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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

T. Marc Schober
Grains Rally in Wet June Weather
By T. Marc Schober - Jul 01, 2015

June brought an abundant wave of relentless storms, almost double the normal monthly rainfall, and a strong rally in grain prices. The wet conditions have spurred a long list of concerns for U.S. ...

Ellen Wald
Rosy Glow Begins To Fade For Oil
By Ellen Wald - Jul 01, 2015

Ever since OPEC cut oil prices drastically last November, we have been bombarded by messages not to worry because the U.S. shale revolution is going strong. Oil is below $60 a barrel? No matter, says ...

IFC Markets
Sugar: Probable Upturn After Longstanding Low
By IFC Markets - Jul 01, 2015

Probable upturn after longstanding low Today we present the continuous SUGAR CFD. After rebounding from the recent 6.5-year low, it has been demonstrating sustainable growth. The reason is the lowered...

Tory Enerson
Crude Oil Inventories Building Again
By Tory Enerson - Jul 01, 2015

As expected, Greece has defaulted on her payments to the IMF. This much anticipated move now sets up the next deadline, a Greek referendum set for Sunday to determine the troubled European ...

Crude Oil Stabilizes Below Moving Averages
By ICN.com  - Jul 01, 2015

Crude oil has stabilized below moving averages, but failed to stabilize below 58.25, marked by 23.6% Fibonacci. In fact, consecutive failures to hit SMA50 suggest bearish actions, reinforced by ...

Gold Bearishness Remains Favored
By ICN.com  - Jul 01, 2015

Gold has moved below 1171.00 support, but succeeded to inch higher again. However, the bullish actions were capped by SMA20 and SMA50. The bearishness remains favored, as trading below 1179.00 is a ...

Avi Gilburt
Are You Sure Gold Is A Safe Haven?
By Avi Gilburt - Jul 01, 2015

So, clearly, all of this makes me scratch my head, as gold has been just meandering in the dumps. Is not gold supposed to serve as the protection from such sovereign events? Is not gold supposed to ...

Matthew Weller
Gold: A Safe Haven No More?
By Matthew Weller - Jun 30, 2015 5

One of the big themes we’ve been exploring this week as the Greek debt negotiations deteriorate is the appeal of so-called “safe haven” assets. Most traditional safe haven assets are...

Gary Christenson
Silver's About To Get Volatile
By Gary Christenson - Jun 30, 2015

Silver has moved sideways for about nine months, after it moved sideways from a slightly higher level for about 14 months. Boring! The big events in the past 5 years have been: August 2010: Silver ...

Arnaldo Luiz Correa
Can It Get Any Worse?
By Arnaldo Luiz Correa - Jun 30, 2015

NY closed the week at a high. July/2015, which expires next Tuesday, closed Friday’s session trading at 11.67 cents per pound, 12 dollars per ton over the previous week’s closing. All the ...