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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gold Slumps Due To Improved Appetite For Risk
By ICN.com  - Oct 23, 2014

Gold prices fell on Wednesday after investors head to carry out profit taking during the Asian trading session and the high European stocks, in addition to the declining levels of demand for gold in ...

Silver: Bullish Momentum Is Weak
By ICN.com  - Oct 23, 2014

Silver attempted to move to the upside yesterday but remained limited below 17.80. Meanwhile, the price stabilized above the support 17.27 which forces us to move to the sidelines again, whereas the ...

Gold: Dropped After Failing To Stabilize
By ICN.com  - Oct 23, 2014

Gold dropped yesterday after failing to stabilize above 1252.65 the day before, but this downside move remained limited above 38.2% correction at 1236.15 and above Linear Regression Indicators. ...

Alex Gurr
Silver Consolidating Before Move
By Alex Gurr - Oct 23, 2014

I love the silver market. If you read my articles you can understand why, because when it comes to the technical side of things it loves to play along and has done so for some time. In the current ...

ICM Brokers
Oil Drops On U.S. Supply Report
By ICM Brokers - Oct 23, 2014

Crude OilOil prices plunged on Wednesday after data revealed U.S. inventories rose more than three times markets were expecting, stoking growing concerns that the global market is awash in crude. ...

Gail Tverberg
8 Pieces Of Our Oil-Price Predicament
By Gail Tverberg - Oct 23, 2014

A person might think that oil prices would be fairly stable. Prices would set themselves at a level that would be high enough for the majority of producers, so that in total producers would provide ...

Stuart McPhee
Gold: Eases Back To Key $1240 Level
By Stuart McPhee - Oct 23, 2014

Gold for Thursday, October 23, 2014 Over the last few days to finish out last week Gold ran into the previous key level at $1240 which has resisted and forced gold a little lower, however it has ...

Jason Sen
Gold: Held Below Last Week's High At 1250/51
By Jason Sen - Oct 23, 2014

Gold held below last week's high at 1250/51. As stated yesterday, unfortunately for bulls this does just look like a bounce in a bear trend & a good chance we turn lower today to resume that ...

Justin Smyth
Uranium Breaks Its Downtrend
By Justin Smyth - Oct 23, 2014

Uranium has started to break above its downtrend line which has been in place since 2010. The overall bear market in uranium goes all the way back to 2007: Many uranium stocks have hit new lows ...

Sam Kirtley
The Better Short: Gold Or Silver?
By Sam Kirtley - Oct 22, 2014

The fundamentals for the precious metals are weak. This has been highlighted in recent weeks by the lack of a major rally in Gold and the losses in Silver despite a spike in volatility to its highest ...

Tommy Humphreys
Gold’s ’Sticky’ Price Point
By Tommy Humphreys - Oct 22, 2014

With the marginal cost of Gold production currently pegged right around $1250/ounce (Morgan Stanley Research) it is not surprising that this level has been quite ‘sticky’ lately -- first serving as ...

Micky Midha
Factors Affecting Precious Metals
By Micky Midha - Oct 22, 2014

Since the dawn of civilization, precious metals -- especially Gold and Silver -- have been recognized as stores of value and have been used as money for transaction purposes. Even today, in the ...

Gary Christenson
Gold Or Crushing Paper Debt?
By Gary Christenson - Oct 22, 2014

A Yahoo headline:  Pentagon Readying For Long War in Iraq, Syria.  More war means more debt and higher inflation.  Increasing national debt is as certain as death and taxes.  Increasing consumer ...