Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Chris Kimble
One Rate Hike Or Two?
By Chris Kimble - Aug 07, 2015

Lately, everyone has been wondering when interest rates will move higher. The talking heads in the media seem convinced that rates are moving much higher. They aren’t talking about one hike; ...

Marc Chandler
A Few Bond Developments
By Marc Chandler - Aug 06, 2015

There are several recent developments in the fixed-income space that are distinct from the prospect of higher rates in the US and UK or the ongoing purchases by the BOJ, ECB and Riksbank. Corporates...

Trader Moe
Potential Price Channel For 10-Year Treasury
By Trader Moe  - Aug 05, 2015

Ten-Year T-Note Price Channel (Red) would be Heading into Critical Decision Wave The 10-year t-note has formed both a megaphone and a potential price channel across the neckline of its potential ...

Ashraf Laidi
Treasury Positioning At Odds With Fed Hike
By Ashraf Laidi - Aug 05, 2015

Why is positioning in U.S. 10-Year treasury notes at its most bullish levels in 27 years despite several FOMC members calling for at least one rate hike this year? The latest positioning figures from ...

Simit Patel
It May Be Time To Buy Long-Dated T-Bills
By Simit Patel - Jul 31, 2015

Long-dated U.S. Treasury bonds, as illustrated by the ETF (ARCA:TLT), have broken out and above the downward channel they were in. For those who believe U.S. Treasury bonds are not yet done with their...

Alan Gula
Bond Market Upheaval Is Upon Us
By Alan Gula - Jul 27, 2015

Since the beginning of 2009, the U.S. 10-Year yield has averaged around 2.6%. Consequently, most investors feel that interest rates have nowhere to go but up. However, from 1930 to 1955, the U.S. ...

Strawberry Blonde
30-Year U.S. Bond At A Crossroads
By Strawberry Blonde - Jul 27, 2015

The following 1-Year Daily chart of 30-Year U.S. Bonds (USB) shows that a bearish moving average Death Cross has recently formed — warning that lower prices may be in store. However, the rising ...

Tim Knight
Who Let The Bears Out?
By Tim Knight - Jul 22, 2015 1

I realized that our mentally-challenged bullish friends will refuse to accept it for a long, long time, but their welfare-sponsored bull-run ended last December. The breakdown has been subtle since ...

Steven Knight
Time To Short 10-Year T-Bills?
By Steven Knight - Jul 21, 2015

There is seemingly a widening gulf in macro and monetary policy between the US and Germany. This is evident in the yield differential—currently 153bps—between the 10-Year Treasury and ...