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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Brian Gilmartin
10-Year Treasury Poised At Critical Level
By Brian Gilmartin - Jun 05, 2014

With the U.S. 10-Year Treasury poised at a key technical level, just two days in front of the May ’14 employment report which is due out Friday morning at 7:30 AM central, we continue to be fascinated...

Tim Knight
Watch That Interest-Rate Gap
By Tim Knight - Jun 03, 2014

Interest rates have been zooming higher the past four days. I think an important level to watch is the gap on 10-year yield (TNX) at 26.11 -- that is, a rate of 2.611%. If it stalls there and starts ...

Chris Ciovacco
How Worried Should Bond Investors Be?
By Chris Ciovacco - May 30, 2014

While numerous bearish calls have been made for stocks based on the recent strength in bonds, history says stocks and bonds can rise in unison for extended periods. We found five periods 2004-2013 ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Did Long Rates Bottom Thursday?
By Gregory W. Harmon - May 30, 2014

It has become fashionable to buy bonds again over the last month. What had been talked about as the end of the long term bull market in bonds was ending as of last fall and it was in favor to sell ...

Jason Sen
SCHATZ: Struggling At Resistance
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

The SCHATZ has struggled at strong resistance from the January/February/March highs at 110.66 all week as expected and as stated every day since Monday that a high for the week is possibly in place. ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Support At 110.75/80
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

September Gilt has support at 110.80/75 but a break below here adds pressure for 110.58 then 110.42/41 which could hold the downside. If we continue lower, look for a buying opportunity at ...

Jason Sen
Euribor: June '14 Resistance At 9976
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

Euribor June 14 resistance at 9976 (March Highs), contract highs at 9979/80, 9982, 9984. Support at 9974, 9972, 9970, 9966/65 (January low), 9964 (December low), 9959/58 (October low).Sept 14 ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Difficult To Predict
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

The September Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond is almost impossible to chart with only 2 weeks of data so to be honest it is a guess until we have at least a couple more weeks of data for me to ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Don't Fight The BullTrend
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

The Bund is holding below its all time highs at 147.20. The close below 146.75 adds pressure for today and could test support at 146.57/55. A bounce from here is certainly possible on the first test ...

Jason Sen
BOBL: Buy The Dip At 126.60/61
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

BOBL edged lower breaking 126.84/82 to bottom just above the next target and support at 126.73/72, which was expected to hold the downside. However, if prices continue lower today look for a buying ...

Jason Sen
BAX : Support And Resistance Levels
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

June14 support at 98.75, 98.73, 98.70, 98.66. Resistance at 98.78, 98.81, 98.84, 98.87, 98.89/90.Sep14 support at 98.75/74 (February low), 98.72/71 (January low), 98.69 (December low), 98.66. ...

Jason Sen
Short Sterling: Support And Resistance Levels
By Jason Sen - May 30, 2014

Short Sterling Sept 14 Support at 9939 (December/February high), 9936/35, 9932/31, 9927, 9924/23, 9920/19 (December low). Resistance 9941, 9943/44, 9947/48, 9953, 9955 (contract high).Dec 14 Support ...

The Treasury-Market Party Is Over
By EconMatters  - May 30, 2014

Last Hurrah Everybody knew the GDP number was going to be revised down on this reading, and that it probably gets revised up for the next reading, and Bond Traders used the Revision in first quarter ...

Marc Chandler
The Bond-Market Rally: Who Knew?
By Marc Chandler - May 29, 2014

This year's bond-market rally remains among the most significant surprises of the year. This is especially true for the US Treasury market, which, even if G-Zero hypothesis is valid, remains the ...

The Bond Market Explained Part II
By EconMatters  - May 29, 2014

Addendum Needed Since so many people are still slightly confused about how all the pieces come together in this move lower in yields, we feel the need to add some follow-up commentary to our previous ...