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Alexandros Yfantis
Have We Seen A Multi Year Low In Gold?
By Alexandros Yfantis - Oct 06, 2015

I will get straight to the point. Yes I believe we have a lot of chances that gold price will never trade below $1,080 again and we are at the early stages of a big bull market coming. Let me explain ...
Gold Remains Bullish Above 1120.00
By  - Oct 06, 2015

The sideways trading range continued to dominate gold's market movements since yesterday, but ADX has overlapped bullishly over four-hour interval. The bullishness remains valid due to trading above ...
Oil Shows Signs Of Weakness
By  - Oct 06, 2015

Oil shows signs of weakness after touching the resistance of the sideways range yesterday, while ADX shows decrease in the upside tendencies. RSI is still trading above 50.00, but with sideways ...

The National Bank of Canada
Weekly Energy  
By The National Bank of Canada - Oct 06, 2015

Energy prices moved in a narrow range again last week, with returns on WTI, Brent and diesel of 0.5%, -0.5% and 0.2%, respectively. For a fifth consecutive week, WTI fluctuated within a range from ...

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Silver Prices And HFT
By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - Oct 06, 2015

This is part of an ongoing series describing silver “Electronic Price Discovery versus the Fundamental Reality”. In this discussion, we will go a little deeper and narrow with HFT and ...

Gary Savage
Gold's Bear Market: No Longer Typical
By Gary Savage - Oct 06, 2015

As most of you probably know, the largest rallies occur during bear markets. They tend to be very aggressive and powerful. This is how one can tell the difference between a countertrend rally in a ...

Mike Paulenoff
SPY And Oil In Upside Lockstep
By Mike Paulenoff - Oct 05, 2015

Despite headline bearish news from Saudi Arabia over the weekend, NYMEX crude oil continues to grind higher toward another challenge of key resistance. Perhaps geopolitical concerns elevated by ...
Oil, October 05,2015
By  - Oct 05, 2015

Oil inclines gradually due to stability above 44.85 and above moving averages 20 and 50, which is a positive factor. ADX shows bullish tendencies, while RSI moves above 50.00; however, coming beyond ...
Gold, October 05,2015
By  - Oct 05, 2015

ADX shows some kind of negativity, but the decline in ADX itself-colored in blue- suggests potential upside actions, supported by RSI14 trading above 50.00. Gold trades above moving averages, and ...

Is Tin Heading Higher?
By MetalMiner  - Oct 05, 2015

Tin producers would obviously like to think so and recent developments may suggest they have grounds for optimism in 2016. According to the World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS) the global tin ...