Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Ashraf Laidi
Bunds See No Grexit
By Ashraf Laidi - Jul 01, 2015

The Bunds-Euro relationship remains intact, as both continue to converge along the crucial trendline support since the April bottom. With yet another yield bounce off the support today, bunds are ...

Simit Patel
TLT Now Nearing Critical Support Zone
By Simit Patel - Jun 29, 2015

iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (ARCA:TLT), an ETF tracking long-dated US Treasury bonds, has been declining at a fairly remarkable rate since it topped at the end of January. We are now at a critical ...

Marc Chandler
Who Snapped Up Fed-Held Treasuries?
By Marc Chandler - Jun 24, 2015

The Federal Reserve offers custodial services for foreign central banks. Precisely which countries use these services is confidential as is who patronizes a commercial bank's services. There was a ...

Michael Ashton
Whither Bonds? Rob Arnott Answers
By Michael Ashton - Jun 24, 2015

I really enjoy reading, and listening to, Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates. He is one of those few people – Cliff Asness is another – who is both really smart, in a cutting-edge-research ...

The National Bank of Canada
Fed Sees Fund Rates Sub 1%
By The National Bank of Canada - Jun 22, 2015

The most important economic news in the U.S. last week was clearly the press conference of the Federal Reserve (the Fed). Committee members decided to maintain its current monetary policy, leaving ...

Michael Pento
Rates Are Rising For All The Wrong Reasons
By Michael Pento - Jun 22, 2015

Wall Street carnival barkers are relishing in the fantasy that the economy has finally achieved escape velocity. Therefore, they accept with alacrity that this is the primary reason why interest rates...

George Dorgan
Development Of European Bond Yields
By George Dorgan - Jun 22, 2015

We show the monthly development of government bond yields over years, thanks to a table from the ECB. Disinflation in the Euro zone depresses bond yields everywhere, 2014 versus 2013 June 2014: By ...

Wall Street Daily
When Will It Make Sense To Buy Bonds Again?
By Wall Street Daily - Jun 21, 2015

In the good old days, investors seeking income at little risk knew just what to do: buy bonds. For decades, it worked like a charm, and investors also scored capital gains as interest rates ...