 year consolidation phase I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect gold to...

AG Thorson
New Price Lows In Gold And Silver By Year End? By AG Thorson - May 29, 2016

The dust is finally settling from the extended moves higher in gold, silver, and miners. We are taking this opportunity to reassess overall market conditions as intermediate cycle tops were confirmed ...