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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
CGB: Good Support At 137.57/54
By Jason Sen - Aug 13, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond topped exactly at 138.05/10 resistance to hit good support at 137.57/54 for a buying opportunity, with stops below 137.40. So far we have bottomed at 137.44 but ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Resistance At 149.50/55
By Jason Sen - Aug 13, 2014

Bund resistance at 149.50/55 held perfectly again yesterday. Below 149.40/35 adds pressure today and risks a slide to immediate support at 149.10/05. This could hold the downside but below here today...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Overbought Short Term
By Jason Sen - Aug 13, 2014

Bobl still overbought short term now with negative divergence on the daily chart but held the 128.69/67 held the downside. A break lower today targets support at 128.60. Failure here today see ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Further Downside Pressure
By Jason Sen - Aug 13, 2014

Gilts held 111.85 support and failure to quite fill the gap at 112.24/26 signals further downside pressure this week. Immediate support is 111.85 but a break lower is more negative. Go with the break...

Simit Patel
Six Reasons To Buy US Treasuries In 1 Chart
By Simit Patel - Aug 12, 2014

Ten-year bond yields in six euro-area nations ended at a record low on Friday as geopolitical tensions fueled demand for the safest fixed-income securities (before everything was ruled 'fixed' later ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Buying Opportunity At 111.27/25
By Jason Sen - Aug 12, 2014

Gilts did gap lower to signal a potential top in the market. We bottomed above 111.85 support at 111.91. Below here today risks 111.66 then good support at 111.56/53 which should hold the downside. ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Immediate Resistance At 138.05/10
By Jason Sen - Aug 12, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond has immediate resistance at 138.05/10 but any shorts need stops above 138.20 for a move towards last week's high at 138.47/53. We are overbought so we should ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Should Hold Downside
By Jason Sen - Aug 12, 2014

Bund held just above immediate support is 149.10/05 but below here today is more negative and targets 148.89/84. This should hold the downside but a break lower adds pressure and targets 148.63/60. ...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Severely Overbought
By Jason Sen - Aug 12, 2014

Bobl severely overbought short term now with negative divergence on the daily chart but held just above our downside target and support at 128.60. Failure here today see 128.57/56 and 128.52. A good ...

Michael Lombardi
Why Are Investors Pricing In A Slowdown?
By Michael Lombardi - Aug 11, 2014

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) surprised even the most optimistic of economists when it reported the U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of four percent in the second quarter of 2014. On the ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Profit Taking High
By Jason Sen - Aug 11, 2014

Gilts hit our upper target of 112.80/85 and topped exactly here. Profit taking hit and prices fell back to Thursday's high of 112.12 to fill the gap. Just be aware that a gap lower this morning is ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Break Higher Not Out Of The Question
By Jason Sen - Aug 11, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond hit support at 137.45/44 and bottomed almost exactly here at 137.39, just above our short term buying opportunity at 137.34/30. We held this week's high at ...

The Bottom Is In For Treasuries
By EconMatters  - Aug 10, 2014

Russian Invasion Tension It occurred Friday morning while most traders were asleep in illiquid markets where the 10-Year was forced down to basically 2.35% in Yield first on Ukraine worries over the ...

Dominic Cimino
Death Crosses And The 10-Year Yield
By Dominic Cimino - Aug 08, 2014

A colleague friend of mine recently mentioned a Death Cross that has presented itself on the 10-Year-yield chart. He showed that when in the past the 50-day moving average for 10-yr. yields has moved ...

David Merkel
On The Recent Anxiety In High-Yield Bonds
By David Merkel - Aug 08, 2014

Quoting the beginning of a recent article at Bloomberg.com: As junk bonds plunge in value, many investors are wondering why. There’s no obvious explanation for the 1.5 percent decline in U.S. ...

Erik Swarts
At The Break Zone In Yields
By Erik Swarts - Aug 07, 2014

Despite indications of short-term momentum and sentiment extremes, 10-year yields continue to follow the arc of the 1994/1995 rate tightening cycle and are currently hovering around the break-zone of ...