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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Doug Short
Treasury Snapshot: 10-Year Note At 1.88% By Doug Short - Mar 20, 2016

Let's take a closer look at US Treasuries since the Fed rate hike and recent market volatility. The yield on the 10-Year note ended the day Friday at 1.88%, which is at the lower end of the ...

Jason Sen
Euro Bund First Support At 161.10 By Jason Sen - Mar 16, 2016

Euro Bund first support at 161.10/05, before a retest of 160.82/80 lows. On a break lower this week look for 160.55/51, 160.33 and strong support at 160.20/15. First resistance at 161.39/43, but ...

David Kotok
The Bond Market's Tug Of War By David Kotok - Mar 10, 2016

Diverse forces coalesce each minute to form the market pricing of a sovereign bond. American Treasury 10-year notes function as the world’s US dollar sovereign benchmark. The German 10-year ...

Ryan Mallory
4 Reasons To Buy Long-Term Treasuries By Ryan Mallory - Mar 09, 2016

Here's why it's time to by long-term U.S. treasuries (NYSE:TLT). The rising trend line off the July, 2015 low. The bull-flag pattern. The pull back and attemted bounce off the Fibonacci 50% ...

Alan Gula
Real Yields On T-Notes Still Attractive By Alan Gula - Mar 09, 2016

Last month, Japan’s 10-year government bonds traded with a negative yield for the first time in history. Germany’s 10-year bonds are yielding 0.24%. And you thought we had it bad? By ...

Michael Ashton
TIPS Are Less Cheap (But Still Very Cheap) By Michael Ashton - Mar 09, 2016

Yesterday I wrote about the crowded short trade that boosted energy futures 40-50% from the lows of only a few weeks ago. A related crowded trade was the short-inflation trade, and it also was related...

Lance Roberts
Is It Technically Time To Buy Bonds? By Lance Roberts - Mar 08, 2016

In this past weekend’s newsletter, I covered the current technical position of oil/energy-related investments and the recent bear-market rally. The latter is most relevant to today’s ...

Mike Paulenoff
Watch This Bond ETF For Equity Direction By Mike Paulenoff - Feb 29, 2016

If the iShares iBoxx Dollar High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (N:HYG) led the equity markets into their bear phase, then we should be watching to see if it leads it out of the darkness into the light. The...

Eric De Groot
Review Of U.S. Treasury Bonds By Eric De Groot - Feb 28, 2016

A 25 basis point (bp) interest rate cut, the third reduction in six months that follows 100 bp reduction in the reserve requirement a month ago, and the Fed's reluctance to hike rates extends a ...

Alhambra Investment Partners, LLC
The Eurodollar Decay By Alhambra Investment Partners, LLC - Feb 24, 2016

Standard Chartered (L:STAN) reported a massive yearly loss for 2015, the bank’s first in almost thirty years. The results were so bad that the company has publicly stated it might even ...