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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Nial Fuller
Crude Oil Bulls Back In Control By Nial Fuller - Dec 07, 2016

Crude Oil – Buying opportunity setting up We can see price exploded higher last week after briefly testing $45.00 support, in the weekly crude oil chart below. This market has clearly been taken...

Shiv Kumar
Lead: A Pause, Or Correction? By Shiv Kumar - Dec 07, 2016

Here is the weekly chart of Lead:It looks like that lead has completed its first 5 wave structure and now is due for a correction. Most often these candles (Shooting star) when appears on top, ...

Tim Knight
Crude’s Intraday Top By Tim Knight - Dec 07, 2016 2

The last bastion for bears these days appears to be crude oil. Now that the OPEC cat is out of the bag, we can actually focus on simple economics, and it’s pretty clear that the worldwide glut ...

Shiv Kumar
Zinc: What's Next? By Shiv Kumar - Dec 07, 2016

See here for my previous article about zinc. Lets review it again, as i was expecitng from zinc to move higher towards 2850 followed by 2890, it did a high of 2857.25 today and reversed after ...

Dan Flynn
Crude Oil Waits On OPEC By Dan Flynn - Dec 07, 2016

Just one day before the historic 75th anniversary that changed the world Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son agreed to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 new jobs in the United States of America. Mr....

OPEC Skepticism Drives Down Oil Prices By Trade12 - Dec 07, 2016

A recent recovery in the prices of crude oil futures is now showing a potential decline after doubts have started to arise on the past week’s agreement to place a cut on the overall production ...

Phil Flynn
U.S. Energy Production To Fall By Phil Flynn - Dec 07, 2016

Despite all the talk about rising rig counts and the resilience of shale producers, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) is predicting that US production of both oil and natural gas is set to ...

Shiv Kumar
Silver: Possible Inverse H&S By Shiv Kumar - Dec 07, 2016

Last time i wrote about the possibility of potential Inverse H&S formation on 5th December when silver was trading around 16.40, so far it did the same thing and now trading at 17.00. But this all...

Shiv Kumar
Gold: Possible Double Bottom By Shiv Kumar - Dec 07, 2016

Last time i wrote about the possibility of potential double bottom formation on 5th December when gold was trading around 1170 and expected a dip towards the bottom area of 1160 again and bounce from ...

Yuri Papshev
Where Is Brent Oil Heading? By Yuri Papshev - Dec 07, 2016

Trading recommendations Sell ​​Stop 53.20. Stop-Loss 54.20. Take-Profit 53.00, 52.25, 51.10, 50.70, 50.00, 48.00 Buy Stop 54.40. Stop-Loss 53.20. Take-Profit 55.15, 55.60, 56.00 Technical analysis ...