Forex Opinion & Analysis

Marc Chandler
Pessimistic BOE Shakes But Doesn’t Break
By Marc Chandler - Feb 05, 2016

Sterling has neared the 50% retracement of the 11.5 cent decline since mid-December. It is found near $1.4660. After easing ahead of the BOE announcement, sterling was sold to $1.4530 on the initial ...

Ian Copsey
Forex Momentum Slows As NFP Eyed
By Ian Copsey - Feb 04, 2016

I was quite happy about yesterday’s moves. USD/CHF remains the key in terms of limits and we haven’t yet reached that point. This still warns of potential whippy development, particularly ...

Kathy Lien
Can U.S. Payrolls Save The Dollar?
By Kathy Lien - Feb 04, 2016 1

By Kathy Lien, Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. Will Friday's Nonfarm Payrolls report save the dollar? Probably not. Over the past 24 hours investors have been selling U.S. ...

Talking Forex
USD Sell Off Continues
By Talking Forex - Feb 04, 2016

Thursday’s session was a continuation of the USD sell off which has gathered significant momentum as expectations of a Fed rate this year fade. The market probability is less than 50% for one ...

Matthew Weller
The Buck’s Beating In Perspective
By Matthew Weller - Feb 04, 2016

Ahead of tomorrow’s highly anticipated NFP meeting, sentiment toward the US dollar could hardly be more pessimistic. The world’s reserve currency just saw its biggest 2-day drop in nearly ...

Al Brooks
EUR/USD: A Day For Profit Taking
By Al Brooks - Feb 04, 2016

The rally in the EUR/USD continue overnight, and it has now reached a leg 1 = leg 2 measured move target from the December 3 bull trend reversal. That is the 1st target for the bulls, and it might ...

Gregor Horvat
GBP/USD Hits New Highs
By Gregor Horvat - Feb 04, 2016

GBP/USD hits new high but not sure if pound is done here. Notice that turn down did not last long and it quickly found a support near 1.4530 so we assume it can be just another wave four and that ...

Scott Barkley
EUR/USD: Next Target?
By Scott Barkley - Feb 04, 2016

EUR/USDCurrently we are at 1.1198 in a 3rd wave. We are looking to continue to the square up @ 1.1495 and then correct. The average daily true range (ATR) for the pair currently is 82 pips.

GoldMoney News Desk
Yuan Shorting Is Dangerous
By GoldMoney News Desk - Feb 04, 2016

Last Sunday (31 January) Zero Hedge ran an article drawing attention to the big names in the hedge-fund community who are betting heavily that the yuan will suffer a major devaluation any time between...