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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Dan Norcini
Gold COT: Robust Demand On Weaker Dollar By Dan Norcini - May 02, 2016 1

Gold is showing some very good strength at this time, as the weaker dollar, combined with negative interest rates, and in some instances, NEGATIVE REAL RATES, has made the opportunity cost in holding ...

AG Thorson
An 8-Year Low In Precious Metals By AG Thorson - May 01, 2016

Gold aborted the head and shoulder pattern and made new cycle highs Friday. This development severely dampens the chances of new lows in gold and silver as previously forecast. I would say the odds ...

Adam Hamilton
Silver Miners Strong In Grim Q4 By Adam Hamilton - May 01, 2016

The silver miners showed impressive fundamental strength during 2015’s grim fourth quarter. That was the worst silver suffered in many years, a perfect-storm trough with major secular lows ...

Sean Lusk
June Gold Settles 1290.5, Up $60.50 By Sean Lusk - May 01, 2016

June Gold settles 1290.5; up $60.50 for the week of April 29, 2016 Both the gold and silver markets continued their upward surge this week with both markets posting their best gains and new 2016 highs...

Tim Hannagan
Wet Weather Helpful For Grains So Far By Tim Hannagan - May 01, 2016

Heavy rains and thinking of late plantings pushing more bean acres into seeded acres as projections of 80 million acres planted of beans versus the record of 80.3 abound. Yet traders keep talking ...

Oil Starting To Recover? By TradingBanks - May 01, 2016

The US Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy review for the month of April confirms that the oil consumption factors are not very positive, while the supply factors are now more ...

Jack Chan
This Past Week In Silver By Jack Chan - May 01, 2016

iShares Silver (NYSE:SLV) – on buy signal. As anticipated, silver is now on a major buy signal, ending the sell signal form 2011. Speculation once again is at levels of previous ...

Eric De Groot
Review Of Lumber By Eric De Groot - May 01, 2016

Lumber, a leading indicator of domestic and global construction, implies future weakness not only US home construction but also the global economy. The general observation of mark down across the ...